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Biggest Loser Season 14 - Episode 2

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well it's week 2 and there's another Red Line.  I am guessing that the Game Play from last season was not well received.  Well I know it wasn't. Just wondering if that's the reason behind this.  I hope so.

Week 2 is the dreaded week 2. Historically your body plateaus after the initial giant weight loss from Week 1. It's tough.  So this week the trainers got to design their own gyms outside. This Week's theme is: Get Moving.

The Blue Gym is using Functional Movement. It is full of Bob's friends, who are athletes. My favorite quote was from Gina who was commenting on how beautiful both the women and men were. "It's best not for me to look at the guys. Best for my marriage."  Starting to really heart her :-)

The Red Gym was named Dolvett's Dungeon. TIE ME UP MISTER!  Oops...did I just say that?  Dolvett: "Sometimes you've got to go through hell to get to heaven."  Jackson is medically restricted so he is only allowed to walk the Presidential Mile. 

The White Gym is practically empty.  She wants them to use her own body weight.

Bob's thoughts on these gyms: "Your workouts on steroids."

Early on Big Mike was having a hard time. Bob and someone else were holding him up yelling to open his eyes. It was so hard for him to breathe.  Bob: "This is what it's going to feel like until we get some of this weight off of you.  Remember this."

Throughout the episode they would periodically check in with the contestants and give us a little more background since we don't really know them yet.

Soon they were focusing on Joe. Joe played football all through high school and college. He was even drafted by the Miami Dolphins in '92.  They didn't say if he played for them or not.

Danni did not play water polo in college because she didn't want to squeeze into a bathing suit. She said that her weight had stolen her confidence. *I totally relate to that one!

During the workout Jillian is a little hard on her. She even goes so far as to dump a bucket of water on her.  She is trying to activate her inner fire.

We've seen a little of Pam being the cheerleader for the White team. Jillian isn't getting the response she wants from her and asks what's wrong.  She says that she's scared of failing. That she's scared of the pain. She has never fought before. Jillian talks to her and Pam has this to say about her after: Jillian is good at tearing you down, but she's just as good at bringing you back up.

There was a funny little moment when Pam says that she can't do the Bear Claw. Jillian laughs. "Bear Claw is the pastry. We do the Bear Crawl". *some of us call it a crab walk*

There was a little backstory with Jackson. I didn't get it fully in my notes, but as a gay man he is an advocate for gay teens to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. He said that he feels like a hypocrit because he doesn't have that healthy down.  I didn't see it all, but I would guess that he wasn't fully happy either with that hanging over him.

Week 2 is always my favorite episode. Some people say theirs is Makeover week, but this is mine. This is the one with Dr. H. He sits these guys down and tells them what is wrong with their health.

*Jackson stopped breathing for 41 seconds during his sleep because the fat around his windpipe crushes it in his sleep

*He showed Pam the amount of fat in her blood.

*Gina is diabetic and her sugar scan is toxic.  Only 10% of her diabetes can be controlled with medicine. The rest is eating right and staying active. "I cannot believe that someone as smart as myself let it go so far." AMEN!  I think that applies to soooooo many people...including my Former Fat Girl self.

*I was grossed out when he showed Pam what her fatty liver looks like.

*Big Mike's arteries in his neck are so calcified that they are the arteries of a 78 yr old.

The BEST part of the night came from Dr H: "If I told you that you were dying of lymphoma would you take the 2 hours a day for chemo?"
*It's the same thing people!  If your weight is killing you, why are health and fitness not high on the list of priorities???????  You have to make the time.  No one else is going to do it for you.

Jillian is still struggling with the White team. Last week Pam and Danni were her star pupils. This week they are struggling. She is happy with Nate's progress and attitude.  She tells the ladies that it's exhausting getting in their faces.  That they are misinterpreting her actions. It is really fear driven. She is afraid of them leaving.  She also tells them that there is a magical thing going on at the Ranch. The Biggest Loser audience is not inspired by the trainers.  It is inspired by the drive and the determination of the contestants. 

She then asks Pam why she is there.  Pam is there to finally follow through on something.  They both agree that she started to disengage this week.  Then Jillian asks the same question of Danni.  Danni has always been in the background. She did not feel good enough to come forward.

Obviously the White team is struggling. They are already down 2 members so Jillian talks to them. Pam says that when Jillian is in her face she starts to panic. If she would just say what to do, she'll do it. Jillian agrees. Danni asks her to remind her tht she deserves to be there and that she's worth it. Jillian agrees, as long as Danni stops referring to herself as a "fat piece of crap or pathetic". I loved that part!

Team challenge time!

The teams walk out on to the football field and see a bunch of kids there running around playing. Allison introduces Antonio Gates, the tight end for the San Diego Chargers. And she brings back Sunny, Lindsay, and Bingo.

There's a quick check in with the kids.  Bingo talks about how he used to sneak eat when his parents went to bed. Now he's packing his own lunches and eating only what he packs. Lindsay was in cheerleading, but quit when she would hear two girls whispering behind her back about her weight. Right now she misses mac'n'cheese (don't we all!!!), but she has a great support system.  Sunny's friends are all dating. She wants to go to the prom, but feels like she needs to lose the weight before she is attractive enough. Right now it's hard for her managing her schedule with working out and eating properly on top of her daily routine, but she's doing it. LOVE THESE KIDS!

Allison asked Antonio what his advice for kids is. It was simple: Get outdoors and stay active. Shoveling. Sports. Raking. Yard work. The NFL sponsors Play 60. It promotes kids being active for at least 60 minutes a day.

The challenge starts and it's broken into 4 Quarters: Speed, Agility, Strength, and a combo of all three. The winning team will earn something for the school of the kid for that team: Play 60 visit from a player and $5000.  At the end of the 4 quarters the total time will be added up. Quickest time wins.

The object is to run to the cone and come back. Then run to the further cone and come back. Then run and grab the football at the end and come back. Ms. Danni, who needed to be reminded that she deserves to be there, smoked the competition.
1st- White 2nd- Blue  3rd-Red

Q2- Agility
The object was to run around and through the obstacles, grab the football at the end, and then run back through the obstacles.  Once again, Ms. Danni smoked the rest.
1st - White 2nd- Red  3rd-Blue

Q3- Strength
This is the gauntlet. They needed to push the weights across the field.
1st - Blue 2nd- White 3rd-Red.  Lisa struggled so much for the Red team, but man I had tears in my eyes from all of the support she got from everyone there, not just her teammates, to get across that line. Antonio even said that he would take her anyday on his team because she never gave up.

Q4- Combo of all three
No surprise, former football player Joe, on the red team, flew threw the coarse. Nate came up short at second. Big Michael stumbled through the footing for the Blue team, but I was very impressed. He is the largest guy there and moved mighty easily after just two weeks.

The winning team: White

Back at the Ranch the reality of Week 2 is setting in. They call it the "Week 2 Jinx".  The reason that they do so well the first week is because their bodies don't know how to adjust to the working out and eating right. By Week 2 they start to adjust and plateau out.

I love the interaction between Bob and Gina. Gina is over in the corner using a sledgehammer on a tire. She's not pushing it as hard as Bob would like. "Gina this isn't a spa!".  Gina's response "In what life am I hitting a tire with a sledgehammer????"

When they show the White team working out I was laughing. It was the kinder gentler Jillian. There was no yelling. Pam mentions that she's a New Yorker. She uses laughter to hide the pain.  She is a single mother of a 15 yr old girl and doesn't want her to be embarrassed by her on the Ranch.

After the challenge the kids come back to the ranch too. Bingo is on crutches. He fractured his foot playing hoops. Bob is looking at the positive: He was being active.

Since they aren't doing a weigh in for the kids, they give them a fitness assessment test. Sunny mentions that she always dreads fitness tests. *As a fat girl, they were my personal nightmare.

First up: Sit ups in a minute.

Next up: The cone test (run to the first and back, then the second and back).

Finally: The 1 mile time.

I didn't get to write down their numbers because they were taking them off fast, but they compared them to active kids their age. There numbers were less than half of what they should be.

They weren't even able to test Pull ups and Push ups, because they couldn't do them without assistance.

Because of his injury, Bingo could only do the sit-ups.  But, he got advice from Bob: Cut out the junk food, stay active, and stay positive.

Before they were leaving Jillian told Sunny that she would love her to take a dance class or try kick-boxing and reminded her about staying active 60 minutes a day.


The White team worked out with the Blue team.  Jillian says her team thinks that Blue has it easier. "The grass is always greener on the other side."

The Red team is back inside the gym. Poor Jackson is struggling. Because he is only able to walk he is unsure if he is contributing enough to the team.  There is that Red Line hanging over him.

It was a great night of Awesome quotes. Lisa, I'm not stalking her on Twitter but I kinda am, has the right attitude: "I didn't come here to get skinny. I came her to get strong. I have four kids at home, four athletes. I want to be Mama Role Model for my babies."

But, the best quote goes to Jillian: "Everyone thinks that Bob is the nice one. Bob is an ANIMAL!" Grrrrr


The Blue team goes first.
*David started at 287lbs and now weighs 278 lbs for a total of 9 lbs. -Not bad!  He has a stress fracture in his knee too!
*Gina started at 230 lbs and now weighs 223 lbs for a total of 7 lbs
*Alex started at 231 lbs and now weighs 225 lbs for a total of 6 lbs
*Big Mike started at 423 lbs and now weighs 409 lbs for a total of 14 lbs. -Another good quote "I was here for my son. Now I'm here for myself."
*Jeff was 359 lbs and now weighs 359 lbs for a total of 0 lbs. Everyone is shocked, but he lost 29 lbs last week. It's hard to keep that up.
Total: 2.35%

The Red team is next and needs to lose more than 31 lbs. They did so well last week that Dolvett just wants good numbers, not expecting great.
*Cate was 225 lbs and now weighs 220 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
*Francelina was 248 lbs and now weighs 242 lbs for a total of 6 lbs.
*Jackson was 306 lbs and now weighs 302 lbs for a total of 4 lbs.
*Joe was 338 lbs and now weighs 326 lbs for a total of 12 lbs. Dolvett said "The athlete is back!". Joe responded "All of my muscles are awake." LOVE that.
*Lisa needed 5lbs.  She was 230 lbs and is now...cue the dramatic music (it really did happen that way) 225 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. And that's when Jackson screamed with delight. If you watch Modern family he totally screams like Cam...I love it!
Total: 2.38%

Bob is slightly freaking out.

The White team goes last.  They need to lose more than 18 lbs.
*Pam was 227 lbs and now weighs 219 lbs for a total of 8 lbs.
*Danni was 239 lbs and now weighs 234 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.
This means that Nate needs to lose 6 lbs. If he loses it, then his friend Jeff goes home. If he doesn't then he goes home. They are both sick. There is no happy moment in this. 
*Nate was 339 lbs and now weighs 334 lbs for a total of 5 lbs.

Jillian is so sad. She was visibly upset. She called Nate a pleasure. He would make her smile when she was having a hard time with the team.

Catching up with Nate today.

His two weeks at the ranch were amazing. He believes that his struggles on the first day were a test to see if he wanted to be there. Yes he did!  Today he is on his way to winning the $100,000 at home title to pay for his wedding. He is currently 299 lbs and very happy to be under 300 lbs. 

So next week looks interesting. The twist is that they will be locked in a temptation room for 4.5 hours a day....I would not survive!

***I cannot close without commenting on Jillian's killer platform heels. Now on TV the weigh in only lasts 30 minutes, but we've heard from behind the scenes that it can take up to 4 hours between the scale and the interviews. How did this woman stand for so long in them??? lol.

Have a Blessed Night my friends

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