Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Biggest Loser - Week 3 (Face Off)

The Biggest Loser Week 3

Wow!  Where do I begin?

Okay so this week is Face Off Week. That means that one person from each team will be paired off against one person on the other team.  They will weigh in together.  Whoever has the higher weight loss percentage will earn a point for their team.  The team with the most points wins.

How do they decide who chooses?  With a temptation challenge of course.  Each team was brought into a room full of food.  The person who ate the most calories would make the decisions.  The Red team stayed strong.  They ate nothing.  The Black team decided to eat a fortune cookie.  Then they decided to eat a second in case the Red team only ate one.   So Cassandra from the Black team was able to create the teams.  She also gets a 2lb advantage that she can use any way she likes.

Well it’s not long after the teams are decided that one of the members of the black team decides he misses his family too much and wants to go home.  They kept saying that this has never happened before, but that’s not true.  Rulan (sp?) quit a couple of seasons ago.  I guess the difference is that he had already lost 100lbs.  He went home because the competitor in himself realized that it was about himself and not winning this time.  Mad respect there Mister.

So I think this guy’s name is Joe (I am still learning everyone’s names).  His brother went home last week.  And he is leaving this week.  Bob was PISSED.  He called him at home.  It didn’t make a difference.

Later Bob went to visit the Aqua team at home.  They have one more week before they come back to weigh in.  Bob loves them.  They WANT to be on the Ranch.  He hopes they make it back.  And I gotta say, they looked pretty good.  Fingers Crossed.

There was another team challenge.  I missed what it was, but the Red team won.  They won video chats with home.  I’m calling foul on Biggest Loser for that one.  You already split the families into two teams and now only one of the two could talk with home.  That’s just mean. 

Naturally some of the video chats were given to the other team.  That’s the spirit of the Biggest Loser that I love.

There were mini challenges in the gym among the Face Off teams.  That was kind of fun.  Things got a little tense between Cassandra and Conda.  Cassandra won their mini challenge and Conda accused her of cheating.  So they had a rematch during last chance workout.  Cassandra won again.

So now it was time to weigh in.  I’ll skip to the end.  It came down to the final weigh in.  Black team was up by 1.  If the Red team won then there would be a tie and the higher weight loss percentage would win.  The final weigh in was Cassandra and Conda.  Conda just did not pull her weight.  And then she started to argue with Dolvett when he said she isn’t working hard enough.  Honey, do not argue with Dolvett.

I honestly thought she was going home this week. They focused on her so much during the episode.  I was completely shocked when Lauren went home.  She is a former college athlete.  She hasn’t been pulling her numbers.  I hadn’t really gotten to know her, but I adore her now!

In her follow-up, she did a Half Marathon.  Her goal was to finish under 3 hours.  She nailed it at 2:51. You know the tears were flowing for me on that one.  GO LAUREN!  Her goal is to finish a full marathon before the finale and to be down to 130.  I LOVE HER!
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