Friday, January 4, 2013

Crushin' at the Gym

Can I get a What What for Friday? WHAT WHAT!

Well kids I FINALLY went to Seasons 52 yesterday for lunch. How long ago did I win that gift card for the Fitness Competition?  It was well worth the wait though :-)

I had been eying up the Oak Fired Western Buffalo Burger for some time now: guacamole, roasted pepper salsa, spicy chili sour cream....YUM! 

Seasons 52 is all seasonal foods and all entrees are under 475 calories. They don't use butter or mayo. So we started with a Plum Tomato flatbread. And I do mean FLAT....but tasty.  When my burger came I almost melted. It looked incredible. It also came with a side spring salad. Oh it was worth the wait. It melted in my mouth. Seriously, if you have the option for a buffalo/bison burger please try it. The meat is lean and tasty.

Oh we were not leaving without dessert. They have little dessert shooters. With a normal spoon it would be 3 bites, but they give teeny tiny spoons so it took 6.  I got the tropical fruit cheesecake (mango, coconut, and pineapple)...I could barely breathe it was sooooooo good.

I was feeling good. When I got back to my desk I had totally forgotten about some special chocolate.  How is that possible???  A friend at work went home to Columbia and brought back some chocolate for me and Ms. Kerri. Um...YES PLEASE!  It looked like it was 5 mini bars in the bag and I was trying to figure out the calories.  Since it was in spanish it was a little hard for me. I called Ms. Lety over and offered her some if she could help me figure it out. When we opened the bag it was actually 10 mini bars. It said there were 3 servings at 200 calories each.  The numbers didn't add up though. So we still don't know how many calories each bar was. The funny little bonus is that each bar was wrapped in a dinosaur sticker. haha. Apparently they are collectables.  Therefore making it the coolest chocolate EVER!  Was your chocolate wrapped in dinosaur stickers today?

So feeling bad that I had eaten some chocolate after my nice healthy lunch I was determined to kill it at the gym.  I had put in an hour on the treadmill the night before so now it was time to do some weights. I put in 30 minutes on the treadmill. Just as I was getting off Gym Buddy Lisa walked in. She was headed to the treadmill, but I needed to get on some weights.  I needed some back, shoulders, and abs.

Most importantly, I put in some stretching time after my workout. Gym Buddy Lisa and I did some stretching the night before and then again tonight too. It's soooo important.

On our way out of the locker room at the end of the night Lisa asked me if I had seen the guy stretching on the pole right outside before we walked in.  I had not. 

Lisa: He was totally checking you out!

Me: Was he cute?

Lisa: Yeah

Me: One of my friends said I need to join Christian mingle. My reply was "I don't even have time to go grocery shopping.  When am I going to date? OH wait, look over there. The guy in black is my new gym crush.

Lisa: Oh wow, he's bigger than your usual crushes.

Outside in the parking lot-

Me: So wait, was he young or older?

Lisa: Young

Me: That's what I like to hear

So yeah, I've been keeping a secret. There is a new gym crush at the new gym.  I was holding off saying anything because I wanted to see if it would stick. haha. Honestly, he's the type I used to be attracted to. He's all into weights...but I like it!  He's my only crush at the new gym so I'm not going to give him a his name will be Gym Crush Big Dude. For the record, I have seen him on the elliptical many times too so I know he incorporates cardio into his workout.

And the good news is that we smile at each other all of the time :-)  So we'll see what happens....

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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  1. Thank you sir! I keep meaning to check in with you. Loving the updates on facebook :-)