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Biggest Loser Season 14 - Episode 5

It's Biggest Loser Time!

We start the episode shortly after Pam has been eliminated. Danni is distraught. Pam made their workouts feel like she wasn't alone. She then confessed that her Big fear is living along. This week she will be forced to confront that. Well except that she won't be alone...it'll be her and Jillian.

After their first workout they all walk in to the kitchen. They are reminded everyday that the Weigh-ins are won just as much in the kitchen then they are in the gym.

The problem: There is no food in the kitchen!  There is instead, a note from Allison asking them to meet her at the grocery store.  Big Mike was funny. "We've got ten overweight people here. You don't mess with our food."

This week's episode is: Healthy on a Budget.

Most people associate Healthy Eating with being too expensive. So they are going to be limited to a budget of $10 a day. And they have 15 minutes to do it.

Gina:  "I think it's 100% cheaper to eat unhealthy."

Joe:  "I usually shop per day not planning ahead."

Alex: "I don't grocery shop. I'm a fast food junkie."

Lisa: "My kids are athletes. I don't know how to feed them. We have brinner (breakfast/dinner) a lot."

Danni was checking out the Greek yogurt. She checked the labels and found one that is 20 calories less than what she usually gets.

Jackson was stressing to make sure they had snacks in addition to meals.

Gina admitted that she doesn't really go grocery shopping. This taught her where to shop. "You don't need to come in off the outside aisles."

At the Register:

The Red team was $4 under.

The Blue team strategy was to buy what people regularly ate at the ranch. They were $1 under.

The White team (Danni) was $9 under.  "You need to look at what you're putting in to your body."

The Full Grocery lists are available on http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/

Back at the Ranch:

The bartering began in the kitchen. Some teams forgot items while other teams had more than enough. Gina was particularly worried about the lack of food.

There was a little bit of game play going. The Blue team is worried. They have not lost a weigh in yet.  David said "This is ours to lose."  He and Gina are worried about being eliminated based on age and injury.

Back in the Gym:

I love the Red team workouts. Dolvett is yelling "This is where the pain meets the pain!" Jackson says that Dolvett always reminds them that they are targets.

The Blue team has not lost this season.  Bob lets them know that they are set up to fail this week. So their level of INTENSITY has to go up!  Jeff's response was "Today we have a new trainer, his name is Drill Sargant Bob."

Alex is working out with the White team.  She tells Jillian that she doesn't know what's happening. She is giving her best, her best is not good enough.  Then she talks about how her weight is affecting her love life. "How can I love someone if I can't love myself".

Makeovers for Contestants who went home:

Nikki has lost 50 plus pounds and wants to do another 50. She hasn't been this weight since she was a freshman in high school. Biggest Loser changed her life. *I am not sure how she is allowed to be shown now. She walked off of the show. Previous contestants who did that were not shown again. I am wondering if it's because Jillian gave her the "options"*

TC  has learned how bad he wanted it for himself.  It's funny that it only took 1 week for a transformation. Looking forward to life. He has now lost 80 lbs.

Back on the Ranch:

Bob asks Alex what's going on.  Her response: "Nothing."  Bob tells her that's not true and that her team needs her. Finally she blurts out: "I'm up and alone out her running in the morning and I only lose 4 lbs. And it pisses me off" Bob tells her that's good.  Now it's time to change. "WIN IT.  Fight like you have never fought before."

Cut to time with Lisa: "You don't want to waste a moment. You have to do things that you don't want to do, but I do it. My husband has never known me under 200 lbs."

Jillian says that it's "week 5 and everyone has gone home. I can't go after Danni. There is no yelling at her. She falls to pieces."  To which Danni responds "It's different to see the softer side of Jillian."

Time to check in with the Kids:

Lindsay joined gymnastics center. She is in training to join the cheer leading team next year when she get to high school.
Sunny's goal is to fit in a pretty prom dress.
Bingo says it's hard to be motivated running with boot.  That it's "de-motivating me." Bob is worried and tells him"Get outside and play baseball with friends."
Dolvett tells Lindsay "We gotta get a workout in!" So he gets her active: stand up, sit down, floor ladder. "That was my test. I'm proud of you" It's all about finding out what these kids have a passion for.
Jillian has Sunny jog in place. Heels to butt.
Sunny: " I imagine myself in that dress. and it's not how I look in it, it's how I feel. I radiate."

Nutrition Time:

Devin Alexander is the Biggest Loser Chef. She comes in to talk to them about taste. Many people think that to eat healthy you are giving up taste. The dish she is about to show them serves 4 people for under $20.

Southwest loaded sweet potato - salsa, chicken, green salsa. greek yogurt.  All for only 342 calories

Team Challenge:

Allison asks the teams how they are doing. Gina mentions that she is worried about the lack of food. She mentions that they didn't get enough fish. Jeff rolls his eyes. He says she plays the victim and that everyone had a voice about what food to get and she never spoke up.

Every member of the winning team gets 10 memberships to Planet Fitness and they also get the choice of a 2 lb advantage or....duh duh duh...a chance to call home.

Each team has a fountain. The object is to fill each fountain with coins. There are 10 coins for each person and each coin weigh 5lbs.

At the halfway point the Red team is neck and neck with Danni.  It is very close at the end, but Danni wins.  She admits that she was a swimmer 8 years ago, but wasn't sure if she would be able to keep up that pace.

Jackson: "Please pick the phone call. Your mom misses you"

Danni picks the 2 lbs.

Back on the Ranch: 

Bob takes David to see Dr. H about his injury.  They go over the results of the MRI. There is fat on side of knee and his bones are spongey with little cracks. David admits to inuring his knee on treadmill before. Bob is upset: "I wish I had known about this."

He's doing a great job working through his physical issues. needs to deal with emotional issues. So then we get a little back story on David. He has a wife and 7 children. *And let me just say that in this video I can totally see a huge weight loss now* His youngest daughter, Tiffany, has Rett Syndrome. She can walk, but not well. Someone needs to be with her at all times. Mentally she is between 12-18 months. He's worried that his weight will keep him from taking care of her.

Bob lets him know that it's okay to ask for help.

Challenge America:

Devin Bay High School in Cleveland. Devin Alexander shows up and shows them how to make a  Piled High Supreme Breakfast Pizza. Prep the tomatoes, basil, and garlic. Can be prepped the day before. Cook the Jennie-O turkey sausage and bacon. Put the pre-cooked eggs on top and put in the oven just long enough for cheese to melt.

*they didn't say what to use as crust

Back on the Ranch: 

Jillian is superstitious:  If you win the challenge you lose the weigh-in.  So she shakes it up for Danni and has her boxing.

Last Chance Workout:

The Red team really pushed hard.

The Blue team seemed very solomn at first. Then Bob started shouting. "Sweat's the name of the game today! You need to feel like you are dying through every part of your workout".  And then of course they had to show Big Mike puking on the bike. Ewww.

Weigh In:

 Red team.
*Joe started at 310 lbs and now weighs 299 lbs for a total of 11 lbs
   -wants to break 300
   -Dolvett says that his nickname is Pause (always wants to take a break)
*Francelina started at 231 lbs and now weighs 224 lbs for a total of 7 lbs
*Jackson started at 288 lbs and now weighs 280 lbs for a total of 8 lbs
*Lisa started at 214 lbs and now weighs 209 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
Team Total: 31 lbs and 2.97 %

Blue team needs more than 41 lbs
*Gina started at 206 lbs and now weighs 197 lbs for a total of  9 lbs
   - Bob "You're in One-derland!"
*Big Mike started at 384 lbs and now weighs 371 lbs for a total of 13 lbs
*Jeff started at 342 lbs and now weighs 329 lbs for a total of 13 lbs
   -"I'm loving the person that I'm growing in to."
*David started at 263 lbs and now weighs 253 lbs for a total of 10 lbs
   -Blue team is safe
*Alex started at 217 lbs and now weighs 207 for a total of 10 lbs
   -Bob hugged her after and told her "Your best was MORE than enough."
Team Total: 55 lbs and 3.9%

White needs to lose more than 4 lbs
*Danni started at 222 lbs and now weighs 213 lbs for a total of 9 lbs
   -Jillian "YOU did it! Not because I made you."
Team Total: 11 lbs and 4.95%

Alex is Biggest loser of the week.

The Red team lost. They will head to elimination, but cannot vote for Joe who lost the highest percentage this week.  Jackson goes first and says it's hard. He has to choose between his best friend and his motivator.  When asked who he voted for he said that the wording on the screen was horrible. "Who do you want to be eliminated?"

Jackson voted for Lisa.
Lisa voted for Jackson.
Francelina voted for Lisa.
Joe voted for Lisa.


Lisa seemed okay with this. She was happy they they all voted for her because she has the strength to succeeeed at home. She said that she has a family that is behind her 120%.

Lisa Today:

She started on the Biggest Loser Ranch at 246 lbs and now weighs 170 lbs. She has lost 76 lbs and LOOKS AMAZING!!!

As a Special Education teacher she has noticed that a lot of her students struggle with their weight. So they are now cooking healthier foods and being active in class.

Next Week:

Laila Ali comes to train them in boxing.
There is a Roll of the Dice - Whoever it lands on will be the only person on the team whose weight counts.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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