Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Graduation Party, Pizza night at the Gym, and a Massage...ahhh

Hello my Lovelies and Gents!  I have missed you!

I'm sorry that it's been a while, but life got in the way.  It's okay though.  Lots of good things. 

Before we get started though I want to ask if you have seen what I have seen....Dunkin Donuts Oreo Coolattas...OMG every time the commercial comes on I stop what I am doing and just start drooling.  I want to try one soooooooooo bad.  I will hold off until after the Final Assessment though.  That will be my reward...but I'm fairly certain it will be true love and that I will want to marry it.  Just sayin..

So Friday night was my last regular night with Gym Buddy Lisa :-(  I am happy for her, but she is moving.  Actually, by now she has moved.  I will still see her on Sundays for church and possible workouts.  And we are talking about meeting at the other gym once a week or every other week to work out together.  Plus, she won't be super far from me at work so we can meet up for a healthy lunch every now and then.  YEAH!

Saturday I got up early to pick up my mom, grandmom, and great aunt before heading up to the mountains for my Cousin Keeley's graduation party.  We had a storm the night before which kept waking me up so I opted for a little extra sleep in the morning.  This threw off my breakfast schedule.  I had planned on stopping at Subway for an eggwhite sandwich, but I settled for a protein bar.  By the time we got to the first rest stop I was ready to chew my arm off. First stop: Starbucks for caffeine (as I was also falling asleep) and an impulse cookie.  DOH!  I knew I shouldn't have because there would be cake at the party, but being hungry makes you dumb.  We also went into the little convenient mart and got string cheese and a luna bar (oatmeal raisin walnut).  I was finally satisfied and on the road we went.

By the time we got there it was well after lunch and after a long drive you know that when you smell food that is all you can think about. I smelled burgers! I always feel like Homer Simpson when he drools for donuts when I smell burgers...mmm...burgers... Before I grabbed my burger though, I filled my plate with salad and fruit. Then One burger and a bottle of water.

I took my time eating and was full after, but as with any party, there were snacks on the table.  My table had fruit at one end and nacho chips with salsa at the other end.  The only empty seats were by the nachos.  I was not hungry, but I found myself out of habit grabbing chips and dipping them.  After 5 minutes I had to get up and go somewhere else.

Well you know me and you know how much water I drink.  So that meant many many trips to the bathroom.  I had to pass through the kitchen and someone had brought a new dish...intrigued I grabbed a plate.  I am happy to report that my Aunt got the ingredients for me:

*Drained Chick Peas
*Roasted red peppers
*Feta Cheese
*Red wine vinegar
*Olive oil
*there was a seasoning too...not sure what that was though...experiment!

OMG it was delicious.  I even got to bring the leftovers home.  YUM!  I couldn't help myself when I got my plate and I grabbed a hot dog too. 

A few bathroom trips later (I told you that I drink a LOT of water) I noticed that the cake had been cut...hello...so I grabbed a small piece.  Usually I go for a corner piece slathered in icing, but I took a small piece from the middle.  A little while later my cousin came out with a bag of creme filled caramels...my eyes got HUGE!  They were my favorite as a kid.  I would lick out the creme and then suck on the caramel until it melted.  *Hanging my head....I ate 3...but that's still better than the bags full that the former Fat Girl would have had*

Before we left we needed to eat dinner so I had a second burger and a second helping of the chick pea salad.  I wouldn't normally have a two burger day, but it was getting late and the other option was fast food and you know how I feel about that.  Bah!

It was a lovely day and I seemed to survive 6+ hours in the car without feeling bloated.  I was not thrilled with my sweets intake and my double burger day, but I also compensated with lots of water and veggies.  It was a planned cheat day, but it's hard to even plan that well when you have no control over the menu.  I'm not mad though.  When I saw myself slipping I would just get up and take a walk around.

Sunday was another lovely day.  I went to the gym after church and killed it on the bike.  I think I'm ready for the Tour De France now!  I immediately ran home for a shower because I was meeting my mom and grandmom for lunch and then a movie.

We opted to go to Panera for lunch before the movie instead of after.  This way we would be less hungry and therefore would just walk by the refreshment stand on our way to the theater. I got my strawberry poppyseed salad, turkey avocado blt, and apple.  It was good and filling.

But, when we walked by the popcorn I still yearned for some.  I didn't get any, but OH how I wanted it.  I also smuggled my left over lime diet coke in because I knew water was not going to be my friend.  I drank a ton of water at the gym and didn't want to spend the whole movie going to the ladies room to pee (I only went once :-) PS- The movie was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Hilarious!

I was very proud that I survived the movie and then the next stop was Target for some grocery shopping. It was HOT HOT HOT I tell you!  You know I want ice cream or something soothing.  They have a starbucks and I caved.  I got a tall Strawberries and cream frappacino.  But, I made it a soy one. I can't taste the difference.  Still chock full of sugar, but no heavy cream.  It was yummy.

I ventured out and picked up a few new items: roasted pine nut hummus, 8grain pita bread (to eat with the hummus), Vanilla light and fit yogurt, fresh strawberries to put in said yogurt.  I was feeling pretty darn good...and let me tell you, I have enjoyed my lunch immensely this week!

So yesterday I was sitting at work trying to figure out what I wanted to do at the gym at night when it hit me.  It's the first Monday of the the month...Pizza night. DAMN IT!  This pisses me off so much. There are many things I like about Planet Fitness, but this is NOT one of them.
Then as my day went on it was just full of stress.  I started to think "Well maybe I could have just one slice.  It's a free meal."  And then I got really angry with myself for even thinking about it. Bah!

But, then my day got better.  My friend Danielle called and asked me to come over to her mom's and she would give me a long overdue massage.  Twist my arm.  I'm so excited.  She is so good at it and is focusing on it as a career again and she's going to do so well.  My massages always turn into therapy sessions for us though. lol.

She spent the whole hour working on my back and shoulders.  It was rough.  You could probably work on that knot for a week straight and it would still be there, but it feel so much better.  And so I am staying off of upper body weights for a few days.  No need to ruin it.

So tonight the plan was to bike and then treadmill for a little while...I killed it on the bike.  I should probably mention that I have a stress fracture in my right foot which is why I have been focusing on the bike.  It's less impact on the foot than the treadmill.  I have my half marathon in just over two months.  I have GOT to rest it.  Argh.  But, I am a beast on the bike.  Tonight was 18 miles in 45 minutes.

My reward: Gym Crush 1!  No wait, I moved him to 3...I think...what the heck number did I give him again?  I can't think straight....YUM..Gym Crush 1 the Original!  Grrr.....he makes me drool.  Tonight he worked on his chest...THANK YOU!

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