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The Biggest Loser - Season 14 Episode 4

Before I get started, let me start with a disclosure. It started snowing while I was in the gym last night and the roads were a mess.  It took me an hour to get home and I walked in 5 minutes before The Biggest Loser started. So I missed a little preparing dinner and my lunch. Sorry.

There was hardly any time to breathe. Just as the red team walked into the house and explained how the Elimination went, Allison walked in with all 3 trainers. She told them that 3 more people would be leaving the Ranch....cue the dramatic music....Fear not, it's just the trainers. They would be traveling to spend the week with the kids.  This means that the teams are on their own.

I missed Bob's talk with his team.  When I walked in Dolvett was telling the Red team that they need to be Warriers. They need to get angry. No more fun! They coasted the first two weeks and lost the weigh in last week.

Jillian sat and gave her girls detailed instructions.  She didn't think Pam would be happy, but she wanted her to do 5 miles a day. Five minutes on and one minute off. She can do it!

Now it's time for the kids.

Dolvett surprises Lindsay in school.

Bob surprises Biingo (sorry, I've been spelling it wrong) at dinner.

Jillian surprises Sunny while she was studying with her friends.

Bob and Biingo:

The first thing Bob notices is that that Biingo's mom looks great. She tells him that she has lost 27lbs just by eating right and exercising. Bob has always said that "It starts with the Parents."  Our kids need to get moving again. 

Sadly Biingo's dad lost his job when the recession started. They were forced to sell their house.  They were fortunate enough to have his brother offer to set up his basement for them.  They have been in this apartment style basement for a year and a half. Biingo's mom said that she think the stress of the move and changing schools was hard on him. That's when he really started to gain the weight.

Bob immediately checks the fridge since Dr. Joanna was there and threw out the junk last week. He wanted to see how they were doing. Everything looked good. The junk was still gone. Good job!  And the even better news is that they don't eat out any longer.  His mom said "We were supposed to be the Gatekeepers and we failed. This is about a lifestyle change." LOVE her!

Bob tells Biingo that he has a surprise for him....but we cut to a commercial.

Back at the Ranch:

Jackson is stepping up "Whether he's(Dolvett) here or not we should be working hard."

*This is when I fixed my dinner and missed a little *

Jillian and Sunny:

Sunny is stressed. She is busy preparing for college.  Jillian commented that lots of people are stressed and busy yet manage to maintain a helathy lifestyle so there must be more to the situation. Sunny then confesses that she feels like she has been pushed in to a role. She was pushed in to the stereotypical smart Indian girl role and she's afraid of failing.  Jillian tells her that it's time to find her passion. Then she asks Sunny if she is comfortable talking to her mom about this. She's scared.

Dolvett and Lindsay:

Dolvett and Lindsay go back to her house and talks to her family. They are working out together. Every morning at 5am Lindsay and her mom go out for a 2 mile walk/run. Then in the afternoon she bikes with her sister.

Then Dolvett wants to have a one on one with Lindsay. He wants to talk about her Cheerleading experience.  She couldn't focus in her life because of the teasing.  Dolvett says that he has no tolerance for bullies.  You can't hide from your problems, you must face them head on.  So he takes Lindsday to the school gym and the cheerleaders come out.  They are cheering: Never give up.  Always fight for your dreams.   And together they all workout together.

Lindsay sits down with two of the girls and they tell her that there is nothing she can't do. That they are cheering for her and to push through the pain because it is so worth it.

Back on the Ranch...It's Challenge Time!

The teams are walking up to the challenge along the beach. Jackson comments "I see the ocean. Half of our team can't swim.  I hope it's not a water challenge."  It's not.

They are going to run a 5K.

Jeff said that he had only ever run to be first in the buffett line.

Okay, so the bonus is that after the 5K $7500 will be donated to the Boys and Girls club.  Plus the winning team will split $7500. Second will split $5000. Third will split $2500.

Early on Alex developed a blister on her foot. It slowed her down, but she didn't give up. Danni took an early lead. She knew she was in the lead because she never saw anyone passing her. Francelina was talking about how hot it was, but she "just has to keep going."  Jackson was having a hard time breathing.  Dr. H. joined him. He paced him and gave him an inhaler and soon he was feeling much better.

Naturally they were dramatic with the music and the inspirational stories...and I was crying and yelling "You Can Do It!".  So here's how they came in: Danni, Joe, Pam, Francelina, Lisa, Jackson, Gina, Jeff, Mike, and Alex. The White team won!

Jillian and Sunny:

To make things fun Jillian takes Sunny rowing. They spend the day with a collegiate rowing team learning the basics and then get out there on the water with them. Sunny did great and had fun.  And then it was time to talk to her mom.  She told her that she wasn't saying that she didn't want to become a doctor, only that she doesn't know what she wants to do yet. Her mom just wants her to be happy. This was a long overdue conversation.

Bob and Biingo:

Since Biingo is injured and loves baseball, Bob surprises him and takes him to the minor league stadium where he lives. One of the pitchers comes out to play with them. He had a torn shoulder and told Biingo about recovering from an injury. Bob wanted to show Biingo that being active can be fun. And it turns out that the kid can pitch...and hit!

Back at the Ranch:

It's time for Last Chance workout. The White team tells Jillian that they hit all of their numbers for the week. Jillian tells them that they will join the Blue team again for Last Chance Workout.  Bob was a little worried about having left the Blue team alone for a week. They need a leader.

Product Placement:
Dolvett brings the Red team in to discuss breakfast. He makes them a greek yogurt smoothie (sorry I missed the brand). They loved it naturally.
*Most overweight people skip breakfast and that is so unhealthy*

Last Chance Workout:
Jackson wants his picture all over the wall.  Dolvett says that he didn't expect Jackson to be the leader of the team. He thought it would be Joe. This is a nice surprise for him. Joe struggles in this workout and walks out. He says his knee is bothering him.

It gets all sorts of ugly with the Blue and White teams working out together. Blue is struggling. Jeff does not get along with Jillian. He does not respond well to her barking and is sent back to go with Bob.

Weigh In:

Before they started the weigh in Allison asked how everyone did without the trainers this week.  Dolvett praised Jackson for stepping up and becoming a leader. For being Dolvett for the week. And the quote of the week is from Jackson: "I've always been a ripped bald black guy on the inside and it finally came out."

Blue Team goes first.
*Big Mike started at 396 lbs and now weighs 384 lbs for a total of 12 lbs.
*David started at 272 lbs and now weighs 263 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
-Seriously, this guy has a fractured knee.  If he can do this well, ANYONE can!  Get off your butts people!
*Alex started at 221 lbs and now weighs 217 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
- she is getting frustrated, but Bob assured her that it's not because of her effort
* Gina started at 215 lbs and now weighs 206 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
-Bob says that she could very well be in the finals
*Jeff started at 348 lbs and now weighs 342 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
The total is 40 lbs and 2.75%

The Red team is next. They need to lose more than 29 lbs.
*Joe started at 317 lbs and now weighs 310 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
-Dolvett says that he has a positive attitude, but he needs to find his fire.
*Francelina started at 237 lbs and now weighs 231 for a total of 6 lbs.
*Lisa started at 223 lbs and now weighs 214 lbs for a total of 9 lbs.
*Jackson started at 300 lbs and now weighs 288 lbs for a total of 12 lbs.
-He said he had a horrible nightmare that he was being chased by 300.
The total is 34 lbs  and 3.16%

The White team is last. They need to lose more than 12 lbs
*Danni started at 228 lbs and now weighs 222 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
Pam needs to lose at least 7 lbs or she will go home.
*Pam started at 210 lbs and now weighs 207 lbs for a total of 3 lbs.
The total was 9 lbs and 2.05%

:-(  I was sooooo sad.

In her parting interview she said that she can't wait to the the Damn Girl...as in Damn Girl you look fine! te he love her.

Today she weighs 182 lbs and lost a total of 55 lbs. She didn't make it to Makeover week so she gave herself one. Damn Girl you look fine!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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