Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic-8 Ball and Boys

Happy Thursday Bleeps!

I just downloaded the Magic-8 Ball app on my phone so I'm going to make this short.  haha.  I have LOTS of questions to be asking!

So do you remember the injuries/pains I was talking about after the 5k?  ARGH!  I brought up the leg pain to Hottie Instructor on Tuesday.  He said I might have shin splints. I had that pain lower in the shin previously.  It had never been this high up.  He suggested I roll a tennis ball over it.   I was hoping some rest would help, but last night it hurt a lot just crossing my legs. BAH!  It doesn't hurt as much as it did this weekend, but it still hurts.

Did I mention that it's below my good knee?  (I don't think putting all the pressure on it kneeling in church so that I wasn't kneeling on my bad knee helped...did you follow that?)

The pain in my foot came back a little during boot camp, but I barely felt it.  So yeah me!

Dear Magic-8 Ball, will I be the only one in Boot Camp next week?  My Reply is better be my teammates!

Even still, the plan was to hit the treadmill for 90 minutes tonight.  Walking only!  That was the plan anyway.  I brought my book with every intention of that.  But, then I saw a boy.  Argh...I haven't seen Gym Crushes 1-3 in a while, but there is a 4 creeping in.  He's a sexy runner.  Seriously, I used to be into the big bulky guys.  Now, if the guy is a lean runner I am smitten.  Lean, not super skinny.  There needs to be some muscle there.  I can't handle it if my legs and arms are bigger than his.

Well this potential Gym Crush 4 was two treadmills away just running and running (he also spends extra time on the weights too).  He looked over and smiled when I got on and I didn't want him to see me I ran. DAMN IT!  Why do I do this?  Two minutes in and my foot hurt.  That stupid pain from Sunday was back.  Did I stop?  NO.  I kept up the running for 15 and then cut it back to a walk.

Before I did though, I saw Gym Crush 2.  Holla!  It's about time!  I had been so focused on the run though I missed him for most of his workout.  Oh well, he is nice eye candy.

Dear Magic-8 Ball, will I ever see Gym Crush 1 again?  Better Not Tell You Now....bummer

I stayed on the treadmill for my full 90 and got in 6 miles.  But, here I sit with my foot and leg elevated.  DOH!  Does anyone have a tennis ball I can use?

Dear Magic-8 Ball, will my leg feel better soon?  As I See It Yes....Sweet! 

So what do we think I will do tomorrow?  Can I stick to just walking?  I really need to go to the gym with blinders on.  Haha.  Actually, no way.  I like the push.

And now for the question we all want the answer to:

Dear Magic-8 Ball, will Tony Stewart ever call me????  Reply Hazy Try Again wasn't a No!

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