Sunday, May 20, 2012

Resisting Temptation...or did I?

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

It's been a busy couple of days.  It's been a challenging couple of days, but I am pretty proud of myself.  There is much to talk about so I may need to break it up into a couple of posts :-)

Let's go back to Thursday.  We had a cocktail party at work.  It started at 4 and my plan was to go for a tiny bit, but still leave at 5 and hit the gym.  We walked in at 4 on the dot and stopped right at the mashed potato bar.  Yep, you heard me.  The very first station was my kryptonite.

I was in heaven...and hell.  This couldn't be good.  Luckily, they were serving them in mini shot glasses.  You had your choice of topping it with bacon, onion, or beef bourguignon.  Since we were the first ones there they were still getting everything warm. The potatoes were in a chaffing dish and they scooped it out into a pan and heated it up...with some cream.  *CRAP!* I so wish I had not seen that.  But, I did. 

I had my little martini glass with my little mini spoon and it was delicious.  I could have had about 25 more.  We were good though.  It was time to move on to the fondu table.  My plate was tiny so I needed to be smart.  The first cheese I saw was a smoked gouda with cranberries.  I dipped a couple of apples.  Oh good stuff.  Then there was an asparagus bacon cheese.  I dipped two pieces of bread.  Yum. 

Enough with the cheeses...time to head over to the dessert table. My palms got sweaty and my breathing got shallow....oreos, rice krispie treats, pound cake, pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, and a chocolate fondu.  I think I forgot my name for a moment.

I had three pieces.  Can you guess what they were?  If you said banana, pineapple, and pound cake you are correct.  I was trying really hard not to look at the oreos and get us out of there when the presentation started.  OH FUDGE!  I am stuck in front of the dessert table.  If you think I can pay attention to one word being said you are WRONG.  I was having all sorts of naughty fantasies of dipping those oreos in chocolate. 

I seriously couldn't take it.  So we scooted out of the side to head to the bar...for some water.

Then at 5 o'clock while the party was still happening I got my butt in the car and went to the gym.  And yes, I was rewarded with some Gym Crush #1 time...holla!

So Friday rolls around and I have a Welcome back/Going Away party.  The plan for the day was to put in some face time from 6-7 and then hit the gym.  Knowing me as I do, I made sure that I walked at lunch...just in case.  Once again we hauled butt for 30 minutes.  It could have been longer, but I got quite pitty and I can't work in the afternoon if I am all sweaty.  They were a good fast 30 though.

Good thing because one of us did not quite make it to the gym that night.  I sat in a butt load of traffic and got there a little after 6.  Happily the first thing I saw was a platter of veggies.  I had a few carrots and celery to appease me.  It was your typical bbq.  Burgers, pasta salad, know the drill.  I held myself to one burger and a couple of forkfuls of pasta salad.  I had some fruit and veggies too.  That's what I went back for when it was time for seconds.  I was pretty proud. 

And then they announced the chocolate cake.  Oh hell. My little girlfriend got her big giant piece and sat in front of me eating it.  She took one bite and opened her mouth declaring that there were chocolate chips in the icing...Remain calm Jennifer...just stay on the not make any sudden moves...she is only not scare her.  Okay, so I may have coaxed her into giving me a bite...but she loves me!  I got a bit of icing.  And honestly, I was good with that.

Soon Strawberry daiquiris were being made.  I raised my hand for one...and let me tell you, there was no room to spare in that red solo cup.  It took me a while, but I finished.  And we all know that there ain't no going to the gym after daiquiris. That's okay.  I'll just get up in the morning and go right to the gym and put in extra hours.

DENIED!  Instead I was up until 3am talking to a friend.  I woke up at 8 and I hurt.  I was dehydrated and tired. It took me 3 hours to force myself into the gym. Oh I was out of my door in an hour, but I spent 2 hours walking around in a haze trying to get some shopping done and not really know my name. 

Eventually I put in my hour on the treadmill (at a surprisingly quick pace I might add).  It sucked, but I had to go.  I had no choice.  And then I had to run home to get ready for the wedding reception...


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