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Nutrition Seminar - Part 2

Nutrition Seminar Part 2

When we last left off I was about to talk about reading labels.  Have you been on the edge of your seat?  I am a lot better at looking at labels now, but I still have a hard time figuring out just what exactly am looking at.  Sometimes I focus on the protein.  Sometimes it’s the calories.  Lately I have been watching the sodium.
It’s hard to do this without the sample from the power point to show you, but I will do the best that I can.
When you look at your labels there are some things to consider.
*Fat – 9Kcal for 1 gram of fat
*Carbohydrate – 4 kcal for 1 gram of Carbs
*Protein – 4 kcal for 1 gram of protein

You daily numbers to keep in mind:
*Sugars 30-45 per day
*Sodium 1500mg per day (I have seen salads that are over that…what the heck are they putting in it?)
*Fiber 25g per day

I have mentioned this before, but check the serving size first.  Lots of drinks are 2.5 servings.  If you aren’t looking, what you thought was a 200 calorie drink is suddenly 500 calories.
Look at the calories from fat.  The closer the numbers are to Calories, the higher the fat content.
Get in the habit of reading your labels.
So now we will break down your general food information:
What are good sources of Protein:
                *Chicken, fish, poultry, lean red meat, egg whites, legumes, dairy (skim milk, cottage cheese)
What are good carbohydrates:
                *whole wheat/grain, pasta, bread, cereals, dairy (yogurt, low fat milk), Fruits and Veggies
Okay, so often the excuse for not eating healthy is because there’s not enough time or it’s too expensive.  Poppycock!  There are ways to be smart about it.
Let’s make things easy for you.  If you are busy or your life is hectic, then try the following:
                *Lunch ideas for the work week
                                -Leftovers (chili with lean turkey…I put it in the crockpot on Sunday night and then I have several meals all week already prepared….toss in some greek yogurt instead of sour cream if it’s too spicy).
                                -Soup and sandwich
                                -Tuna or chick salad with light dressing and rice

                *Mid morning and late afternoon snacks
                                -Whole grain pretzels
                                -Baked chips and salsa
                                -Cottage cheese
                                -Rice cakes & peanut butter
                                -crackers & peanut butter
                                -unbuttered/unsalted popcorn

Do you have a sweet tooth like me?  Here are some healthy dessert options:
                                -Low fat ice cream
                                -low fat/fat free/low sugar puddings (add some like or fat free cool whip…I like to keep mine in the freezer)
                                -low fat cookies

Now let’s tackle the expensive part. 
                                -Buy things in bulk (Costco, BJs, etc)
                                -Use reusable plastic containers instead of baggies
                                -Prepare food ahead of time and freeze it in smaller portions. No  leftovers to throw out.
                                -Frozen veggies are cheaper than fresh so alternate
                                -Pack your lunches for work. Going out for lunch every day is expensive.

Vitamins and Supplements
I love this fact: If you have a well balanced diet, most likely you don’t need supplements.  It’s so true!  And so expensive (it’s a $61 billion a year industry)!  People are constantly asking me what vitamins I am taking.  None.  I get it from my food.
The Essentials that you need are: D, C, E, Beta Caratene, B, K, and Iron
D- Dairy, Fatty Fish (Tuna & Salmon), and Sunlight
C- Fruit
E- Nuts, leafy veggies
K- Broccoli
Beta Caratene – Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Pumpkin
Iron- Meat, Chicken Fish

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