Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's that time again! Random Wednesday!!!

Happy Random Wednesday to You and Yours,

Well the week is half over. HOLLA!  Although I don't know why I'm so excited. Just inching closer to that dreaded birthday...less than 4 months til...*gulp* 40. I'm going to go lay in bed for a week now that I said it out loud.


Okay so every day I look like a bag lady. When I go to work I carry my pocketbook, my lunch bag, my computer bag, and my laptop bag.  Quite frankly I cannot wait until it is warmer and I can leave my gym bag in the car. This is how I got scoliosis my friends. Too much weight on my shoulders.  I try to distribute it evenly, but that's practically impossible.

Every morning when I am carrying these bags I am reminded of the Biggest Loser challenges when they have to put on the weights that they lost and run through a course. I've lost more than I carry. And sometimes it's difficult to walk. What was I doing to myself?  It took so much energy just to walk across the room. Why did it take so long to make the effort to make my life easier?


So today we had a special lunch day. Someone was doing a fundraiser where if you took this coupon to the pizza place down the street during certain hours, 20% of your order went to charity. Almost the whole office was there. That was nice to see. It was the gourmet pizza place so I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I got the Half salad and 1 slice. My salad was mixed greens, gorgonzola cheese, pears, and basalmic vinaigrette. My slice was fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato. And I got a cookie. It's for charity!


So you know how I was not happy with my scale on Sunday?  Well on Tuesday it went down 6 lbs. Man how much water weight was that?  Although I had also eaten way later than usual on Saturday night too...well that and I ate bad.


So there is a new pooch in the house. He's sweet. A tad energetic, but sweet. We are becoming very close.  Whenever I walk in the door from the gym he goes right to sniff my butt. Ewww...seriously, I need a shower. GET OUT OF THERE!


I am trying to be good.  I have gotten in the habbit of grabbing a couple tootsie rolls out of the bin on the way out of the gym. It's good for a little sugar boost after a tough workout. My ride home is 40 minutes. I can't afford to be falling asleep. But, I am now reserving them as a big treat. If it's a heavy day then I can do it. If it's a light day then it's a no.  I even asked Gym Buddy Lisa to slap my hand if I reach for one on the way out.


I hydrate all day long. I pretty much have to pee every hour. Ms. Barb thinks something is wrong with me. But, seriously, if you're supposed to drink 64-80 oz of water a day it's going to take all day. So I have to go all day. As hydrated as I am right now though, man my skin is getting dry in the cold air and with all of the sweating. 


So I am really trying hard to cut down on the sweets. I went way overboard over Christmas. Yes I know, i ate a cookie today...dang it!  But, what I am trying to do instead is pop in one of my pieces of sugar free gum that taste like a Rootbeer Float when I am itching for something sweet. It helps a little.


Last night I skipped the gym.  I went home and put my yoga dvd in and got to work. It was a stretching yoga dvd. For one hour I breathed and stretched. OMG!  My muscles are so tight. Some of the simplest moves were so painful and difficult. Seriously I have got to knock it off!  I can't be one of those trainers who is "Do as I say, not as I do".  I have been doing stretching, but it was extremely clear last night that I was not doing enough.

Of course it probably wasn't the best idea to do it a night after a tough legs workout either.  Either way, my body in no way bent the way the chick's on the DVD did. She had nice long limber limbs. I had short swollen stiff limbs. It wasn't fair. *Insert sad face*

The good news is that in addition to my adding it into the rotation at home, rumor has it that it will be offered at work again real soon. YEAH! Although my dvd at home will still stay in the rotation. It was a lot of meditating and breathing not so much posing. I needed that.

PLEASE tell me you have seen Ruby.  The show isn't on now, but the Style network followed her for 4 seasons. It was her journey from 700 lbs. She had lost some weight before they started watching her and was down to 400 lbs.

I adore this woman and was moved by her story. I could not imagine being in her shoes. She lives in Savannah and I just wanted to move there and be her friend (was secretly hoping that we would run in to her on our trip in December).

Well all of a sudden her show was no longer on the air. It's been a couple of years, but she was on 20/20 this month. The network cancelled the show. She was sabotaging herself. Dealing with all of her emotions and the pressure had her sneaking food.  The network sent her to a special clinic to help, but it didn't work.

Her brother passed away shortly after and she gained the weight back. Today she is taking charge of her life and is back on track (without all of the pressure). I am so excited for her. And I still want to meet her and be her friend :-)


It is time for the Polar Plunge again. I have pledge to take the plunge in a bikini if I can raise $50. Otherwise I am doing it in a one piece...and possibly some pants. Only $20 to go...brrrr


Today I wore my red corduroy pants to work. It was raining so I figured the moist air would mean less chance of me sparking a fire while I walked.

Now of course I'm a goober and wasn't thinking when I put my coat on. My red coat.  I looked like a giant strawberry walking around.


So when I change for the gym at work I put on a big sweatshirt to keep me warm. Usually it's my polar plunge sweatshirt from last year. It was a Black hooded sweatshirt, but I had to change it because if I am wearing my black pants I was afraid someone wouldn't see me in the parking lot and hit me.

Anyway, Monday I grabbed my Syracuse Alumni sweatshirt instead. Syracuse had beaten Villanova in basketball on Saturday and my gym is right in Villanova's backyard. I wanted to show them who's boss. Well my sweatshirt is an XXL and has been on PJ duty for a long time. The neck and sleeves are falling apart. I put it on at work and almost cried. I wasn't going to intimidate anyone. I looked like a homeless person.  

On the plus side, I looked super tiny.


Okay, I am about to write a letter. One of my little joys is a cup of General Foods International Vanilla Caramel Latte. Only I can't find it on the shelves anymore. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I tried the hazelnut cafe one...not the same. I don't ask for much. One cup a week...


Have a Blessed Night my friends

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