Monday, January 2, 2012

Did I seriously agree to do a Polar Plunge???

Happy Monday Bleeps...Raise your hand if you want to go back to work tomorrow?  Me neither.

So it's day 2 of 2012 and I have lost my mind.  I am stepping out of my comfort zone and have committed to doing a Polar Plunge in 33 days.  DOH!  Originally I committed to the 5k the day before and would be a cheerleader for my friend, you can call her Bibble, the next day.  Within a few minutes I had agreed to do it too. 

Now it's important to note that I don't actually go in the ocean in the summer, so I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to do this.  Need we even discuss that I will be out in public in a bathing suit in the this is who I am now.  The new healthier me is a little bolder than the former fat girl.  Perhaps agreeing to this makes me a little crazier, but it's for a good cause. 

***SHAMELESS PLUG please see my fundraising page for donations **

I'm going to try and not think about it right now.  I will probably start to freak out. Please note that I verbally committed to it tonight and within a few hours Bibble had registered us.  There is no backing out.  haha.  Dang it.  It was cold today.  I can't even imagine how cold it is going to be for this.  Does anyone have a scuba suit I could borrow?  Is that cheating?  haha.

I am just going to envision Tony Stewart on the beach with a towel waiting to dry me off....okay, I can do this now.

I am excited that Bibble is going to do the 5K too.  It should be noted that her daughter, Jo-Jo, competed in her first a couple of months ago. When we called to ask if she wanted to do this with us (she will not be plunging...she's the only smart one in the group) she wanted to know our pace. lol.  We will be walking with light jogging.  I assured her that it's a fast pace walk and she was happy.  Go Jo-Jo!

So I have the polar 5k and polar plunge next month and the Rock'n'Roll Half in March. These are good incentives for me.  It has kept me from stopping for junk food on my way home tonight.  Incentives are good motivation.  Sign up for something...something you have to pay for (makes it harder to bail on).

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  1. um... wow. polar bear plunge... you are a brave, brave girl =)

  2. Brave or stupid...haven't decided yet. lol