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My Weekend: Crossfit, 2 Grandmoms, and Girl Scout Cookies

Hello Beautiful People,

I'm having a hard time. I have so many posts so little time.  I may need to post twice a day for a little bit. haha.

Tonight I'm going to recap the highs and lows of the weekend.

First off, Friday night was gym night. I like my Friday nights there. Less people. I can stay longer. And I make it HydroMassage night. Gym Buddy Lisa met me there and we hit up cardio and abs. And I talked her into a massage. YEAH!  She had traveled for work and was away for much of the week. I know she struggled a little because food choices were made for her, but I'm super proud of her for workouts while she was gone. Sometimes you don't always have control of a situation, but as long as you stay positive and make good decisions over what you can control...well then you are doing the right thing.

Saturday morning I woke up early. What a difference a week makes. Last week was such a struggle just over the idea of whether or not to go to crossfit, before I found out it was cancelled, and yesterday I was jumping out of bed ready to go. Well, I didn't exactly jump. I sort of hopped. I was running out of time and didn't get to make the breakfast that I wanted so I grabbed a protein bar and quickly ate a banana.

When I got there I noticed that there wasn't any other cars. I checked the website and there was no mention of class being cancelled.  Soon someone else pulled up, but the doors were still locked. After five minutes the father and son from the first class got there. It was a beautiful day and I was contemplating just going to a park for a walk if class was cancelled. A few minutes later someone pulled up and opened the doors. So we all walked in. It turns out that Coach Bryan was running late and his dad came to let us in and turn the heat on. So we took it upon ourselves to stretch and warm up.

The workout was on the board and after 10 minutes we decided that we would just start it. We weren't sure about one of the abbreviations so I got out my phone and we googled it for video instructions.   Then we picked out our weights, set up our stations, put on some music, and set the timer on my phone.  There were 3 adults and one kid. The kid cracks me up. He's obviously a gymnast and is constantly doing flips on the rings and walking around on his hands. BAH I am so jealous!  I want to be that flexible!  Whenever I see him doing flips I want to jump on with him.

Okay so we had 16 minutes to see how many rounds we could get through. We were working with kettlebell weights, pull ups, and sit ups. I think we were pretty even the first round.  Then the kid and I got a little ahead on the second. I did get thirsty a lot and my throat got super dry. I had to stop my pull ups a couple of times because my eyes were tearing from the dry throat (and some people wonder why I drink so much water).  Coach Bryan got there about 5 minutes in. I think he was proud of us for getting started. When I checked the phone it was about halfway so I shouted it out. Then he was able to set the larger clock so we could see the time.

The pullups sucked, but my big problem was the situps. I could do them, but I don't usually do full situps. It was hurting my lower back. I really need to keep strengthening that area. I tend to go heavy on the upper back, but the new gym has the back extension that I like so I am adding that in a couple of times a week.

So I sort of lost count of my rounds. We figured out that I finished a round or two ahead of the adults. I was pretty happy with that. I'll pay closer attention next time. Anyway, I got in some stretching before heading out.

Okay so the plan for the rest of the day was to shower, hit the Super Walmart for Subway and groceries before heading to Grandmom's to help her start to get ready for her move.  I kind of took a little longer than anticipated to get ready (kind of got sucked into Hoarders).  I called grandmom when I got on my way and offered to get her some Subway also. Of course then I realized that it wouldn't work to eat mine there first before I shopped because hers would get soggy.  So I needed to blitz through my shopping and get out of there.

Do you see what I see????? GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  First thought: Oh HECK YEAH it's Girl Scout Cookie Time!  Second thought: DANG IT it's Girl Scout Cookie time!  I'm just recovering from Christmas. This is TOO SOON!  I was hoping they would have the offer of "Buy a box for the soldiers". That way I would be supporting the girl scouts, sending a tasty treat to the soldiers, and avoiding temptation. I told the girls I would get something on my way out (secretly hoping they would pack up by then...I have been known to hide out inside until they leave just to avoid temptation).

I had a few things on my list, but then I also had two meals that I wanted to get prepared for. I found all of the ingredients for my Crockpot Chicken Jambalaya (chicken, turkey sausage, jambalaya rice, diced tomatoes, and frozen peppers/onions). Sweet!  Then I found all of the ingredients for my breakfast for the Breakfast club (egg whites, black beans, skim milk shredded cheese, and salsa).   I was pretty excited for my haul.

My belly was crying by the time I got to Subway. Do you know what is right next to Subway?  Auntie Anne's pretzels. SO not cool!  I'm trying to make a positive healthy choice, and all I smell are butter and pretzels.  I did stay strong though and order our oven roasted chicken sub with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and honey mustard. YUM! When you buy a meal you get to spin the wheel. I could have just said no. And I should have when I saw that a free pretzel was a prize. But, you know I was secretly thinking "well it would be free and you just can't say no to that"...even though you most certainly can say NO.

I won a small lemonade. Um...I just got a drink with my meal. So when I was leaving I offered it to the Girl Scouts. They were extremely happy to accept. I bought one box of the Peanut Butter Patties. GUH how I heart them. I got them because they freeze nicely and that makes it easier not to binge eat them. Of course as I write this they are on the shelf next to my bed. Still unopened, but they don't seem to be doing any self freezing.

By the time I got to Grandmom's I was STARVING! I quickly ate and felt much better. I no longer had Crazy Eyes and able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. I brought a bunch of boxes and we went upstairs to the spare bedroom to get started on the sorting. We were doing well. And then it happened. I was sorting through a box of books and found about 15 stink bugs. They were in the books, under the books, around the books. GAH!  I hate stink bugs. This set us back some time because I couldn't touch another box without fear of the same thing happening. But, it was time for my Syracuse Orange basketball game anyway. So I hit the couch.  My back was really starting to bother me. I took an aleve an we got the heating pad on it, but I was pretty much toast for the rest of the night...and it was only 4pm.  Before I left to go home though Grandmom made us a wonderful salad. Veggies, veggies, and more veggies. YEAH!

This morning I had to leave early for Church. We were starting a new discussion group a half hour before service. So I packed my bagel and peanut butter to go.  I couldn't stay after service to visit because my aunt had brought my other grandmom up for a visit with her sister. So I was going to go visit with some family that I haven't seen in years. I was a little tired so I stopped at Starbucks (SURPRISE) on my way. I got a tall vanilla spice latte. When I got there they said we would be going out to lunch in a little while. We would be meeting some more family at a diner. *The funny thing is that I will be going to that diner for the Book Club meeting next week so now I know where it is and what to expect for the menu.

So yeah, it was kind of cool when my dad's cousin, who I have not seen in a long long time, walked in and couldn't believe it was me. haha.

The menu had some healthy options, but I decided to make it my cheat day. I had been good. Basically, I saw Pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich and my decision was made for me. Plus it comes with hash browns. No need to look any further. And O.M.G. Was it good. I'm a little impressed that my belly was able to handle it. That's a lot of grease that I'm not used to. I was worried about the bathroom affects to put it nicely, but so far nothing has happened. The same cannot be said for my face though. Within an hour a big giant pimple popped up on my cheek. BAH!

I stayed a little longer than I had planned.  I needed to get home to get some stuff started. My laundry needed to be done and my Chicken Jambalaya needed to get cookin! 

I just had it for dinner and oh man I am excited!  It was so yummy and I still have 4 bowls of it for dinners this week. Three are in the freezer and one is in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner. It is so in the rotation now. That's my second new meal of the month. So far so good with that New Year's Resolution.  It's all good!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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