Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition - Mike

Happy Fourth of July!

Did you get to see Extreme Makeover?  It was another moving episode.  This week we met Mike.  Mike is 28 and said he weighed 300lbs.  He has never had a girlfriend and he rarely went out.  His family all lives on his street so he would go there only.

He has a wonderful loving family and would often stop at each house for food before coming home.  :-(  He lives with his brother who constantly worried about his health.  He worried about the day that he would wake up and his brother wouldn't :-(

So Chris makes the announcement that he is on the show and off they go.  Time for weigh in.  Remember the "300" lbs?  Well he's actually 493.

One of the things that Mike said in the beginning hit me hard: It's easy to hide behind the laughter, but being 500lbs is not funny.

At his first workout he started off great.  But then Chris said that he was stalling.  He said the sad thing is that Mike was giving 75%, but in his mind he was giving 100%.  The excuses and stalling were so bad that Chris actually walked out of the workout.  Of course he was given a second chance.

So when they go back home (can Chris come live with me for 3 months???????), Mike's dream of competing in an Ironman competition is revealed.   He had competed in a mini triathlon and come in last....I smell a challenge coming on soon.

Chris reveals that the first goal (3 months) is 120lbs. If he makes it, then they will set him up with a dating coach/matchmaker.  His ultimate goal is to lose half of his body weight and hit 245.

My favorite part of the episode is that his family also pledges to lose weight.  They each pledge an amount.  They pledge to lose a total of 500lbs.  They pledge to lose a Mike!

*Tip - Sit and stand up for squats*

He's doing very well during his first few months that Chris brings in a special workout for him.  He and his brother were big Wrestling fans growing up so Chris brings in the Wrestling Divas to show him a workout.  It was kind of cute seeing him lift one of them like they were nothing.

Okay, so how does he do at the 3 month weighin?  He hits it exactly!  He loses 120lbs.  AWESOME!

His 6 month goal is 70lbs...and his challenge is that he and Chris will compete in a Triathlon.

But first, he gets some time with the dating coach.  She puts him through a little speed dating round and he looks comfortable and seems to be doing okay.  He even gets one girl's number. The coach tells him after that she had the girls rate him.  He came off as charming and funny, but his sex appeal was a 3.8.  And sadly, their first impression: Heavy.

He doesn't lose hope though and soon he is going out on his first date.  His friends set him up and they are going to play Miniature Golf!  I LOVE IT!!!!  It's one of my favorite date places.

Things go very well and soon the lovely lady is his girlfriend.  That's great for his self confidence, but is his new social life getting in the way of his goals?  Chris is monitoring the tapes and a little worried.

His 6 month goal was to hit 303 lbs.  He only hit 317.  He was 14lbs shy.

So Chris gave him the option of backing out of the race.  He is worried about his size, but Mike says he wants to do it.  GO MIKE!

Mike's goal was to finish in 6 hours.  Chris wanted him to finish in 5.  After the first 1.5K swim and the 40K bike ride they were 3 hours into it.  With only the 10K run left how would they do?  AWESOME!  He finished in 4:20.  Go Mike!

I wrote this down, but I don't remember when he said it...I am thinking after the triathlon: How far can you push yourself to make a change that means something?  I love that!

So the Phase 3 goal is to lose 50lbs.  If he makes it then he gets his skin removal surgery.  They don't really show much, but they do show that he walks a lot with his family. Good stuff!

Alright, the goal is 267lbs.  He nailed it!  He actually weighed 261.  The cutest part is that when he walked in the door to see Chris he was wearing a jacket that Chris had left at his place.  He was wearing Chris Powell's jacket!  He went from a 4X to fitting in Chris' large.  AWESOME!!!!

One thing I noticed as he was moving through phases was how tan he was getting. The guy lives in Florida and was so pale at 500lbs.  He never went outside.  Now he's out there enjoying himself. 

When you lose that much weight so drastically you are left with lots of extra skin.  His skin was actually hurting his back.  He would find himself lifting his belly skin and resting it on the counter to give his back some relief :-(  Luckily he qualified so they can help him.

So here comes the big reveal....Mike is smokin hot!  I think we knew he would be though. Before they weigh him though his family announces their numbers.  They lost a whopping 442lbs!  GO FAMILY!  It's all about your support system.

So time for the weigh in: 238!  He lost 255lbs.  Awesome!!!!

In his follow up a few months later he is in Maui for a speaking engagement.  He talks about his journey and is comfortable in front of people.  He also reveals a few things.  First, he is training for a Half Ironman.  YEAH!  Second, he and his girlfriend broke up, but they are still friends.  Third, he is finding himself.  I can totally relate.  You really do become a brand new person and it takes some getting used to :-)

****Please note****
If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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