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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Ashley

Alright kids I have four pages of notes from last night's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  So let's get crackin!

Last night we met Ashley from Rancho Cucamonga....seriously I am a nerd because that makes me giggle every time.  Ashley was a Cosmetology student living at home and turning 20 when Chris Powell announced that he was going to help her.  I was so glad.  My heart broke for her during her story.  One of her first comments was "No one should be ashamed of who they are." AMEN SISTER!

She is the only one in her family that is big.  In one picture from when she was younger she was laying down and her brothers and sisters were all sitting around on her butt. She felt like they were trying to hide her.

She was 180lbs overweight and loved to shop...but window shop only.  Very sad for someone who wants to break in to the cosmetology field.

She asks her family not to keep the dangerous food around. But they don't take her seriously.  She tells them that it's an addiction.  The response is that she should be stronger.  That pisses me off so much.  You don't keep heroin in the cabinet for a drug addict.  It's the same damn thing!

So her first weigh in is at 323.  She has a long way to go...but with Chris Powell on her side I believe she can get it done!

The first Tip of the night was The Rule of 6.  It's okay to do the same workout several days in a row, but 6 is the max. Then it's time to switch it up.

When Ashley meets with the doctors for the first time they talk about the amount of fat that she has in her body.  She has the equivalent of 5 water jugs full of fat.  Can you imagine carrying that around all day?  Just think what that is doing to your body.

The second Tip of the night was to keep frozen fruits and veggies on hand at all times.  Fresh is still preferred, but frozen means you can have it for a while without worrying about it going bad.

Alright, so the 3 month goal is to lose 80lbs.  If she can get down to 243lbs then Chris will get her an apartment.

What would it be like to have Chris Powell live with you for 3 months?  OH HOW I WANT TO KNOW!  My favorite part of the show was him waking her up by playing the guitar and singing....*dreamy*

Ashley's parents divorced when she was young.  Her father was a drug addict and her mother kicked him out.  Every little girl misses her dad no matter what the circumstances.  But, his addiction kept him from giving her the love and support that she needed.

My heart broke at the lack of support from her family.  Her mom would unplug her exercise equipment.  When she videotaped what the family was eating they would yell  that she was trying to make them look trying about it.  They ate like crap.

Chris called a family meeting, but it didn't get any better.  So he took Ashley to a hotel for a week.  With no family distractions she finally hit a double digit loss. After that week he sat down with Ashley and her mom.  He talked about the other kids bringing in junk food.  Her mom got very defensive and when Chris suggested a cupboard check she was completely offended.  She was not supportive of the prize being an apartment, but Chris countered with "What's worse? Being alone or being in a house with a trigger?"

So time for the weigh in- 255lbs.  She was 12lb shy.  No apartment.

So for phase 2 Chris offered to get her therapy.  Without him in the house she would have no one on her side.  She jumped at it.  Her goal for the next weigh in: 50lbs.  The challenge...well he wouldn't tell her but her hint was: Hike, Volcano, and Hawaii.

Happily a friend offered her a place to live and she moved out.  She needed this so badly.  She needed to get out of that house.  She blossomed "A lot of things are changing, not only on the outside, but on the inside too."

So time for the weigh in - The Goal was 205lbs.  She hit 217.  Once again she fell short, but she made so many changes that things were looking up....and HELLO!  She's going to Hawaii with Chris Powell.  Lucky LUCKY girl!

At the weigh in Chris asked how her relationships were.  First with her mom.  So much better.  Now that they have separate space they can enjoy their time together.  Second with her dad. She had mentioned that Chris was like the father figure that she never had...awww.  She did meet up with her dad again.  She had always wondered "Why couldn't he get over his addiction?" She knows now and forgives him.  She's battling her own.

When they got to Hawaii she was ready for her hike, but there was a catch.  She was to do it alone.  She did and had a lot of time to think and reflect on herself (reminded me of my Half training).  So when she got to the top of the volcano the way down was by zip line.  She freaked and I don't blame her.  I don't care how much weight it "can" hold, I would forever be in fear that mine would be the one that breaks it.

So her phase 3 goal was to get down to 190.  She needs to lose 27lbs for the skin removal surgery.  She she shows up for the weigh in she brings her old cosmetology uniform.  It was a 3XL and was tight.  Now she is fitting in her sister's small jacket.  My favorite moment was when she said "I can't change my mom, dad, or sisters.  I can only change myself."

So did she do it?  You betcha!  She nailed it.  The goal was 190 and she hit 179.  "I love myself now, I didn't love myself before.  Looking back on this year, it's the year my life truly started."

The final weigh in was going to be in Las Vegas for her 21st birthday.  Her two older sisters celebrated their 21st there, but she was too embarrassed to go for herself.  She was ashamed to look in the mirror, and now she can't stop.  I hear ya sister! I can't walk by without taking a look myself.

So the goal was to lose 164.  Her final weigh in was 167.  She lost 156 total...but she's still a winner!

So in the update we learn that she is now a Personal Trainer...LUCKY!!!!  And she's dating and having fun.  Heck, she's 21! That's what she should be doing!

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