Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seriously, I sweat!

Hey there Bleeps,

Well I am back!  I feel much better after yesterday. The heat doesn't usually bother me this much and you know how much water I drink so I was getting a little freaked out.  And then I remembered two things: 1) my body is freakin tired. Not only have my workouts been intense, but I've been on the go every weekend for months.  Even my days off are booked solid and 2) it was that time of the month...bah!

Boys feel free to skip this paragraph.....go ahead...see below...I sweat!  It's just a fact.  I sweat a lot.  My butt sweats.  My butt sweats a lot!  I generally have to use a heavy duty panty liner for the gym.  Wanna know why?  I forgot to do that yesterday and I had a small one on. When I was in the bathroom after I freaked out.  I had sweated so much that the adhesive had completely come off. BAH! I couldn't find it at first, but eventually I was making its way up a butt cheek.  I was lucky that it didn't fall off and down my leg (as has happened before).  I don't even want to think about how embarrassing that would have been in a 5k....(I share these things so that when this craziness happens to you, you don't feel alone...and to embarrass my mom).

Welcome back boys! So this morning I went to the gym after church with gym buddy Lisa.  She moved last week and I am only seeing her on Sundays until we get into a routine to meet up every so often during the week.  We had discussed going today, but when I got up I really just wanted to make today a rest day.  Now that I don't have my Wednesday nights booked for church (summer vacation and all) I don't have a set Rest day.  So I have to think about when I have it.  And today seemed like as good a time as any.  The last one was last monday.

But, as I was getting ready I got the text that Lisa packed her gym back. HOLLA!  Okay, I'm going too.  She asked what I felt like doing.  I was thinking light on the cardio and then some weights.  So we opted to start with 20 minutes.  I was fine.  I actually could have gone another hour.  YEAH! I was getting worried yesterday.  I drank so much water and I really wasn't peeing.  I was completely dehydrated.  Luckily, I woke up around 5am completely hydrated!  It was my most favorite pee ever!

Lisa took a horseback riding lesson on Friday and it really worked her legs.  So we opted to do legs and then finish up with a little upper body. Happy to report that I upped my weights on Quads and Glutes.  I'm maxing out on 200 for the thighs right now.  Not sure how much higher I want to go on them while I'm in training for the Half.

I loved that Lisa wanted to go up on all of her weights too.  She was all over strengthening. Go Lisa!

After our legs we hit the triceps and biceps.  My triceps are beasts and my biceps are in pretty good shape....but I still upped the weights on each. YEAH!  While we were there I pointed out a potential new gym crush 4. Haven't seen the other 4 in forever and this guy and I have been working the same machines for while.  He was over in the ab area and Lisa was quick to lead us over to the machine next to him next.  She's so pushy. lol. It's the ab coaster.  I like it, but I feel like I use my arms more than my abs when I use it, but I was happy for the view. And then I saw it.  I shall still admire, but I cannot assign him the gym crush title. I don't mind tattoos at all.  Really I don't.  I find some extremely sexy.  But, he has a tattoo of a naked lady on his forearm.  It's a rear shot and really, you know how I feel about my Butt. I can't compete with a tattoo of a perfect one.  Dang it!

Alright kids I have some things to get done before bed...I will share them later in the week :-)  But, for now I shall sign off.  Sweet dreams!

****Please note****
If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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