Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Random Wednesday Y'all!

Happy Random Wednesday Y'all!

So last night when I got to the gym the parking lot was packed. PACKED. I drove around the building once and the closest spot I found was halfway around the back (for safety I don't like to park back there). I thought I saw a spot in front of me towards the front of the building, but off to the side. It turned out not to be a spot. I couldn't back up because I had a car on my butt so I drove around again to get the a spot close to it. In the mean time, I watched a car circle the parking lot 4 times (that I know of) looking for a closer spot. He did not want to walk that far...oh the irony.  Now I'll admit that when it's cold I feel that way too, but it was nice and warm last night.


So I am currently listening to a book on cd during my commute. My book club is reading the 2nd book in this series later in the year and I tried to read this first book a couple of years ago. I could not get into it.  I figured listening would make it easier. I was right. I am now addicted. Have you read: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series?  Well now I'm all excited to read the next one...and the next....

The main character is Precious Ramotswe and the story takes place in Africa. She is described as "fat".  It's kind of interesting. The men find her desireable and say "the fatter the better". But there are women, particularly clothing salespeople, that make snide remarks about her weight.

So while I wish the main character lead a healthy eating lifestyle, I am quite happy that she has many admirers regarding her weight...and of course it made me wish I was in Africa during my fatter years.


Recently overheard at the gym: Someone made a comment to someone else that they were surprised that they remembered where the gym was. It was not made in a light joking tone. Even still, there's no room for joking like that as far as I am concerned. No one is better than anyone else. I cannot stand that kind of attitude in the gym. I would totally revoke that membership if I could.

Anyone who is coming to the gym, either for the first time or returning after a while, should never be made to feel like they aren't welcome. High school was bad enough. Grow up people!  And to you, dear person, welcome back. I'm glad you are here!  Even if I don't know you.

It's a sad day. :-(  Tonight I retired one of my favorite pairs of sneakers. I wore them for the Philly Half Marathon in September and well quite frankly they are beat now. So they are retired for casual wear now.

The good news is that I will be by the outlets this weekend for Polar Plunge and that is the perfect time to hit up the Reebok outlet for a new pair. I have 6 weeks to break them in before the DC Half Marathon.


This morning it was my turn to bring breakfast in for the Breakfast group at work. Half of the time it's bagels.  I wanted to do something different.  I found a Mexican Egg Scramble recipe that I fell in love with. It's egg whites, black beans, cheese, and salsa.  I did a test run and it was good. But, my test run was not for 15 people. I rinsed the beans off, but I put them in a little earlier than I should have. They turned my eggs a slight shade of gray.  I was worried enough that my "healthy" breakfast would not be received well, but now I was bringing them gray eggs. UGH.  Luckily I had a whole 60 minutes to think about that on the car ride in.

The good news is that those who tried it loved it. I still had some left over, but in all fairness, I made more than was necessary. It's hard to figure out how much egg whites to use. In case you want to try it:

Mexican Egg Scramble

Makes: 1 servings


  • 3 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup canned black beans
  • 1 ounce reduced-fat cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons salsa


1. Scramble 3 egg whites with 1/4 cup canned black beans (rinsed and drained) and 1 ounce reduced-fat cheddar cheese. Top with 2 tablespoons salsa, or to taste.


While I am driving to the gym I like to station surf to see if I can find any songs to add to my playlist. Sometimes I hear a song that I immediately want to add, but then I think about it. If it makes me dance that is not a good thing. I can download it for a fun playlist, but not a running playlist. If it makes me dance I tend to slow down and move the upper body instead of focusing on the task at hand.

Last night I heart "Apache" by  Sugar Hill Gang. Go ahead, I dare you not to dance!


So tonight was a rough night for me. Last night I ran 4 miles. I felt good last night. That meant that today my knees would be sore. Add that to the rain today and I felt like my knees were about 90 years old.

My brain was all over the place trying to decide what workout to do. No running. And I didn't really want to do weights since I have yoga tomorrow. And honestly, it took a lot go get me to the gym tonight. Not even the thought of Gym Crush Big Dude was enticing. I went though. I put in 30 minutes on the treadmill walking and then worked on abs. I'm still trying to decide what to do tomorrow night. I don't want to counteract the work yoga will do for me.


Have a Blessed Night.

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