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The Biggest Loser - Week 18: The Finale

The Biggest Loser - week 18: The Finale

First let me start by saying that I usually write these out during the episode and save posting it until the next day so as to avoid spoiler alerts for other time zones.  Well last night I had a day of Rest from the computer.  There was a Sixers playoff game (WOO WOO), a Flyers playoff game (we'll get them next game), and the finale.  It was too much for me to juggle without adding blogging.  lol.  So I may be a little light on this one.

The finale started with all of the eliminated players coming back in the order in which they were sent home.  Now I'm not going to lie.  It's pretty obvious from the first group that Mike is a heavy contender for the at home prize. (haha...pun intended)  Then again, we knew that last week.  He's even smaller now.  Holy cow.  I jumped on Twitter and the ladies were a swooning for him.  haha...yeah, he was pretty hot.

Everyone looked great. Although I'm just going to say it.  I get that the dresses need to be tight to show the weight loss, but not that tight.  Some of these ladies looked pregnant.  They haven't lost it all yet, let them wear something a little more flattering.  And the shoes?  Good lord, I was just waiting for one of them to fall. Half of them took forever to cross the stage because they couldn't walk in them.   Now I don't know if it's the show that dresses them or if it's on their own, but I was genuinely scared for some...ahem Daphne and Conda.

I know my mom was at home cheering on Roy (aka Santa).  Santa no more!  The beard and hair were trimmed and the Ho Ho Ho belly was gone.  Wow.  I would have liked to have seen a before and after of him with his wife Chris.  They don't even look remotely like the same people.  It's not just the appearances, it's the confidance they have and the light in their eyes.

Okay, so the first one to way in was Chism.  Young man did well.  He lost over 100 lbs. He was holding the lead for a little while until Cassandra smoked him.  She looked great.  On a commercial break she was telling Allison a story about trying on her first bikini.  Normally a freightening experience, but she genuinely loved her body.  Flaws and all.  *yep, I cried a little*

She was in the lead for a little while when it was Emily's turn.  Em needed to lose 101 to take the lead.  She lost 102.  It was great though.  They are best friends and you could tell that Cassandra was genuinely happy for her.  No one was coming close to her.  And then it was Mike's turn.  He lost 160 pounds for a whopping 44%.  Remember, he went home WEEK TWO!  He did that all on his own!  He won the at home...and Twitter was all over it :-)

So now it's time for the final 3 to come out. Conda is first.  As much as I didn't like her (and still don't) she looked good.  I think a lot of the attitude came with not being happy with herself and she did drop much of it, but I was waiting for her big "A-HA" moment and it never really came.  *just read recap of the night and the author has been referring to her as "Ana-Conda" all season, oh heck yeah I laughed...cause it fit*.

Then it was Jeremy's turn. He looked really small. Doing the numbers in my head, he had way more to lose than Kim so it was going to be close.  I'm still skeptical over whether he really learned anything or was just in it for the win.  He readily admitted several times over the season that others cooked for him in the house.  COME ON!  It's the same with last season's winner John.  He let his wife do all of the cooking.  To me, that's relying too heavily on others.

What we were all waiting for was Kim.  And Girlfriend did NOT dissapoint.  She looked slammin!  She came out with this skinny muscular body in a tight little black sequined dress.  Once again Twitter went crazy.  She looked great at the end of last week.  It was hard to imagine that she might lose more, but she did.

So it came time for the weigh in.  Conda started first.  She started the season at 294lbs.  Her final weigh in: 179 lbs.  She lost 115lbs for a total percentage of 39.12%.

Next up: Jeremey.  He started the season at 389lbs.  His final weigh in: 190.  He lost 199lbs for a total percentage of 51.15%. 

Finally: Kim.  She started the season at 252lbs.  Her final weigh in: 134.  She lost 118lbs for a total percentage of 46.83%.  Crap.

Jeremy won. 

But, Kim did win the Presidential challenge.  There will be a gym built in her home town (I was pledged under her :-)

It was a tough season.  There were a lot of contestants that I didn't like.  There was way too much drama.  I'm sad that there wasn't a marathon this season...boooo!  Come on producers, that's the best part!  However, in the audience last night were Stephanie and Sam from season 9.  They just got married last weekend.  You may not know this, but The Biggest Loser has the most married reality couples of any reality show.  People change their lives together and find themselves again.  That gives me hope for more good seasons to come.

On a sad note, there was no preview for the next season...although I believe they said See you next Fall.  Dang it, I'm already going through Bob and Dolvett withdrawel. HELP!

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