Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jennie and the Big Apple

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

So sorry it's been a while.  I wasn't planning on being away so long, but some stuff came up.  I didn't bring my laptop to NYC because I didn't think we could check-in before we went in to the city and I didn't want to leave it in the car all day.  Well of course we got to check-in early. Doh.  That's okay though because I was not feeling well that night.

Let's start at the beginning.  Friday I had taken a half day. I was starting to get congested and my body was tired.  The plan was to go to the gym then come home and pack.  As I was driving I got that lazy little angel sitting on my shoulder "You don't really want to go do you?  You have so much to do.  Besides, you'll be walking all day tomorrow."  I almost listened to her, but I went to the gym anyway.  I didn't care if it was a light hour on the treadmill, that's better than nothing.

So I put in my hour and ran home to get ready before my mom and aunt were to arrive.  The plan was to start packing, but I didn't get too far.  I was tired.  So I relaxed for a little bit and then before I knew it I was running out the door to meet them at the mall for an early dinner.  I hadn't eaten as much as I should have for lunch and I was starving.

We opted for Carraba's Italian Grill.  It's always a delicious option, but I wanted to be smart.  I didn't want anything heavy in my belly.  Besides, Saturday was my planned cheat day.  I found a grilled chicken basted with olive oil and herbs.  It was served with fresh veggies.  Sold!  And it was good.  Of course it's easy to talk me into a dessert when they are the size of shot glasses.  Chocolate mousse with toasted coconut..yum.

After dinner we stopped to pick up some items for our trip.  Some of us were a little congested (not bad, but it was beginning) so some allergy medicine and cough drops were needed (I was NOT going to be responsible for disrupting the show with coughing).  We also needed to get some snacks for the car ride.  We settled on Kashi oatmeal cookies and Blue diamond rice crackers. Sounds good.  Oh and we also needed to pick up something for breakfast.  So we grabbed some Smart Ones English muffin sandwiches.

I almost forgot, I also had my eye on this pretty blue pocketbook.  It's one that would go across my body and would help distribute things evenly.  I got it.  Can always take it back if I changed my mind.

So saturday morning rolls around really early and it's time to get on the road.  Little me got picked as the driver.  We took my aunt's Tahoe and I felt like I was driving a tank.  I had driven it once before, but it had been a while.  And when I did it then I did not need to go through toll booths. Dang it, I could not reach the tickets and had to open the door and unbuckle my belt.

We stopped at the rest stop and you know if there's a Starbucks that I'm going to get something.  I had been drinking a general foods international coffee (not real coffee I know, but I just don't like the coffee flavor) so I didn't want something to compete with that. I had the beginnings of a scratchy throat so I got the Strawberries and Creme frappacino.  I got a tall (small) and I got it with soy.  I seriously can't tell the difference.

So we got to Secaucus NJ in good time...but, mapquest and gps failed us.  We could see the hotel, we just could not get there.  Thankfully we didn't end up in the Lincoln Tunnel (I used to live in Weehawken, NJ so I would have had us get off before that anyway ;-).  After what seemed like forever we were able to find the hotel and check in. We had lost a lot of time though.  The plan was to be in NYC by noon.  Now it was going to be closer to 1.  That meant that our lunch options were limited if the show was at 2.  I found a Cosi on Broadway a couple of blocks from the theater and we were sold. YEAH!  All hail Cosi!

As soon as we were done it was time to head to the theater.  We were 20 minutes early and the line was down the block. It didn't matter. As soon as I saw the "Harvey" marquee with the picture of Jim Parsons I was beyond happy.  And yet I could not breathe until I was handed that playbill.  Would there be a disappointment insert "For this performance only the part of Elwood Dowd will not be played by Jim Parsons and it really doesn't matter who it is because it will break Jennie's heart so why bother even giving him a name".

Before we headed up to our seats we saw the merchandise...they will be signing autographs at the stage door sooooooo I got a poster.  When we went upstairs to our seats I grabbed a bottle of water for my terribly dry throat.  Dear God, please don't make me have to pee during this show!  Thank you.  I also had packed a protein bar so that I wouldn't buy snacks at the refreshment stand.

When we sat down I immediately looked and there was no insert for Elwood...*giggle*..I also noticed how much room I had in the seat.  You could stick fists between my legs and the side of the seats. YEAH!  It had been a long time since that happened...basically not since high school.

I thought I was going to pass out when the curtains opened. The show was fantastic.  I would have enjoyed it even with a different actor, but I was in heaven with Jim/Sheldon.  I will say that the character he played was portrayed by Jimmy Stewart in the movie.  So imagine Jimmy Stewart and Sheldon had a baby...okay, maybe not that dramatic of a performance.  Anyway, his character was so heartwarming that I was crying at the very end...shocking I know from miss tear buckets. 

As soon as it was over we ran down the back steps and out to the stage door.  There was already a line and I could not get closer than 3 people deep.  Dang it.  Luckily my Aunt bullied her way up to the second row and took my poster.  When he came out it was crazy.  He came around and signed the posters and a few playbills.  He was so nice.  I just held my camera over people's heads and clicked.  I got a few good shots, but my cousin, who is taller, used the mega zoom and got even better ones....and yes, my poster is signed!  You could not wipe the smile off of my face for hours.

After the show we parted with my cousin, who was off to meet a friend and go to another show that night...lucky!  Mom, Auntie, and I walked up to Central Park and along it until we got to FAO Schwartz.  You can't go to NYC and not go there...especially when you have a nephew on the way :-)  Plus they have clean bathrooms.

The middle floor has a giant "sweets" section and I really really wanted to buy a cupcake, but I knew that we would be having dinner in a little while so I passed.  But, I did get a cute little Toy Soldier Teddy Bear for the nephew :-)

After FAO we walked down to Rockefellar Center.  It was a long day of walking so we sat for a little while.  I always like to go into the NBC store there and see what The Office merchandise they have.  And then I had my brainstorm!  Biggest Loser shirts!  Let's go!  I found a Team Bob shirt and got it.  I wasn't sure about it at first.  The medium looked huge, but the small looked tiny.  I went with the medium.  YEAH!  Can't wait to wear it.

And speaking of wearing...picking out an outfit for the day was hilarious.  I changed my mind so many times. One outfit was going to be a pretty skirt, but then that got nixed because I needed comfy sneakers for the walking.  I finally settled on this pretty top that the clothes fairy dropped off all of those months before. It's a little big, but I love the colors.  The only thing is that you need a strapless bra. For a short period of time no big deal.  For carting around puppies like mine it's a huge task.  I felt like at every corner one of them was going to pop out.  And the pocketbook strapped across the chest wasn't making me feel any better.  Rest assured, there were no wardrobe malfunctions on this trip :-)

So anyway, we still needed to walk back to Broadway.  I had asked my aunt what she wanted to do for dinner and she said "something new yorky". Alright then.  Ellen's Stardust Diner it is!  This is my favorite place to eat in NY...the waiters and waitresses sing for you. It doesn't get more New Yorky than that.  The line was long though.  Although we really only waited 15 minutes.  It is a tight place.  There is not a lot of walking room between tables and I was suddenly aware how much easier it was for me to walk...well except for the big bags knocking in to people's heads as they eat.  sorry

Once we were seated it was go time.  What to choose? What to choose?  They have good burgers.  They have good mac'n'cheese.  They have good meatloaf...but I have regretted not getting that reuben the last time I was in NYC...so Reuben it is!

Our waiter was cute and was a good sport when there were technical difficulties with the cameras.  I got a really cute picture with him. Although I don't believe he sang while we were there...boo.  I did enjoy the Grease songs and some Tina Turner classics...and yes, I sing and dance along with them.  That's just who I am :-)

We were outside for about 30 seconds after dinner when it hit me.  My belly hurt.  UGH.  We still needed to walk down through Time Square to Port Authority for our bus ride back to Jersey.  You can ignore an upset belly when there's so much going on around you.  We did pass buy a gelato place and I did get a coconut gelato to sooth my belly...at least that's what I told myself.  I was still on cheat day.

Since FAO my aunt had said that if we found a place that she could get a new pair of sneakers she would like to stop.  Her shoes were feeling tight.  Well we found a big ass Foot Locker in Time Square.  Gotta love how crowded it was at 10pm.  It was mobbed.  But, we found a good pair of sneakers for her and then walked the 6 blocks to port authority for the bus. haha.

Not gonna lie, the bus ride back was HORRIBLE for me.  It was standing room and I was standing.  My belly was so upset I did not think I was going to make it.  I wanted to say "get me a bag!" but all I could think of was "which one of these nice strangers am I going to throw up on?"  I made it back without losing it, but I had to sit down immediately when we got to the room. I had this pressure in my belly.  I am not going to go into detail, but it's not what you think.  It was like it wasn't digesting and was just sitting there.  And it HURT.   The next morning the plan was to go to the gym, but that was beyond out.  I wasn't feeling any better.  And no relief was in site.  For breakfast I just had a tiny muffin, an apple, and a yogurt.  And a few glasses of water. Still not better. 

I was in no condition to drive home and was in a panic at the thought of "relief" coming while we were on the New Jersey turnpike.  Rest assured, nothing happened.  I did fall asleep though.  And then I slept a lot when we got home.  Then I woke up delerious on Monday morning and had to call out of work. My head was so congested it was not funny. So I slept some more.  The belly pain went away and I eventually digested the food (It was like watching a snake eat a mouse...you could practically watch it move).  I was so out of it yesterday that going to the store for ginger ale and soup was an adventure...should not have gone, but I had no choice.  I was weak and needed something light.  Oh and I did finally stop for my Dunkin donuts Oreo coolatta. First impression: Holy Crap it really does taste like an oreo.  Yum...Second impression: even a small was too much for me.  So even though sweets are my weakness, I guess I don't have as high of a tolerance that I once had...well that's something.

So here I am today, I am better, but not 100%.  I did go back to work, but am still skipping the gym tonight.  I had planned on some time off after the Final Assessment, but my body seems to have beaten me to it.  Although, my planned time off included enjoying some reading or some studying.

And for the record, I will never have a reuben again.  Ugh...this makes me sad.  I do enjoy them, but my body cannot handle them anymore.  This really had me thinking.  If my body is reacting to this one meal like this after purging it of all of the bad, can you imagine what I had done to my body for all of those years?  I can't even think about it.

And for those of you who are asking, thank you, but we don't have the results of the fitness competition just yet.  There are still a hand full of people that need to get assessed. Bah!  I will let you know as soon as I hear something :-)

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