Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Biggest Loser - Week 9

It's week 9 on the Biggest Loser Ranch.  Or is it?

The contestants are all going home.  They are going home for 18 days.  Here's the kicker.  If they lose 5% of their weight then they have immunity.  This is a long time to go home.  Usually they send them for a week. No Excuses!  18 days is a long time to be off of the Ranch.

As soon as they walked in the door, they were all given a challenge.  They are given a rowing machine and told that they will all get on the rowing machine.  The first one to 10,000 meters will win $10,000.  The results would be announced when they are back on the ranch.

I loved this challenge.  It was great to watch everyone in their own living room with friends and family standing around cheering them on.  I felt soooo good for them.  (even the ones I don't like).

Then, each contestant was shown doing something they normally do at home (hanging out with friends, going out to eat, spending time with their family) and the bad habits that come with it.

Emily went to a bakery with her friends.  She was strong and got a tea.  She said the most important thing was spending time with her friends, not what she's eating.  Go EM!

Jeremy went to the bar with his friends.  They all ordered their chicken fingers and onion rings.  He made the comment "I can't ask them to change what they are doing because of me.  They have taken care of their bodies and I'm just learning to." Then he went to the gym and was out of his comfort zone there.  There were more people there.  He didn't know where the machines were.  But, he stayed and pushed himself.  He needed to lose 16lbs this week and he had that number everywhere. FINALLY.  I almost like him now.

Cassandra is a baker.  Baking is hard for a food addict.  She has other people test the batter.  She had a wonderful moment when she ate just one of her cookies.  I was so jealous.  The cookies looked good AND she was able to stop at one.

Megan, Who? (I know right...she's hardly ever shown), loves to ride her horses.  She had to have a step stool before because she could not pull herself into the saddle.  She can now.  That was awesome.

Chris was hard to watch.  She and Santa were walking around their house.  They barely make ends meet by doing odd jobs and their house is falling apart.  She would eat to cope with that.  It was hard for her to be home and see that.  It made it very hard for her to leave and go back to the ranch.  I wanted to scream "It's okay.  I'll come help patch your roof! Go take care of yourself!"

Back at the ranch they had the last chance workout and then it was time for the weigh in.

The Red team went first.  Two people did not make their 5% - Mark and Kim (sour puss - I know life is hard, but she is always too snarky for me.  She is a pretty girl when she smiles).  Then it was time for the black team.  Everyone weighed in before Chism.  They all met and exceeded their 5%.  Chism did not even need to make his 5%, but he did have to make 12lbs to keep the black team from elimination.  Otherwise, they lose and he would be the only one who didn't meet his goal and will go home.  He lost 11.  Everyone was shocked.   I know they all love him, but I don't.  I've never forgiven him for being a snot to Chris.  Sorry.

Well then Mark jumped up and said let him stay and send Mark home.  He didn't care what it took.  But, Chism said no way.  He would go and be fine.  He was the one who won the rowing competition so he's got at least $10,000 anyway.

They didn't really show him at home.  He came on for 30 seconds and said to go to the NBC website and check out his blog.

Next week the trainers switch teams.  Good.  Shake it up a bit.

***I have decided to see this season through since I have incorporated it to my blog.  I will do some hard thinking about next season though.  Still having a hard time pulling for someone.  There are some decent people, but their stories are overshadowed by the dumb drama.

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  1. Jennie, I know exactly what you mean about the contestants being hard to cheer for. They are all so childish! The one I keep hoping will go home especially is Conda. She is the worst! Talk about stirring the pot... The only one I can say that I even halfway like is Buddy.

  2. I do like Buddy. He makes my top 3. I like Emily and Chris too. That's pretty much it :-(