Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finding balance through lunch

I love you!  I really really do!  All of your emails and comments make me smile.  I'm so glad I can be here to motivate you.  And vice versa.  SMOOCHES!

So today was a good good day.  My company has offered workout classes in the past.  They were held after work so I wasn't able to stay (my commute home is a nightmare if I don't leave at exactly 5).  Now they are offering a Yoga class during lunch on Thursdays for 10 weeks.  YEAH!  The room was packed. 

We got to the room 5 minutes early and there were barely any spots left.  That meant up front.  I was actually right next to the instructor (a big shout out to Richard...for his awesomeness!).  I have done yoga in the past.  I love yoga, but I have only ever done it with dvds.  This was a new experience.  I also haven't done it in a classroom setting.  It was very nice to have him right next to me.   I was doing really well, until we had to balance on one leg.  I know my left leg is weaker than my right.  My knee sucks.  I had the hardest time balancing on it.  He had to actually hold my arm under mine to keep me upright.  It hurt.  *I had just given myself a pat on the back last night because I haven't had any problems with the knee and running in a little while.  I knew it was too good to be true*

Towards the end when we were stretching on our backs we had our legs bent and then had the option of straightening the leg towards the ceiling.  In the silence I do believe the crackle from the arthritis in my knee echoed throughout the room :-(  I loved this session.  I felt so relaxed after, but my knee hurt.  It was extremely tender for the rest of the day.  DANG IT!

**Side note, oh yeah..totally loved walking around the office in my yoga butt looks AWESOME in them :-) **

It would have been extremely easy to talk myself out of the gym tonight.  EXTREMELY easy.  I didn't have a buddy scheduled.  My knee was sore.  I had already put in a workout.  NO EXCUSES.  I went.  Quite honestly I was hoping one of my gym crushes were going to be there (I have two...although one wears those aqua toe shoes and I'm still on the fence about that haha).  I have no shame.  They weren't.  Oh well, I'm there for my health, not for them.

Recognizing my knee I decided on an hour on the treadmill.  I was not going to run.  And I didn't.  I got out my book and read.  I had a moderate pace and I was happy with that.  I still sweated it up don't worry.

The big excitement of the night was that the gentleman on the treadmill next to me fell off.  It was terrible.  I saw it happening in slow motion.  I was able to reach over and turn off his machine while a bunch of gentleman gathered around to help him up.  He smashed his knee on the machine before the ground.  He was a trooper though and got back on.  I showed him the emergency pull and told him to yank on it any time he felt like it was getting too fast.  It will stop the machine.  He thanked me and told me it was his second time on the treadmill.  I was going to go buy him a bottle of water because he didn't seem to have any.  He didn't stay much longer though.  I did see him when I was leaving.  He was waiting for his wife.  I checked in with him to see how he was doing.  He said he skinned his leg (I am sure it was painful).  He said he was more embarrassed than anything else.  It's totally understandable, but don't be embarrassed.  You aren't the first that I've seen fall this year, and you won't be the last.  I loved that he got up and immediately got back on.

In addition to not having water he also had a problem with his wedding ring. I was very tight.  It always take my rings off before a workout.  Your fingers will swell.  It's how your body reacts.  My fingers swell whether or not I drink water, but they are definitely much worse if I don't drink.  So advice A-take off your rings and advice B-drink water during your workout.  I see so many people without water and their faces are unbelievably red.  Sweating is good, but water is better.  The water will cool your temperature.  I will replenish your body.  

I am going to replenish mine with sleep now.   Have a wonderful night Bleeps (for those of you new to the blog I have decided that if Twitter can have Tweeps and anyone can have Peeps, then my Blog followers are Bleeps :-)

Oh and is January you know what happens in one month?  My Tony Stewart is racing in the Daytona 500...WOO WOO...TONY STEWART CALL ME!

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