Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Random Wednesday of 2013!

Happy First Random Wednesday of 2013 Bleeps!

Well I think I may have gotten a little too into the Just Dance groove yesterday.  We did a One Direction song too many times. Today I went to Old Navy to use a gift card and ended up buying a pair of red corduroy skinny rocker jeans. What???  I know!  I can hardly believe it myself. But, I wanted to use it on something that is outside of my comfort zone and nothing is more outside of my comfort zone than corduroy. 


So I made it through the Holiday season only eating 2, count them again TWO, Andes Candes. Not two boxes, but individual pieces.  I would call it a Christmas miracle, but it was completely replaced with Hershey's white chocolate peppermint kisses.  I have had them before, but we kept finding them on sale. DANG IT!  I am weak for my kisses!


Okay, I'm going to ask you how many times you think I stopped at Starbucks during the drive to Florida?  Would you believe me if I said "twice"?  I KNOW!  Only twice in 1100 miles. Well we stopped once on the way to Charlotte (more on that in a bit) and then we didn't stop again until Jacksonville. But, in all fairness, we had spent the night at my friend Marisol's house in Charlotte and she loaded me up on homemade caramel lattes before we left. Actually I had 2.5 cups and then I had cotton mouth for hours.  Water wasn't going to cut it, so I had to get a soda to help it. bah.  But, she done good!  They were tasty and they woke me up!

For Jacksonville it was 9:20 and they closed at 9:30. I zipped in and got one of their refreshers not a coffee...and a Florida mug (sporting that alligator on it). I wanted a cake pop soooooo dang bad, but did not get one.


I did have to work on Monday, New Year's Eve. I was okay with coming into the office. There was no traffic and it was really quiet.  Kind of nice to get back in the swing of things...and then it happened. RIIIIIIIIP!  WHAT?  I have not ripped a pair of jeans in a few years. I know these are the ones I wear all of the time, but come on!  Right in my thigh area. When I left work I ran straight to the store to buy a new pair. Not the same brand, but I needed imediate relief. I'm sad. I got two pairs. One that is tight and a bigger size too. BOOO!  It doesn't look great on me, but my brain needed a pair of "fat" jeans.


I heart my followers!  I really do.  You guys keep me motivated and smiling. 

On the way to Charlotte we were able to stop for a little bit and meet up with Super Fan Mary Ann (See photo above). She and I have been emailing and texting forever it feels like.  She's become a good friend and I was super excited to finally meet her and her new pup, who looks like she could be doing puppy modeling she's so cute. She was my Starbucks stop one and I got a tall skinny peppermint mocha...and no cake pop their either.

When I was in Florida I was really feeling bad about not keeping up with my posts.  I started feeling guilty about relaxing so much.  Seriously, I was on a physical and mental vacation.  Of course every waking moment was spent trying to get the best picture of the nephew, who is so stinkin cute in case I hadn't mentioned that. Anyway, when we got back to Virginia I was over at my aunt's downloading and editing all of the baby pictures to show my grandmom. I checked my facebook email and I had a new message from a new Super Fan Wendy. She made me cry, in a good way. She had found my blog after posting a question on a Zumba site. My cousin Kim responded and she saw my blog in Kim's Likes. I love it!

Even though I had not posted, people were still finding me and getting inspired to make positive changes. WOO WOO!  In fact, I had hoped that I would hit 25,000 hits before New Year's Eve. Before the trip I figured out that if I averaged 50 hits a day I would make it. And then I took a 10 day hiatus and figured there was no way. But, I was wrong. I hit 25,000 hits around 9am on New Year's day. HOLLA!  Thank you for keeping me going.


Guess who ordered her very own copy of Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules?  ME! ME! ME!  I heart Bob soooooo much. What I wouldn't give to have him train me for just one day!


Tonight Gym Buddy Lisa and I got back to the gym. HOLLA!  It felt so good. We are both getting over being sick and kept it light, but stayed on the treadmill for an hour.   I had a neon yellow shirt on and halfway through our workout Lisa started looking at my shirt funny. I had no idea what was going on until she yelled "You have a stink bug on you!" Now, I was fast walking, but started running like that was going to make any're on a treadmill not going ANYWHERE!  Neither one of us stopped the treadmills so there she is trying to flick off this stink bug from me as we are both now in jog mode. He must have been laughing hysterically because he just casually walked up my arm. After what felt like 5 minutes, but I"m sure was only 45 seconds the show ended and she was able to flick it away. And then we were laughing so hard I thought we were going to fall off of the treadmills.

Football season is almost over and you know what that means...less than two months until Daytona Baby!  Oh man, when we were driving by the exit it took every fiber of my being not to pull off and just wait for Tony Stewart to get there.  haha.  Hey um Tony, Call Me!


Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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  1. Glad to have you back! Missed your posts. I need some of your motivation so send it to me:)

  2. Wow, I feel famous! You mentioned me in your blog! I am so happy that I found you. You keep me going. I started exercising last night while I had husband & kids out of the house. I didn't go well to say the least. Have you ever tried doing Zumba with 2 left feet and hips that don't move like that? It was not pretty. I got out all my other workout dvds & tapes & started going thru them trying desperately to find 1 that I could do. I finally found 1 I could kinda do. It was The Biggest Loser Workout with your favorite Bob Harper & the contestants from seasons 1&2. But you know how you feel when you see a pic of yourself & you really see how big you are & how much you have changed over the years? Then it really hits home, well thats how I felt working out! Not only was I out of shape, my balanced sucked, & I had no stamina at all. I used to smoke so that didnt help either but I have been fooling myself for a long time about how bad I have really gotten! On the video there were stories about Matt and Susie on there & how they felt when they saw the first videos of themselves & the cardboard cutout of their first weigh in. Boy, can I relate except that its not the me before its the me now! I am still going to keep trying to work out, but that was one HARD reality check! Keep blogging Jennie you are keeping a lot of us going out here! :)