Monday, May 14, 2012

To go to the gym or not go to the gym...that is the question

Happy Monday Bleeps!

How are y'all doin?  Me?  Well I'm flat out pooped.  Quite frankly, I tried to pack too much in this weekend.  I made the plan that after I drove my grandmom home that I would just sleep over there and go to work from her place Monday morning.  That would save me another hour's drive so that we could spend more time with the family.

In preparation of this, I packed my gym bag for Monday night.  The plan was to go to work then the gym and then home to unload and unpack.  Well, that was the plan anyway.  I had a hard time falling asleep because of all of the horse drawn buggies that I could hear on the road.  And then I had to get up earlier than usual to leave earlier than usual. Let's just say that there was no Exercise ball today.  I may have set the record for most amount of yawns in a day.

So when I was leaving work at 5 the plan was still to go to the gym.  I really wanted a walk.  But, my body and my brain started arguing.

*You are too tired to work out.  It will exhaust you and then you will get sick.

**But, Gym Crush 2 should be there and you need some eye candy 

*You have to unload your car.  What if you can't get a spot out front?  Do you know how many trips from the back of the building that you will need to take?

**But, Kim's wedding reception is this weekend.  You need to get to the gym so that you will look slammin in that dress!

*Monday's are always crowded at the gym.  What if you can't get a treadmill?

**You can't do weights at home since you have Boot Camp tomorrow.  Might as well hit the gym.

*If there's too much traffic then it's a sign that I need to go home.


*Not only do you have to unload, but you have to unpack.  You have sweaty probably should do laundry too.

**You cannot have another week with multiple rest days!

*But, Bible study is cancelled on Wednesday so you can walk at lunch!

**Seriously, Gym Crush 2!

*You do not have anything for dinner at home.  So you'll still need to stop for food too.  You are NEVER going to get to sleep.

**You're book is good!  You can read and walk at the gym.

*You also need to figure out lunch for tomorrow!

**OMG you cannot stop yawning!  You need to go home!

This was pretty much in my head for the whole ride home.  Once I remembered that I can walk at lunch on Wednesday, the decision was pretty much made.  Well that and the Sixers game had a 7pm start.  The sad thing is that I have this internal debate several times a week.  The former fat girl is not going down easy.  It's extremely frustrating!

I am glad that I can recognize when I really do need to take a break.  I cannot afford to be sick right now.  As long as that is the reason and I am not simply blowing off a workout then I can live with myself.  I will NOT let myself get out of the habit.  It's simply not an option.

Well the good news is that I didn't tempt myself to run today so I should be okay for Boot Camp tomorrow.  Which will most likely be inside again...which means I will be a sweaty mess when it's over...which kind of throws off my plans to go grocery shopping afterwards.  I will figure something out though.

Sweet Dreams!

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