Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creating Balance in my Life

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Sometimes I am just  overwelmed with my schedule. I know that I try to get a lot done in the day, but I also know how important it is to get some ME time in there. It can come in the form of reading or knitting or sitting and enjoying a  cup of tea. I need time to clear my head.  Luckily I am getting a LOT of ME time in the car after the move. Unfortunately, I can't actually knit while I drive. Gotta love those long commutes.  Generally on my way in I am focusing on waking up and on my way home I am coming up with To Do lists in my head.

Sunday morning I was driving to church, it's now 45-60 minutes away, and I was having some clear thoughts. Sometimes my GO GO GO is because I am so afraid of gaining the weight back. I have to be adament about work out time because I am afraid of getting lazy and fat again.  This was fine at first. It got me into my routine. I also didn't have as much going on in my life when I started. Now I need to find the balance.

I am a schdule person so I am now putting everything on my schedule at the beginning of the week.   Big thank you to Ms. Kerri to introducing me to my Google Calendar...LUVS IT!  If I put down "Rest time" then I have to rest. If I put "Gym - cardio/abs" then I go to the gym and do cardio and abs.  If I put Study then I have to study.  If it's on the calendar, I am more likely going to do it. And it alerts me on my phone so there's no forgetting.

Okay so I may have gone a little crazy with it, but I sat and thought things through. There are only a handful of TV shows that I really watch so I marked them on my calendar. I can knit during those shows and take a mental break.

If I let things go I can always come up with an excuse for not doing something.  So it's really up to me to get it done. Seriously, why have I not taken the Personal Trainer Certification Exam yet?  Well okay, that is also partially financial. But, I am not travelling now and Christmas is over now. I will file my taxes ASAP and schedule it as soon as I get my refund.  BOOM.  Problem solved. Now I need to focus on studying for it.

I sat down and thought about everything going on in my life right now. Training for the next Half Marathon. Getting ready for the Fitness Competition. Studying for the Certification Exam. Helping Grandmom get ready to move. Going away for Polar Plunge weekend. Prepping workout programs for people. Knitting scarves for pledge donors. Choir and Lent events are about to start up for Church. Oh yeah and there's the old work and commute factor. If I go to the gym after work then I am out of the house at 6:45 and not getting home until 7:30.  That's with just an hour at the gym.  It's alot. And seriously, it's enough to bring on another meltdown. So it's time to prioritize.

First of all, Church takes precedence for me. I try to keep religion and politics out of the blog, but if you read it regularly you know that it is a large part of my life. My relationship with God is extremely important to me. Every morning I start the day with my daily prayers, bible reading, and daily verse reading. For me this starts my day off in a positive way. Personally, I do not like to miss service on Sunday. So often the Sermon message feels like it is directed at me personally.  And goodness how I love to sing. Sunday mornings are my calm mornings. It calms me and recharges me for the rest of the week. It's also why I like to stay off of the computer on Sundays. Every so often you need a break from the chaos.

Next, I want this certification. I trust my body enough that I can finish the Half marathon. I need this certification for me. This has to be my priority. This is how I am going to change my life and help people. And possibly, this is how I will find my way back to North Carolina like originally planned.

Part of the reason why I moved where I did recently was to be closer to friends family. So if I am needed or if there is a chance to see them I will take it. It's that simple. It's not all of the time. Sometimes it's once a week, but that's okay.

I trust my body for the Half marathon because I truly believe that my issue at the last one was because of the temperature drop. But, I will still follow my lighter training schedule. Twice a month I will hit the old gym after church and put in 8-10 miles. Honestly, the race is in two months so I do need to get a couple of those in.  But, I'm not trying to impress anyone. I am not killing myself to improve my time. I am doing this for a cause and I just want to enjoy myself and finish. Life would be great if I had 3-4 hours a day to train and workout, but that's not my reality. I work. Hopefully, I can get more of that time when I am a trainer. See, that's another reason why the certification has to be my priority.

Okay, the fitness competition has not actually begun there's no rush on this. Except that I don't want to have a poor initial assessment. If I were "playing the game" I would throw the assessment, but Hell to the NO!  I want my initial assessment to be on track with my final assessment last time. I am raising the bar. I want to push myself that much higher for my final assessment.

So as much as I would love to go to the gym every night, I also need to come home for yoga once a week. My body needs it for the flexibility and my mind needs it for the meditation. Plus, if I am home earlier I can get other things done. Try as I might, my laundry has yet to do itself.  Or it can be my night to pamper myself with a mani-pedi at home. Whatever I want. That's My night of ME.

The ironic thing is that one of my incentives to go to the gym every night is to see new Gym Crush Big Dude. He is fun to watch.  But, what would happen if he did actually ask me out right now? NO TIME!  So now I am making time. If he so chooses to ask, I am fairly certain I can make the time now. That's a good thing. :-)

Before I go, I have a few updates:

Autism Fundraising: $247!!  WOO WOO almost halfway there

Special Olympics fundraising: $55 met my pledge and will plunge in a bikini...oh joy you better believe I doubled my ab time tonight...and I may need to work in some tanning time too.

Yoga is starting at work on 1/31!!!!

Have a Blessed Night my friends.

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