Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Words Hurt...and my Top 20 Tips

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Tonight is my day of rest and man is my body excited.  I am trying to decide if it realizes that it's the day of rest and starts to shut down or if it's just good timing on my part.  I studied at lunch and was planning on studying tonight, but I am going to just kick back and relax tonight.  After all, that is what rest is all about. So it's movie night.  Batman!

I was going to do a post on my top tips, but I forgot to mention something the other day so I am going to go back to it first.  Remember when I said that I went to Chick-Fil-A with my friends?  Well it was dress as a cow night.  If you dressed as a cow you got free chicken.  All of the kids were so cute and even a bunch of the parents got dressed up.  I was not dressed up.

Now my little girlfriend Addie, who will be 5 in a couple of months, was having a lot of fun.  She got in a particularly giddy mood and kept pointing to people that were dressed up and saying "Cow!"  She thought that was funny.  And then she pointed at me and yelled "COW!"  I know it was all in fun and she meant nothing by it, but it made me cringe.  That is pretty much the last word anyone who was or is fat wants to hear.  I closed my eyes and smiled. I was hoping the moment would pass, but it continued all of the way through the parking lot. "Cow!  Cow!  Cow!  Cow!  Cow!  Cow!"  How can an innocent comment by a sweet little girl hurt so much?

This week I was talking to Miss Lety about becoming a Personal Trainer.  She was saying ho much of a change she has seen in me.  She was looking at pictures from a few years ago.  She was complimenting me and that made me smile.  It was short lived though because I kept hearing "Cow!" in the back of my head.

Words matter how unintentional.


And now for Jennie's Top 20 Tips

20. Keep low calorie snacks at your desk and avoid the vending machines.

19. Don't skip meals. Especially breakfast.

18. Chew sugar free gum when you are hungry or are preparing meals.

17. Eat before you go to an event.  Helps to cut down on the munchies.

16. If you are going to eat out, look at the menu ahead of time and plan out your meal.

15. Avoid fad diets/medications.

14. Get a good playlist.  It will make you move!

13. Challenge yourself.  Give yourself a goal or incentive (race/dress)

12. Keep a journal of your meals (read your labels) and workouts

11. Give yourself a reward system. Reward yourself with a cd or a movie.

10. No fast food! If you can buy it through a drive-thru keep moving. (and yes I am aware that I mentioned above that I go to chick-fil-a....grilled chicken)

9. Be prepared: Keep a bag in your car with sneakers, a water bottle, and baby wipes for your sweat

8. Ask around. I guarantee someone you know wants to start exercising, they are just waiting for a push.

7. Start with walking at lunch or after work.

6. Don't wear clothes that are too big.  You don't see your weight gain.

5. Face the scale.  It's scary, but necessary.

4. Mix your cardio and weights. You shouldn't focus on one.

3. If you buy it, you will eat it.  Make your grocery list and stick to the list.

2. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

1. Plan ahead: Plan out your week's meals, cheat day, and workouts

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