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Bikinis, Butt Machines, and Half Marathons

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I hope you are enjoying your Holiday Weekend.  Can I get a Woo Woo for 3-day weekends?  WOO WOO!!!

So I have lots to talk about, but alas the Sixers game is on and I have to get to bed early tonight because I have to leave first thing in the morning for my 5K.  If I can't get it all in I will hit you up as soon as I get back tomorrow.

Hmm...where do I start?  Let's go back to Wednesday.  It was a big day for me.  I kept replaying a moment with hottie instructor from my private boot camp the night before.  We talked about my motivation.  My first response was "I want to win this competition!".  And then I told him about the bikini.  Well, am I going to make it all talk or am I going to jump?  I jumped.  We went to Old Navy at lunch and I found a bikini top that actually matches the bottom that I bought last year.  It was fate.  And it was on sale. I didn't try it on figuring that I would bring it back if it didn't fit.  It fit :-)

Deep breath.  Okay, I can do this.  It didn't look bad. I am not eager to go out in public and would like another month of hardcore core work (texted Hottie Instructor asking for more focus on that...and of course he's on board).   I would also like a little tan before I go posting pictures.  My belly has not seen the light of day since I was 5 so it's a tad pale.  I don't want to scare small children.  (We picked up a 110 SPF tonight just to be on the safe side....I'm way scared of the burn...I am a good tanner, but this is gonna hurt). 

So I promise that a picture is coming, I just need a little more time on this. :-)

Let's move on to Thursday.  Ms. Barb and I had to go out at lunch to pick up something for the potluck for Friday.  The new Wegmans opened up in King of Prussia so we went there.  I had signed up for fruit or veggies.  The trays were the same price, but the veggies platter was huge.  I had a vision of lots of veggies getting thrown out and it broke my heart, so I got the fruit instead. 

We had also both needed lunch so we went to the salad/meal bar area.  I was in heaven.  I made the best little salad and got some grilled asparagus and an eggplant roll with it.  It was like an eggplant parmesan manicotti roll.  But, a long one.  It was under 300 calories and I NEEDED to try it.  OH it was Delicious!

One of the great parts of the bar is that everything had a nutrition card.  Ms. Barb couldn't believe that a slice of pizza was 400 calories.  Yup, it's normal.  If you don't look this stuff up you really have no idea. 

Okay, so Thursday I was still thinking about motivation.  The fitness competition has been a great motivation, but I've been worried that I will lose focus when it's over.  The bikini is a good motivator, but the reality is that I have a one piece and a tankini to fall back on.  I would like to say that I don't need motivation, but that's not true. 

I found my motivation.  I signed up for the Philly Rock'N'Roll Half Marathon in September.  That's 3.5 months away.  Gotta train for it :-) 

I wish I could say that I have the 3-Day for the Cure as my motivation.  I really really REALLY wanted to do it.  But, alas I couldn't find a partner for it and I have two weddings in October.  I will do it next year though.  So start thinking about doing it with me!

I will have my December Half marathon as my next motivation...and I'll be honest. I'm seriously thinking of making that a full. I want a full marathon so bad.  That would need to be walked.  I think I could do it in 6 hours.  I'll see what my pace is come October before I register.  Anyone want to walk with me?  It's at the beach :-)

Okay, on to Friday.  Potluck day.  After we had picked up our trays I suddenly remembered "Hey, I don't do potlucks anymore!  I go out for a salad in protest." What the heck was I doing?  Would fruit be the only thing I could eat?

On the menu: chili, sloppy joe's, pot stickers, mac'n'cheese, chicken nuggets, potato salad, cookies, guacamole, taco dip, sweet and sour kielbasa, baked beans with hot dogs, ice cream, oreo get the idea.  Thank goodness for my fruit.

I had  a small sloppy joe, a scoop of potato salad, 4 bite sized pieces of kielbasa, some guacamole, and a little mac'n'cheese.  I wanted seconds but I let my belly catch up and I was good.  So I had a little vanilla ice cream with some of my pineapple on top.  Not the healthiest lunch, but my portions were small and I stopped at one plate.  So I was good.  I'll still skip out on the next one though.  Too much temptation.

So let's move on to my workouts.  Bikini means extra time on the butt machine!  Last night I did 30 on the elliptical, 30 on thighs/butt/abs, and 30 more on the treadmill. Dear butt machine...I heart you!  I am happy to report that I upped my weights on the thighs. Of course I'm a little sore today.  But, that didn't stop me from getting up and heading to the gym first thing this morning.  I did 30 treadmill, 60 on back/shoulders/chest/arms, and 30 on the treadmill.  I am back on track people!

The cool thing is that I keep a notebook with me and write down my weights.  Except for the shoulders, my weights went up on each machine.  I think the shoulders would have too, but I always tend to do that at the end when I am spent.  I'll have to try it earlier next time and see what I can do.

Afterwards I went over to the stretching cage.  It's awesome, but after my personal stretching moments after boot camp I feel spoiled.  I got my back nicely, but couldn't stretch my legs as well. Dang it! I am putting a beating on them already and they need some lovin.

So now I need to put together a training schedule for the Half.  I'm going to wait until after boot camp because I can't mix running and boot camp. The knees don't like it.  I was happy with my training last time, but that wasn't over the summer.  I travel a lot on weekends so I need to sit down in the next week or so and put something together.  It's all about planning ahead.

I saw a saying last week that I love: A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I am planning the heck out of the summer :-)

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