Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's all about planning ahead...with a side of Chick-fil-a

Hello my beautiful people!

I am happy to report that Ms. Barb and I made it to the mall to walk at lunch today.  Holla!  It was touch and go there for a while with her, but I got her to go :-)

I am also happy to report that I am in her head!  The other night her family went to chick fil-a for dinner.  Normally she would get the original chicken sandwich (fried chicken on a roll).  Yes, I do enjoy the taste of fried chicken.  Who doesn't?  But, come on, fried chicken on a roll is just crazy. Ms. Barb heard my voice and ordered the grilled chicken sandwich.  And she hated it.

Enjoying eating right takes some time.  If you are only used to fried and that's what you really want and that's all you smell, then grilled is not going to taste good.  But, you also need to eat it right.  I love her dearly, but she is a giant fan of ketchup and mayonnaise.  I winced at that, and then I tried to imagine that on grilled chicken and it made me want to throw up.

We could have walked for 45 minutes, but we saw a sale at Old Navy and cut our walk down to 30 minutes.  They were a brisk 30 minutes (we were a tad moist in the arm pit area...dang).

So we go into Old Navy because of the peasant top sale.  There were some super cute tops.  I had a pretty orange with purple trim one all picked out when I spotted some shorts that I fell in love with.  And you can't get a pair of shorts without a new top!  So I stepped out of my comfort zone and got tank-peasant top.  Why is it out of my comfort zone?  It exposes a lot of arm.  I love my arms and shoulders, but I still have my saggy spots that I'm not loving.  I have a couple tops that expose those bad areas, but not so much.  I'm going bold people!  I can't wait to wear them!

Tonight I had book discussion at church.  And I'm a bad girl and did not read my assignment. DOH!  So the plan was to go grab dinner and read before discussion.  The first thing I though of was that Q'doba has my favorite seasonal salad: Mango Salsa chicken salad....humina humina humina. Sweet!  That's the plan.

No wait, I still need to get gas.  If I go to the Exxon that has the low prices I will be right by Chick fil-a...mmm...yeah all of that talking about chick earlier put it in my head again.  Besides, I think we all know I would eat the taco shell from the Mango Salsa Chicken Salad...not today!

I ordered my grilled chicken sandwich (without ketchup and mayo....ewwwww).  And I got the side of fresh fruit instead of waffle fries.  Now they do have new desserts: sundaes and cookies.  I stayed strong though.  Besides, I have Temptations by Jello at home...Key Lime.

I tried reading the book while I was eating, but my brain just went all over.  I have a lot coming up.  Tomorrow night there is a Cocktail party after work.  Friday night is a gathering for a friend who is home from Afghanistan. Saturday is my cousin's wedding reception.  Sunday I am going to the Phillies game.  I need to be smart or this could be a disaster week.   

Tomorrow: Cocktail party
It starts at 4.  So I can pop in for a few veggies and a water.  Then I can still go to the gym after work.  I have lunch plans with a friend (Panera...Strawberry poppyseed salad here I come) so I won't be walking.  I have to get to the gym.

Friday: Welcome back party
So the question is: do I hit the gym before or after stopping by.  If I stop by first I am sure something can come up that would keep me from heading to the gym.  If I go to the gym first I will be extra sweaty to stop by.  Although he has graciously offered to hose me down in the back yard.  Such the gentleman :-)

Saturday: Wedding Reception
I will be hitting the gym in the morning. That's for dang sure.  And I will be inhaling water all day.  I asked what the menu is and the bride could not tell me. I think I can be smart about it, but the cake may be my downfall.

Sunday: Phillies Game
This is the wild card.  We are going early to go out to lunch first.  That's a good plan, but the smell of food will be a battle. Gum!  Gum!  Gum!  It's going to be hot so I will not to make sure I am drinking a ton of water.  I won't be working out, but I am going to try to hit the steps as much as possible.

So those are my plans.  Planning ahead is my key to survival.  I may not stick to the plans 100%, but if I don't have plans, then it's Armageddon.

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