Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Weekend: Crossfit, Studying, Grandmom's, and Yoga

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

Did you have a good weekend?  Are you keeping warm?

Well I got my workout in Friday night and I was happy to find out that Crossfit changed to 10am on Saturday. Woo Woo!  I got an extra hour of sleep. HOLLA!

So this class was oh so fun. Haha. Wall walks and Kettle Bell Swings. The wall walks had me excited and nervous.  I am that much closer to my hand stand push ups. The problem is that I knew that when my legs started walking up the wall my shirt would start falling towards my head. OH and gravity would be pulling the fat in my belly and boobs down towards my face. Oh joy. Seriously, I was mentally blocked during these. It sucked. All I was thinking is "Everyone can see the fat!"

I was 10 swings short of 4 full rounds at the end of 15 minutes. I finished them before I started my stretching. There was no way I was going to be that close and not finish.

I came home and made some egg whites with spinach and herb seasoning. YUM. That was good. And then I was off to study. I went to Starbucks and used my free drink on a venti white chocolate mocha with Raspberry. Crossfit is a great way to start the day, but I'm ready for a nap an hour after. I was going to need some caffeine if I was going to get any studying done. And the chapter I was working on was Emergency Procedures.  You know, real fun stuff.

After studying I was going to be going to dinner at Grandmom's.  My aunt and cousins were going to be coming and I hadn't seen them since October. Luckily they were running late, so I was able to stay and finish my chapter.

Before I could go to Grandmom's I had to stop at the store. She needed some artichokes for a spinach and artichoke dip. She also needed some whip cream for dessert. I, of course, got a fat-free whipped cream.

So here's the problem. I was starving, dinner wasn't ready, and they wouldn't be there for at least another hour. I burned a lot of calories in the morning. I could eat the fridge!  So my plan was to help clean up after dinner. If I was involved in the remaining preparations, there would be no food for anyone else.

Once everyone arrived there was a mad dash to set the table and get the food out. Cousin Hannah and I practically had a throw down over the biscuits. It was not pretty. I am happy to report that they all made it to the table before we ate any though. I snacked on the dip, but I did not go overboard.

When we sat down the first thing I did was put the salad on my plate. I finished the salad before putting anymore food on the plate...well except for the biscuit. But, I didn't touch it until after the salad. After the salad I had some roasted chicken, green beans, and parsley potatoes (not too many though).   I was still hungry after, so I finished off the green beans and had one more biscuit. I was full after that. So I immediately got up and took my plate to the kitchen. Even though we were still sitting there eating, I needed to get rid of the plate. Otherwise I would eat more. And let's face it, there was dessert to be had later.

When Hannah walked in earlier in the night, the first thing I noticed were her fabulous boots. FABULOUS.  They were brown leather knee high boots. I wanted to try them on so bad, but I as nervous. My calves do not always fit in leather boots. I went for it anyway. I unzipped them and put my foot in. I couldn't zip it. I almost cried. Then my aunt tried them on. She has calves too and was able to get him on. BAH!  So I zipped them and tried just putting my feet down in. THEY FIT! YEAH!  Oh I want them. They are the Madden Girl - Zerge if you want to get them for me. LOL. I would like them in a 7.5 Cognac thank you.

I don't remember the context of the conversation, but I believe at one point I made a comment to my Uncle, who had also stopped over, about "try not to be jealous of my scoliosis."  My Aunt is currently going to school to be a Physicians Assistant. "You have scoliosis. Let me see!" What do you want me to do? Drop my pants so that you can see my uneven butt?  She had me bend over and ran her hand up and down my spine. Yep, I have it. It's not bad enough to need a brace though. I am really trying hard to cut back the heavy bags on my right shoulder, but it's not easy after a lifetime of doing it.

After I tried on the boots I went in to wash the dishes. Grandmom was soo cute. She came in while I was washing and said "Oh you're such a good Cookie. Oops I didn't mean to use that word." haha.

Dessert was Angel Food cake with strawberries and fat-free whipped cream. Oh I love grandmom's Angel Food Cake. It's so light and tasty. I sooooo wanted a second piece, but I didn't have one. It was still a good night.

So this morning's plan was originally to go to church and then head straight to the old gym for a long distance run. It was a little hard to move this morning. My body is tired. TIRED. Tomorrow is a day of rest because I have Book Club. Today would be day 7 of workouts. I could take the day off or I could modify. I know my body and if I tried to force the treadmill on it, things would get ugly. So I decided that I would do yoga instead. I didn't get to do it this past week and we start up at work on Thursday. I would like to be a little more flexible before then.

I was going to do yoga before going to meet Bibble at Starbucks for some study time, but she went early and I decided to study first. So I went and knocked out the Legal Procedures chapter. UGH. I really don't want to get sued.  I stayed a little longer than planned and started  reading my new book. And Ick, I don't like it. ARGH!  It's a modern Pride & Prejudice.  I heart my Jane Austen and I like adaptations, but this one is not good. 

So I came home and started yoga. muscles are sore from Crossfit, but I didn't care. I really needed this. And O.M.G!  I am so not flexible right now. Just imagine how much better my workouts will be when my muscles can actually flex the way they are supposed to.  Hopefully between my hydro massages, stretching, and yoga I can get there soon.

Alright so I'm a superstitious person.  Especially when it comes to sports. Well my toe nails have been purple for the Ravens Super Bowl run. We have one more week to go before the game and that nail polish is NOT coming off!  But, oh goodness I needed to take care of my feet. I could have probably sliced cheese with my toe nails and my callouses were so bad I could use my feet as sand paper. So I soaked them and gave myself a non-nail polish changing pedicure...OH I needed that!
Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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