Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boot Camp - I was the only one at class...No Pressure!

Happy Tuesday Bleeps!

I had originally planned on talking about the Phillies game from this weekend, but I have some other things to talk about first.  I'll get to the game tomorrow.

 First let me just stress the importance of a workout buddy.  Ms. Barb and I were going to walk today.  My knee was still sore, but I wanted to do it.  Then something came up and she couldn't go.  So do I go on my own or do I do something else?  Well I have boot camp tonight so I don't technically need to walk.  I could read.  Or I could run an errand.  The errand won out.

I hate that I relied on Ms. Barb for motivation, but I needed it today.  I spent the better part of the morning fighting to keep my eyes open.  I am a tired pup.  I have not recovered from my weekend yet.  And on that note, I think I mentioned that I was going to do a 5k on Memorial Day.  It would be my third during the Fitness Competition and I will max out on those points.  HOLLA!  Well I have a graduation party the day before and I know me and I know my family.  No way am I getting home at a decent hour.  I had not registered yet so I was okay, but I want that third 5K.  So I jumped online and found one on Sunday.  It's almost the same course as my Ronald McDonald House 5k from last month.  I loved that one. SIGN ME UP!  So I registered.  And the bonus is that I probably wasn't going to get a workout in on Sunday and now I am.  Go Me!

I love that I did that.  The former fat girl would have just cancelled and said "Oh well I tried".  Not the new me!

Okay, so you  know Tuesday means Boot Camp.  It also means rain. BAH!  It rained last night and it was in the forecast for the evening too.  Around lunch time I got the call.  It was up to me to have it inside or out.  I ran outside and checked the ground.  It was a little damp, but there were still a few hours to dry it.  Of course they recently mowed the lawn and if the grass did not dry it was going to get icky.  My call was to have it outside as long as we didn't get any more rain.  Of course as I said that there was a big giant black cloud coming our way.

When 5 o'clock came it was time to change and get ready for class.  It was going to be a hot one so I opted for my pale yellow shorts and white t-shirt. Not the ideal outfit if the grass was wet and messy, but it was better than pants.  Too dang hot.

So we waited and no one else came.  Yep, just me and Hottie Instructor (who now has this link so everyone say Hi :-) .  First thought in my head: OH CRAP!  No one to hide behind.  No one to distract him when I need a little break. It's all on me.

Okay, let's look at the positive side.  We can tailor the workout to me.  I can veto anything that my knees hate.  Seriously, this is like a free personal trainer for an hour.  I gotta be happy with that.  And let's look at the big picture.  That's 2 points for me and Zero for everyone else in the competition!

Ha.  He asked if I was coming for the next two classes. You bet your ass I am!  I want to win!  I said I want double points for coming!  haha.  Then I disclosed the whole "bikini on June 1" promise.  I still am not sure that will happen on June 1, but I guarantee by the end of the summer I will have a picture for you.

So there I am doing jumping jacks and squats all with Mr. Instructor watching me.  A little intimidating? Yeah.  And of course he points out that I have all of his attention. Of course the Former Fat Girl immediately thought "yeah, and he can focus on your jiggle...ugh"  Bah!  No pressure here!  No slacking!  Well, I did cut back on the running and walked it out, but that's only because I like to have use of my legs the next day.

Tonight felt like the quickest class ever, but it was just as long.  Maybe it went fast because we were talking the whole time, but I'm glad.  I still prefer yoga, but I like this class more and more each week.  We did throw in some new moves.  I think one was a Russian Twist.  That was nice.

Oh, we talked about the Mountain Climber which I love.  Some people has complained and so he had modified it.  Well come on people!  Don't go above your instructor's head to complain.  Just ask them for modifications!  They will work with you.  The fact that people complained and I've seen the numbers drop over the weeks makes me mad.  I don't think people are there for the right reasons.  I'm not going to not go just because I don't like the squat jumps.  I just modify and keep it at a squat.  You aren't being graded for goodness sake.  Suck it up!

At the end of class we always stretch.  Since it was just one on one he said he would stretch me out.  My brain went right to the yoga classes when we were paired up and stretched each other.  That was awesome so I was totally on board with that.  Of course part of me wanted to ask him to spot me so that I could try the handstand again, but I didn't. haha. (Steve if you are reading this please spot me next week :-)

I got down on my mat while he started to work my legs and the first thought in my head was "I did not shave!".  Sorry! The stretching of my shoulders and chest were fabulous. In retrospect I should have asked about stretching my upper back.  It's where I have my giant knot just below the shoulder.  It generally makes me cry when they try to work it out in a massage.  So maybe if I had a good stretch for it that would help.  Anyway, the stretching was awesome.  I beat the tar out of my legs this year.  I needed that something awful.  I want to do it again!  So naturally I joked about sending an email that would cancel class and I would be the only one again.  haha.  Seriously, my legs need that again!

Alright kids, it's time for me to hit the sack.   Sweet dreams!

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