Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biggest Loser - Dreaded Week 2

It's dreaded Week 2 on the Biggest Loser Ranch..

Right at the start there is a challenge.  Ali  walks in to the room and asks for 2 leaders on each team.  Four people volunteer and they are whisked away.  No discussion.

They are taken to a poker table.  They must gamble on how much their team is going to lose that week.  The team that gambles the highest amount wins (this game).  Here's the deal - That team has to reach that percentage.  If they do they get a 5lb advantage.  If they don't, it goes to the other team.

The red team starts.  They gamble on 3.8% (94lbs).  The black team folds.  Game on.

Have you watched this show? Do you know why it's called "Dreaded Week 2"?  Your body starts to adjust to the working out and eating right.  The numbers notoriously drop this week.  It's not going to be easy.  The average team loses 2%.

Dolvett was NOT put it lightly.

Next up was a trip to the grocery store with the Biggest Loser Nutritionist.  It was a bit eye opening for everyone.  A frozen pizza is 2000 calories.  How long does that take to burn off?  A LONG TIME.  I look at salad dressing was disturbing "All of this time I have been having salads when I could of had a cheeseburger for the same calories".  Yup.

Team challenge time.  I'll try to describe this as best that I can.  Um...okay, there are 20 puzzle pieces on a rope that are in the water.  The rope it tied to a wheel. As a team they had to walk in circles turning the wheel to bring the pieces out of the water.   The first team to put the puzzle together and pull it upright wins.  The prize - 6 months of pre-made meals.   It was close, but the black team one.

So now it's weigh in time.  Big surprise. The red team does not lose 3.8%.  They do lost 2.07% which is still above average.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot.  So on the losing team not only will they not be able to vote off the contestant with the highest percentage, but the person with the highest percentage on the winning team can give immunity to one person on the losing team.

The black team wins the weigh in with 2.22% They won with the 5lb advantage.  Not looking good for the red member that put the chips in.  Santa's wife won the right to give him immunity (that totally made me smile).

Okay so that was an interesting elimination.  It came out in the discussion that someone was not putting the effort in, Mike.  He got called out. Then it got a little heated. He's out.

Don't worry, it got warm and fuzzy before he left. He was on the show with his brother who lives on the other side of the country.  They are on different teams and his brother is bonding with other guys.  He didn't have a connection with anyone on the red team.  He has abandonment issues and takes it out on others.

Mike has learned that he has turned his anger issues into eating issues.  So he's using that anger to box now.  It's all about finding the right workout for you.  Go Mike.

OH preview for next week - someone quits?

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