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Biggest Loser - Season 14 Episode 1

OH Happy days!  The Biggest Loser is BACK my friends! 

Do you ever notice how if you watch a lot of a certain type of show that takes your focus?  Like when I was on my Clean House obsession I would constantly be organizing and putting together piles for donations.  Well the same is with Biggest Loser. I mean I know my life revolves around health and fitness, but I seem to get way more focused when I hear Bob Harper's voice in my head.

So Season 14 started last night. This season they are tackling Childhood Obesity. I had seen the commercials, but wasn't sure how this was going to work. Kids at the ranch?

The show started in an auditorium full of people.  Our girl Allison came out and introduced 3 kids: Sunny, Noah, and Lindsay.

Sunny is in 11th grade and is in the midst of college prep. That is an extremely stressful time. She credits her weight to snacking and binge eating.  She also says that no one really wants to talk about her weight.  Everyone knows about it, but no one really addresses it.

Noah, who goes by the name Bingo, is in 8th grade. His life revolves around junk food and video games. He loves baseball, but he can't run as fast as his friends. He is hoping to change his life, his family's life, and America.

Lindsay love gymnastics. She was even a cheer leader for 2 years and wanted to do the flips, but quit because she thought everyone would laugh at her. Her sister signed her up for Biggest Loser and she sent out the biggest THANK YOU to her.

Allison then said that the 3 kids would not be on the ranch all season.  They would be there for a week to get their skills and information.  Then they would be home with contact with the trainers.  They won't be eliminated.

And then it was time to bring out the Super Heros fighting Obesity!  I heart Bob Harper! Dolvett!  And finally Jillian Michaels is BACK!  She has two kids now and struggled with obesity as a child. This is a big season for her.

The kids were teamed up with the trainers.  Bob and Bingo.  Dolvett and Lindsay.  Jillian and Sunny.

And then it was time to invite the 15 new contestants.  The auditorium was full of people.  If their name was called they were in.

First up was Michael. He is 34 and has a son, Mike Jr, who is 7 months. He is upset with himself because he is selfish with his fast food. He is putting his own wants in front of his son's needs.

Next is Lisa.  She is 36 and has 4 kids. She is also a special education assistant.  She spends all of her time taking care of other people. Now it's time to take care of herself.

Then it is Jackson's turn. LOVE HIM. He came screaming down the ramp like he was on Price is Right.  He is 21 and from Utah. In nineth grade he came out of the closet and it was a living hell for him. He was teased and tormented. He turned to food for comfort.  One day he looked at himself and said "What did you do? How did you let it get so out of hand?"

The next person they showed was TC.  He has tried to get on the show 5 times in the last 2 years. 3 years ago he was in a car accident. They were rear ended by a mobile home and his seat broke. He flew back and hit his son breaking his son's eye socket. He was just a toddler and had to have surgery. He has screws in his skull and a scar, but he's okay now. TC promised him me would lose the weight.
    *I am glad he tried so many times and didn't give up. I just hope that when people don't make these kinds of shows they don't give up. The shows are great, but you can do it on your own too.

TC wasn't called next.

Next was Nathan.  Nate wants to marry his girlfriend. He wants her to love the way he looks.

Then they just called name after name and I couldn't write them down fast enough.

When there was one spot left they called TC.

First workout is in the morning. Good luck everyone!

The teams were already assigned and lined up for the kids to give them out their shirts. For the record, they looked like nice new shirts. They looked like dryfit...which still show the sweat so still makes for good tv. haha.

Gotta say it. I was obsessed with Jillian's abs. She was sporting a white fitted half top. Her leggings were black with a neon yellow waist. She looked FABULOUS!  And lest we not forget Bob who was sporting the black knee socks...te he.

The sponsor of The Biggest Loser is Planet Fitness (my gym by the way) and each contestant was given a membership. Nice.

First up they decided that Dolvett would start training the kids.  Bob and Jillian would stay with the "grown ups". Right away Jillian was on her 10 people. She had them on the treadmill and told them that every time someone touched the hand rails she would add 5 minutes to the end of the 2 hour workout. They were dropping like flies.

Outside Dolvett was keeping the kids active. It's different training kids because you want them to have fun and get used to being active. He had them playing baseball.  He was also laughing because even outside he could hear Jillian yelling.

Periodically they would show other contestants stories. Gina is the oldest woman. She loves her job and her family, but she is constantly thinking about what would happen to her husband after she dies. She actually thinks about him marrying a younger woman. "It's sad when you are thinking about your husband's next wife."

Jillian's massacre continues.  Jackson passed out and the Medics had to help him. TC was struggling. Nate kept falling off of the treadmill. Jillian kicked him out. "I kept falling down. That was a metaphor for my whole life. I just wanted to stay up for once."

Cate is 27 and she lives with her parents. She is tired of living life on the sidelines.

Next up it was Bob's turn with the kids.  "This is the first generation where our children will not outlive their parents." Such a scary thought.

Nikki is 26. She is no stranger to eating disorders.  She would not eat, then binge, and then throw it up.  She is married and wants to have children, but can't until she loses weight.  She is struggling focusing in the first workout.

Pretty soon Jillian has kicked 3 of her team out: Nate, TC, and Nikki.  She talked to them about committing 100% otherwise there is no point of being there.

When it's Jillian's turn with the kids she tells them how she was picked on as a kid. This stunned them. They didn't realize that she was in their shoes at their age.  This gives them hope.  She also said that they will keep getting picked on until they believe in themselves.

After the workout Cate goes to talk to Nate and give him a pep talk. He is really down after day one and getting kicked out.

Time for the first Team Challenge. Winner gets a 5lb advantage.

There is a ball pit with letters at the top of giant poles. In the balls under the pole is a corresponding letter. The teams must spell out The Biggest Loser in order to win. The kids would be harnessed above and directing the teams to the letters.

Jillian's White team wins.

It's time for the kids to go home. They are sent home with bikes, active workout equipment, and iPads to communicate with their trainers. They didn't weigh them so I am not sure if they are in competition for the Biggest Loser or are just inspirational for all of America.

Time for the Last Chance Workout.

Pam, who is in all of the promos as battling it out with Jillian, keeps telling her team: Breathe in the positive, out the fear.  Love that!  Jillian tells her and Danni that they are safe during this workout. She is going after the 3 she kicked out on day one.

Dolvett's group is on the rowing machines. Jackson is throwing up left and right. "Everytime I throw up, I get right back on." LOVE IT!

Gina is not focused and Bob calls her off to the side. She says that she has a target on her back because she is the oldest and that makes her the weakest link.

Jillian's team comes up big in the gym. "I am really fudging happy today seeing what they are capable of after 2 1/2 hours in the gym".  She wasn't happy for long though. Nikki was still struggling. "I was ready for the hurt, not the emotions."  Jillian gives her the option to leave.  And she does. Bob is stunned and says that she'll be back. But, remember she had the eating disorders. There's a lot more going on there than time on the Ranch can fix.  She promises to see a therapist though. 

So now it's time for Weigh In. Tonight there is no Yellow line.  WHAT?  There is only a Red line.  The person with the lowest weight loss percentage on the losing team is automatically eliminated.

The White Team (Jillian's Team) won the challenge and they go first.
*TC started at 376 lbs and now weighs 361 lbs for a total of 15 lbs
*Pam started at 237 lbs and now weighs 227 lbs for a total of 10 lbs
*Nate started at 359 lbs and now weighs 339 lbs for a total of 20 lbs
*Danni started at 258 lbs and now weighs 239 lbs for a total of 19 lbs "HOLY CRAP!" **that's what she said and what I said in my head haha.
Their total was 5.61%

The Red Team (Dolvett's Team) went next. They needed to lose 80 lbs.
*Lisa started at 246 lbs and now weighs 230 lbs for a total of 16 lbs.
*Jackson started at 328 lbs and now weighs 306 lbs for a total of 22 lbs.
*Francelina started at 267 lbs and now weighs 248 lbs for a total of 19 lbs.
*Cate started at 237 lbs and now weighs 225 lbs for a total of 12 lbs.
*Joe started at 264 lbs and now weighs 338 for a total of 26 lbs.
They did it. Their total was 6.59%

The Blue Team (Bob's Team) went last. They needed 91 lbs.
*Jeff started at 388 lbs and now weighs 359 lbs for a total of 29 lbs.
*Michael started at 444 lbs and now weighs 423 lbs for a total of 21 lbs.
*David started at 307 lbs and now weighs 287 lbs for a total of 20 lbs.
*Alex started at 240 lbs and now weighs 231 lbs for a total of 9 lbs. She was very distraught.
*Gina started at 245 lbs and now weighs 230 lbs for a total of 15lbs. Bob said that she had been wrapping herself in a coat of fear.
They did it. Their total was 5.79%

The losing team was the White team.  TC was sent home. Jillian told him to remember who he was in the Last Chance Workout, not the the first workout. TC said that it was ending too soon, but he's changed. On day 1 he hated Jillian and now he couldn't ask for a better trainer. "The real me was in there. It feels good to let him out."

Today he is 320 lbs and has lost 41lbs. He is more active with his family instead of sitting and watching his wife play with the kids. They go for walks as a family.  He says he just has to push through the thoughts of being a failure since he lasted only just one week.  Hey, he's a winner in my book!

No time to waste!  The next episode is tonight.  It looks like it is moving from Tuesdays to Mondays.

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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