Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final Assessment Numbers: Good day/Bad day

Happy Thursday Bleeps!

Before I start, let me just say that I need to pack for the beach tonight so this may be a bit rushed.  I also feel a little pressure because another book I requested just came in at the library and I haven't even opened the one that I picked up a few weeks ago.  I have not read anything in a week (and that includes my textbook). That ought to tell you that I was not in my right mind this week (but I am breathing now!)

So it was a good and a bad day.

Good because I got to hang with Gym Buddy Lisa at the gym tonight.  Bad because once again I could not breathe at work.  Good because I had an unexpected lunch outing with a coworker.  Bad because I was blowing out neon green snot all day.  Good because I got my butt to the gym tonight.  Bad because I didn't see any gym crushes.  Good because we got our final assessment numbers.  Bad because we got our final assessment numbers.

Relax...we still don't know who won.  I know of one person who went for her assessment today.  And one of my teammates still needs to take hers.  She promised to let me know when hers is scheduled.

So when I looked at my numbers I was pretty impressed.  The problem, I have no idea how anyone else did.  Ms. Barb is on vacation so you know I had to immediately call on FCANR (Fitness Competition Arch Nemesis Ryan).  Here's how the conversation went:

FCANR: What was your number?

Me: 107

FCANR: That's good.  Not quite as good as my 110, but good.

*Is this what a brain aneurysm feels like?  WHAT?  I busted my ass.  How did he beat me?  What could I have done differently?  Bah! I'm seeing spots...I need to sit...oh wait I am sitting?*

Me: That's not cool.  I even gave you those 5 bonus points.  Dang it!

FCANR: It's okay, I don't think I even submitted that answer.

Me: (Silent)

FCANR: I'm just kidding.  That's not my number.  

*I'm going to go all spider monkey on his butt when I see him*

FCANR: I didn't even submit my workout schedule and events.  I asked Alex if it was even worth it at this point.

*Deep breaths*

About an hour later...when my blood pressure was back to normal I told him to submit his schedule.  I told him that I want to beat him fair and square.  I don't want any *.  Gotta respect that. :-)

So then this afternoon I got too curious and asked for his numbers.  He's been my target for this whole competition.  I kinda wanted to know how my numbers matched up next to his.

FCANR: 50  Me: 48

FCANR: 75  Me: 62 (but remember I had maxed out and stopped because I was hitting the gym that night)

FCANR: 2:00  Me: 3:01

HOLLA!  I was pretty Psyched.  And then he mentioned that his Body Fat % went from Athletic to Lean.  What?  I didn't have anything like that on mine.  So I looked and looked and then I figured something out.  Mine was AVG + for Initial and final. I thought that was decent...until I went back and reread the initial email.  The order is: Lean, Athletic, Good, Average, Average +, Poor.  I'm double checking with him to see if Average and Average + should be reversed.  If that is the case there is no need to talk me off my ledge.  I have been obessessing on that all afternoon and have this close to hitting the vending machine for a Three Musketeers.

***Checked with Hottie Instructor and that's correct...means "Average plus size"...I'll refrain from the language I just used***

Lots of good numbers, but just seeing that I am just above Poor in Body Fat % makes me ill.  Are you kidding me?  Do you know how much muscle I have?  Freakin belly!!!!

So that's the scoop.  I am going to try and forget about that last Average  + and focus on the fact that I held my own with Mr. Arch Nemesis....and that's good enough for least for now...Next time I aim to beat him!

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