Monday, January 28, 2013

My Lifetime Movie Network Day

Happy Monday Bleeps!

So this morning when I woke up the forecast on the news was for an afternoon wintery mix and freezing rain. It was already snowing. After my two long long long weather related commutes last week I decided to work from home. 

Actually, it worked out for me. I went to bed last night alternating the heating pad and the massager on my shoulder and lower back. I looked super cute and not at all sad.  A day sitting in bed sounded really good.

The problem is that I wasn't moving around as much as I should. I drank water like crazy, but I think I am dehydrated. My fingers are swollen and I have not needed the ladies room nearly as much as I should have.I have gotten in my 8 cups of 8 oz of water.  I feel like a camel. Where is it going if it ain't coming out?

Not having anyone to talk to all day I turned to Lifetime.  Well the Lifetime Movie Network to be precise. There wasn't anything on that I wanted to watch on the other channels. That's when I found Calendar Girls on LMN. Oh how I love this movie and Ms. Helen Mirren. I haven't seen it in forever.

It's based on the true story of some ladies a little later on in life (although not much later than me now...bah) who pose for a calendar to raise money to buy a couch  for the Leukemia ward at the hospital where one of the ladies lost her husband. The kicker is that they are going to be nude in the pictures. There will be objects placed in front of the delicacies, but they are still showing their bodies. And all I'm thinking when I watch this is that forget when I am their age. I would like their bodies now!  Who knows. When I reach my goal maybe I will put out one of those calendars to raise money. haha.

As soon as that movie was over, a movie I had never seen came on.  It was called Lying to Be Perfect.  The previews were of 3 larger ladies who make a pact to lose weight. It starred Poppy Montgomery, who is stunning and skinny. That means fat suits.

I was not planning on watching, but I was too lazy to grab the remote.  And then I was truly outraged at the beginning. She works for a magazine surrounded by the skinny beautiful people. She however, is heavier...and might I add sloppy. Why do they always have to portray heavier people as messy and unkempt?

In the beginning this tiny little thing is walking down the hall with a plate of donuts for a meeting. In the meeting someone pushes the plate towards her and within seconds she is shoving a powdered donut down her throat and getting powder all over herself.

Her character, Nola, wants to be a writer, not an editor, but she is told that she is not a "face" of the magazine.  So she makes up a persona to answer letters and soon her column is saving the magazine and they are going to print a book.

She has two other larger friends and they decide to start a pact together, a Cinderella Pact. They will diet and exercise together. I was sad when the one friend said that her family always goes away for vacation and her kids don't choose the beach because she won't be comfortable in a bathing suit. She just wants to be with her family doing normal family things. I hear ya sister!

So they come up with a plan.  They will workout together. They will get rid of their secret stashes.  They will have weekly weigh-ins.  And what I liked best is that they will each choose a symbol. One chooses the color red. She wears all dark clothes and wants something bright. And one chooses a bikini. Nola doesn't pick one.

Of course there is a love story.  Nola accidentally bumps into a guy and blah blah blah he asks her if she wants to join him for a drink.  While they are out his crazy ex-girlfriend comes in.  "You broke up with me so you could date this fat lady?" CRINGE!  He says they are over and she responds "It's not over until she sings." Okay so I cheered when Nola punched her.

So throughout the course of the movie the girls are losing weight. While the other girls are embracing their new bodies, Nola is still dressing a little dowdy. Now I know this has to do with the big reveal at the end of the movie, but argh. One of the friends tells her that it's time to find clothes that fit. They will not be "back of the closet girls anymore."

I won't ruin the movie in case you want to watch it.  I will say I was still very annoyed at the beginning, but I was really happy with some of the messages that came out throughout the movie. Just kind of sucks that it was a beautiful skinny actress in a fat suit that starred in it. Although I know it's unrealistic to expect someone to lose the weight during filming.   Anyway, that was my day.

So sadly I am missing my Book Club meeting tonight.  But, the good news is that I will be able to watch The Biggest Loser. HOLLA!

Have a Blessed Night.

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