Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Holidays are over, but the treats won't go away :-(

Hi Beautiful People!

Are you suffering from the post Holiday Blues?  I took my Christmas decorations down last night and it was so sad :-( I was happy to think that I would be getting back into my routine with eating and walking.  The holidays are over, there should be a break on goodies at work. WRONG.

I walked in yesterday morning and there was a fresh plate of goodies on the desk across from me.  Seriously, if you are in my HR department and are reading this, I would like to be moved to another group.  This is not funny anymore.  Within two hours the desk was filled again.  My boss brought in 20 red velvet cupcakes.  ARE YOU SERIOUS????

I found the culprit for the first plate.  My dear friend Barb is now on my hit list.  I can't fault her for her reasoning: I have to get it out of my house.  But, I can fault her for location.  WHY???? This reminded me of a discussion with another friend. She hosted Christmas dinner and told her sister-in-law not to bring anything.  This translated to her bringing a cake and a platter of cookies. There was a lot left over and when my friend tried to send it home with the sister-in-law her response was "Oh no, if I take it home I'll eat it.  You keep it."   So now tell me what's wrong with that sentence.

I stayed strong through the cupcake ordeal and went to the mall to walk at lunch.  It was chilly cold and I couldn't muster up the strength to walk outside.  The mall was good though.  I saw my lady at the lunch counter who commented that it was like old times :-)  She missed me.  I felt so good walking.  YEAH. 

I needed to go grocery shopping after work.  BAH.  90% was good. 10%....well see I can avoid the crap on the desk in front of me because I complain about it so much that I don't want people to call me a hypocrite.  I will, however, buy the holiday candy that is 70% off if I am shopping on my own.  The peppermint crunch Junior mints were $0.30 a box. How can you Not get that?  Well I bought 3 and one was eaten in the car on the way home.  This emotional eating makes me completely understand bulimia.  I would never do that, but I completely understand the urge to purge myself of my poor choices.

I did not walk today at lunch.  I had a training right after lunch and I didn't have the time to get to the mall and get back.  I felt incredibly guilty, but I enjoyed my time reading. Just gotta make sure this doesn't become a habit.

I will say that I started to freak out about the Polar Plunge.  The horrible freezing weather the past couple of days has not helped. So naturally I looked up the Farmer's Almanac online to see what the weather prediction is for next month...except I have no idea how to read it.  Bah.  Then I watched the promo video of the plunge and it looked like everyone was having a blast.  They didn't look cold at all.  And the there were so many people that not everyone could get all of the way into the water.  Up to your knees counts!  So I'm not nervous anymore.  Now I'm actually looking forward to it.  Besides, I've received a bunch of donations on my fundraising page.  I gotsta do it now :-)

I could blabber on for a few more hours, but Modern Family is on...

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  1. Seriously work food is the WORST! It's always there, and it's so annoying. Sometimes I don't even want to leave my cute to go to the restroom (sorry TMI) just so I won't have to pass it in the hall... ugh!

  2. LOL that's ok. Sometimes I want to pack up my laptop and hide in the bathroom because it's the only place there isn't food.