Friday, January 13, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's...well more like lunch

 Hi there Bleeps!

Many moons ago I celebrated my 30th Birthday *those who knew me at that time are laughing hysterically at that and will tell you that I did not enter this stage willingly*.  I decided to treat myself and I bought myself a Tiffany ring.  I loved it.  I still do.  The problem is that I have not really been able to wear it for a while...many many many months actually.  " "Why?" you ask. Well it's simple.  My fingers have gotten skinny.

Oh yeah, I even transferred it to my "fat" hand.  And it's still too big. Can I get a Holla?  HaHa.  I will eventually get it sized.  I miss wearing it every day.  It is very heavy and took a lot of getting used to.  It's been so long that I'll probably give myself a black eye trying it on again.

So as much as I hate to think about it, that dreaded 40 is not that far off...It's not this year, but it's coming.  My plan for that year is to go down to Key West and swim with the Dolphins.  :-)

I wanted to celebrate the new healthy/fit me now though.  And what better way than to go back to Tiffany and Co?  I didn't want to get another ring though.  I didn't want something that I could get too small for.  te he.  So I decided on a necklace.

Then the question was: How am I going to finance this purchase?  The answer: sell some rings I don't wear and use that money.  It was a hard decision though.  I had held on to my class ring and another ring forever because my Pop-Pop had gotten them for me.  I have not worn them since high school though. Someone mentioned that he would rather me buy something I would wear all of the time then let the rings get dusty. I still have my college class ring to hold on to so I made the decision to go forward.

That was the errand I was running earlier in the week.  My pal Barb went with me at lunch to one place and we both just got a bad feeling from the "smarmy" sales chick.  She was too slick.  So I went somewhere else after work and he showed me everything he was doing and offered me more money.  It was more than enough to cover the necklace I was looking at. YEAH.

Yesterday at lunch Miss Lety and I went to Tiffany and Co to see if they had it.  I was interested in a simple circle charm with the initial J in the middle.  They had two: one the size of a nickel and one the size of an M&M.  I thought I wanted the first one.  But, when I put them on, it just looked too big.  I fell in love with the dainty little one.

Here's the kicker.  I'm smaller now.  I can wear smaller necklaces without feeling like they are getting swallowed up by my huge boobs.  :-)  I could not be happier.

They offered to let me wear it out of the store, but Lety wanted it boxed and wrapped.  She wanted me to wait until I got home after the gym and unwrap it. It was a symbol of all of my hard work.  It was killing me all afternoon not to open it. Ha Ha.  But, I did it.  And I'm glad.  I was bubbling with excitement when I unwrapped it. 

I love rewarding myself for my hard work.  It helps motivate me. As long as I'm not rewarding myself with food, then I'm in good shape. Positive reinforcement is a good way to go.

Before I leave for the night, I wanted to share why I chose the initial necklace.  I am a huge Sex and the City fan.  I always loved Carrie's "Carrie" necklace. I almost got a "Jennie" one :-)  Anyway,  I feel like I channel my inner Carrie when I write this Blog.  So this is just my little tribute to her.  She's one of my writing inspirations...hmmm...maybe Tony Stewart is my Mr. Big...wishful thinking.
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