Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Random Tuesday

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you had a wonderful day.  I'm just glad it's over.  Only one more day until Ms. Kerri comes back! YEAH!!!  I was so busy today and had tunnel vision that I looked up and it was lunch time...and I had barely had anything to drink all day.  BAH!

I made myself leave the building and go to the mall for lunch.  I just needed to take a break and distance myself for a bit. I went to Starbucks for a tall vanilla chai latte.  I just needed something to calm me.  And then I thought, hey why not go to DSW and take a look at the sneakers.  I need to get my new pair soon in order to break it in for the Half Marathon...and I can't rely on actually winning the fitness competition.  Heck, I don't even really know what the prize is.  I'm just going on what FCANR said it was the past couple of years...and well he tends to mess with me so who knows what it could be.  So if I find my reebok realflex (I really should be a paid endorsement) on sale then I am getting them....I got them!  Oh and they are PRETTY!  They are hot pink with white soles and bright yellow trim.  I heart them!

I did not break them in at the gym tonight.  I did go, but I wanted them to make their debut with a good outfit (maroon and black was not the right one).  Besides, I wasn't sure how much running I would do tonight. I tried a little running tonight and my knees started to hurt so I cut back to walking. I will have to go back to at least a day in between.

Okay, so I know that my focus has changed.  I am cutting back on the weights and upping the cardio. The Fitness Competition is over and I am back in Half-Marathon training.  I know that I was sick for a week and out of the gym.  I know this.  But, I can see a difference in my body and I don't like it.  So now I have to figure out what to do.  Should I go back to weight training and just train to walk the Half?  It's kind of what I'm leaning towards.  It's been two weeks since my last big weights day and my arms are not as tight.  My belly is not as tight.  My legs are not as tight. I miss that. All I can think of is when a professional athlete retires and they gain a little weight.  People are so shocked.  I have never understood this.  Maybe it's because people don't want to think about how much time these athletes are training every day.  When they cut back of course their body is going to change shape.  Now I am in no way putting myself in that category.  I am just saying that I was going all out for so long that just a little time off after makes a difference.

This is why I get so focused and push myself. It's such hard work. It takes lots of time. I get so frustrated when I see people putting in 30 minutes here and 30 minutes there.  That's not enough. It needs to be consistent.  30 minutes is fine, if you do it every day. When I reach my goal then I can afford to cut back and keep a maintenance schedule.  But, that time is not now.

I've been really thinking about the type of Personal Trainer that I want to be.  I'm going to need to be involved in my clients lives.  I can't just be the type of person that trains you for a couple of hours a week and takes your money.  I need to know my clients' schedules. What are they eating?  What are they doing to make progress in their own time. I need to impress the importance of making this a priority.  The importance of making the time and getting out there even when you don't feel like it.  It's not going to happen with positive thoughts and good intentions.  It requires work.  Hard work.  But, it's sooooooooo worth it.

I have given myself goals and this blog to hold myself accountable.  But, it took me a while to get here too.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I didn't get to 200lbs overnight and it's not going to come off overnight. Now I could have gone to extremes to drop the weight fast, but if I don't do it at my slow healthy pace then it was going to come right back.

How many times did I drop 10lbs in a couple of weeks on some fad diet?  Too many times to count.  But then I would stop and the 10lbs would come back and they would bring friends.

And speaking of friends, they have been so important.  Finding the right support system has been key.  In the beginning it was hard.  Some friendships didn't make it. If I felt that a friendship was toxic for me then I had to distance myself.  Some friends have been terribly supportive and I light up when I get a text or a phone call "You would be so proud of me...guess what I ate/did today".  It took a while to help motivate some people, but it was worth it.  I cannot wait to get certified and find my clients.

The only problem is that I am finding it hard to study during the Olympics.  BAH!  I am an Olympics junky.  Right now I am screaming at the tv in exitement for the Women's Gymnastics team. Good lord I wish I was that talented.  My heart broke last night watching the Men's team.  They are so strong and talented, but had a bad night. But, I see them coming back in the individuals rounds.

Okay kids, Michael Phelps is coming up soon so I gots to get ready to cheer.

Have a blessed night.

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