Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow...Memorial Service...Dinner Party...Get me to a Gym!

Hello my wonderful Bleeps,

Sorry it's been a couple days, it's just been a little hectic.  They predicted snow and icy rain for last night and this morning. That meant I was definitely hitting the gym last night.  I put the call out and Lisa rose to the challenge.  It was great.  I am so hitting the gym every friday now.  It was still busy, but not overly crowded.

We were able to find machines next to each other and hit the elliptical for a while.  I had not been successful on the elliptical in the past few years.  I felt a lot of pressure on my knees whenever I spent any time on it.  Not last night.  I knocked out 45 minutes and was unbelievably happy.  Then we moved over to the bikes for 30 minutes.  We finished up with a 5 minute stretch on the treadmill.  It was so weird only spending 5 minutes on it, but I'm trying to jump start the system and focus on weight loss.  My body has acclimated to the treadmill.  I need a shock to the system.  It's working.  :-)

It still wasn't snowing when we left so we went to the grocery store to pick up some things. Just as we were walking in the Girl Scouts were packing up and heading out.  Dang cookies.  Luckily they were closed up so I didn't buy any guilt cookies.

The Bonus is that as soon as we got in the door all of the Vegetable sales were jumping out at me.  $1 bags of spinach.  Oh heck yeah.  I grabbed a bag, a cucumber, and some cherry tomatoes. Boom. Instant salad (I have the dressing and craisins already at home).  I had come for the staples for turkey chili, but I found some other items also.

I had some ground chicken ready to go, but Lisa introduced me to the Morning Star Crumbles.   Instead of using ground beef, I'm testing out this soy based product.  I love their burgers and veggie patties so why not.  I also found some garden veggie pasta.

I did treat myself and found some sugar free pudding...banana fudge supreme.  Oh heck yeah, that was awesome.  Of course I had some when I got home.  And speaking of that, when I got in the car I had a mini panic attack.  It was 9:30 and I had not eaten dinner yet.  I don't like to eat after 8pm.  What was I going to do?  I made a small bowl of the new pasta (delicious), had a glass of V8, and celebrated with a little pudding.  I knew I was going to be hungry in the morning, but I did not want to make myself sick with a big dinner that late.

This morning I had a Memorial Service at church.  I had packed a gym bag and was planning on going after the service.  Silly me.  I forgot that there is usually food served.  This one was catered and I was hungry. In the real world I did not eat that much.  But, for me and my belly I did.  I had one piece of chicken, one giant meatball, one stuffed shell, green beans, and a small salad.  I passed on the desserts.

I was nauseous after this.  There was no way I was going to be able to exercise right away.  I went to the store for a little bit and got a bubbly drink to help make me burp.  I was hoping it would help. It did, but only a little.

The bonus for the gym is that I get free massage chair time. Before I hit the machines I got my massage...ahhh.  Very nice. 

With the combo of Saturday afternoon and snow there were not a lot of people at the gym.  I started on the elliptical.  Then I moved to the bike.  And then I hit up the Cybex Arc trainer.  This is a cross between an elliptical and a stairmaster.  It's very cool though. I ended with a stretch on the treadmill.

It was a good workout, but there was a big big problem.  All of the heavy food in my belly was threatening to make a come back.  I was having throw up burps for an hour.  There was a slight panic going on.  I made it home without getting sick, but it was touch and go.

**So if you don't feel well when you are working out, think about what you ate before.  Fill your meal with protein and vegetables.  That will fuel your body rather than fill it.**

When I got home I had to quickly shower before heading out to a dinner party.  Honestly, I was nervous.  This reaction to my lunch made me want to crawl in bed with toast and soft boiled eggs.  I just wanted something bland in my belly for dinner. I wanted a little control over what I would eat.  My desire for a nice evening out won though.

When I arrived the salads were being prepared.  Oh they looked awesome: spring mix, onions, cherry tomatoes, craisins, pecans, goat cheese, and vinaigrette. YEAH!  Before we sat down though another plate popped up on the table.  Someone had brought a little something.  Cheese, tomatoes, and basil on pizza dough.  I couldn't stop staring.  I had two small pieces.  Then I ate my salad.

Dinner was delicious and funny.  There were three options: Veggie chili, pulled pork sandwiches, and pumpkin lasagna made in a crock pot.  I had small portions of each.  My belly was full and comfortable.  Well done Jennifer.  We remained around the table talking and laughing for a while.  My eyes got distracted though.  I kept eying up the plate of the pizza-type appetizer in the middle of the table.  WHY?  I was full. If I had a bit it would push me over the edge.  I kept looking at it though.  I wanted more.  I really wanted more.  I held strong though...dessert was coming.  Chocolate chip pound cake.  Yes please! 

Before I left a chocolate cake was delivered.  I am fairly certain I drooled a bit.  I passed.  I wanted some soooo bad.  It was offered as a piece to take home, but I stayed strong.  Today was my splurge day.  Tomorrow we are back on track.

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  1. I'll have to try those Morning Star Crumbles. Are they equivalent to like ground turkey or beef?

  2. They are awesome! I believe it's Soy based. Honestly, I can't taste the difference. Quick and easy and good for you :-)