Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cheat Day Guilt

Hello my wonderful Bleeps!

Did you have a good weekend?  Friday I was feeling a little exhausted. I was going back and forth trying to decide about Crossfit Saturday morning. My brain really wanted to go, but my body really wanted to sleep in. I checked the website to see what we would be doing and saw a note that class was cancelled. Message received. Sleeping in it is!  YEAH!

The good news is that I had already planned to go to the gym that night. I actually like going on Friday nights.  It's less crowded and I can stay longer.  For Friday I planned on cardio, abs, and then a massage. Oh yeah!

I had finished my book on the treadmill the night before. Thank goodness. It was not my favorite book and it was driving me crazy. So I wanted to see about a light run. I put in 3 miles.  My ankle was acting up so I stopped at 3. Then went over for some abs and stretching.  I am making a serious effort to end all workouts with abs and stretching. Need to work on the belly and I need to make sure that my muscles are relaxed.

I could not get on the massage table fast enough. I didn't concentrate it on any one part of my body. I went for the full body. And I'm glad I did. I felt sooo good after. Earlier in the week I had noticed that I did not have full range of my neck muscles. I could not turn it all of the way to the left, but I could after the massage. YEAH!

So my bonus was that I got to sleep in Saturday. Oh I was happy.  I had considered trying to get a walk in in the morning, but my body was screaming for rest and I must obey. I slept a little longer than usual and my brain was all over the place when I woke up.

Sweet now you can get up and do some yoga before you start your day.

Um HELLO!  There is a Monk marathon on. It's not going to kill you to lay in bed for another hour or two or three.

If you don't get up now you'll never get everything done this weekend.

Seriously, if you even think about moving your butt out of this bed I will make you pay!

You already slept longer than usual, what more do you want?

Come on! Your foot hurts again. Your body needs rest...besides you haven't seen this episode in FOREVER!

Isn't this what the Former Fat Girl would do?

I compromised. I spent another hour just laying there. And then I got up. My body really was exhausted, but I did have lots to do this weekend.

My dad, stepmom, and nephew were coming for lunch.  We were finally going to get to exchange Christmas presents and go out to lunch. They would be arriving around noon.  So I had a small breakfast and ran around trying to get some things done.

A little after 12 Dad called and said they were stuck in traffic.  There was a serious accident.  I should have had a snack at that point, but I they were less than 10 miles away so I didn't think it would be that bad.  I was wrong. It was a back road and they are pretty sure there was a fatality. They didn't arrive until after 1:30.  By this point I could have eaten my fist.

Okay so I know that I've been in the new place for two months and that my family has lived in the area for years, but when tasked with the job of figuring out where to go for lunch I was at a loss. I'm not sure Saladworks is what they had in mind and there's really nothing there that my nephew would eat. Now when I first moved and everyone heard where I was the first thing they asked was "Oh have you eaten at Twelves?" Um..what?  Turns out there's a very nice restaurant right down the street. They are not open every day and they close between lunch and dinner, but I thought this might be a good option.  I checked and they had stuff that the nephew would eat, but they were closing in 30 minutes. LET'S GO!

When we sat down there was a menu and a specials menu. They have a special meal option. There are three courses. First course is a choice of soup. Second is an entree. And third is a dessert. So um...the very first thing I saw on the menu was the dessert. There was a white chocolate mousse raspberry cake. Oh hello....

I put that menu down though and picked up the lunch menu.  There was a Grilled chicken sandwich that intrigued me.  There was also a turkey panini and a vegetable panini that caught my eye. The burgers had been particularly recommended and they even had a bison burger. So many choices. Can you guess what I got? If you say the dessert won out, you are correct. OMG I could not stop thinking about the dessert. I talked myself out of the chicken because "I have chicken all of the time. I should try something new".  And well paninis are not always healthy.

So I got the potato bisque soup, the BBQ chicken wrap, and the white chocolate mousse raspberry cake. I do not regret it. It was my cheat day and the slice of cake was very thin. Delicious and thin.

Before I go on, let me just say one thing: Hi Daddy! (He's a little upset that he doesn't get mentioned more often...sorry about that. I'll try to give more shout outs).

So after lunch we exchanged presents. I'm very excited that I got the Giada cookbook that I have wanted since the Food Show back in November. YEAH!  I also got some clothes and a skinny margarita mix. I'm very excited about the clothes.  They are nice, but they are also Mediums. You have no idea how nice it is to know that others recognize my new size. Most of the time I still expect people to give me XLs and XXLs. This is a good thing :-)

No time to rest. After everyone left I had an hour to finish more of my To Do list before the Ravens game came on. Now remember that I get antsy during the games so I'm pretty useless to actually do anything. I was doing a lot of pacing around and push ups. haha. Yep, I did push ups during the game. My mom was coming up and we were planning on going having dinner together. She would be staying at my Uncle's we were going to wait to make our plans until we found out what they had going on. Around 7 we settled on Applebees.  I would drive over there and we would drive over together. 

The game was killing me. It was back and forth. The Ravens were down with just a few minutes left when I had to leave. I drove listening to it and heard the touchdown to tie when I was a mile away. So I ran into the house. And found the game on.  We were NOT leaving until it ended. And let me tell you something, Overtime Playoffs games are awesome ab workouts. For 30 minutes I paced back and forth behind the couch with my abs clenched as tight as could be.

They won with a field goal. I jumped up and down and then yelled "Let's go Eat!"...We would not get there until 9. So you know we would not be eating until 9:30...sooooooo off my schedule.  This could not be a good thing. I get thrown off when off schedule. There is a reason why I am so strict with myself. I don't trust myself otherwise.

There were six of us and there were appetizers ordered. Mozzarella sticks. Spinach and Artichoke dip.  Bah...I had one stick and a butt load of dip. I ordered the chicken penne pasta and actually didn't finish it. It was another case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach...although actually I think I was filling it up with other crap more than I should have. Argh.  Still my cheat day right?  But, in all fairness I got an ice cream sundae shooter too.  But come on, it's only 3 bites! 

ARGH.  I fell off my wagon. This is what happens when my schedule gets thrown and I get in my "Other people can do it, why can't I?" modes. I Can't do it!  That's how I got to 200lbs in the first place. I am a food addict.  I am not like everyone else. And I have worked too damn hard to put that girl behind me. I can't let this keep happening.

So today was a new day. I did my shopping for my healthy meal. I tried for the jambalaya, but went with the pork chops and asparagus instead.  But, guess what happened today. I was at panera with my friends after church and who should walk in? Former Gym Crush 1!  WHAT?  Seriously, all of that time and I never saw him outside of the gym.  Guh he is so hot! But, alas he was with a girl. Oh well.  I have a new crush now anyway.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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