Sunday, May 6, 2012

Margarita Madness...and I don't regret it one bit!

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

Sunday generally means race day and as Tony Stewart is racing in Talladega today you'll have to excuse me if I start to write gibberish. :-)

So when we last left off I was heading out in search of a Margarita....oh I found one!  Heather and I had planned on going to our favorite place Tequila Mockingbird.  You can imagine that it was going to be a little crowded.  When we pulled up you could see people pressed up against the windows and there was a long line outside.  The wait was over an hour.  Normally we wouldn't mind a wait since we could just hang at the bar, but that didn't look like it was going to happen.

We got back in the car and headed to a new Mexican place that opened up in Fenwick Island, Matteos.  We parked and walked in and waited for someone to come seat us.  Luckily they had one table for two available.  As soon as she told us that the doors opened and people started streaming in.  Take us to our seat please!

The place was pretty packed for Cinco De Mayo, but the Kentucky Derby was about to begin too. LOL.  It was kind of funny when you think about it.  It should be two totally different crowds, but it all worked. 

Specials for the night: $3.50 margaritas.  SOLD.  Oh and PS- We got carded :-)

So we started with margaritas and some complimentary chips and salsa.  Damn good salsa too.  Took a little while to get our glasses of water, but they eventually came.  We started with the taquitos with a little guacamole.  Way better than the lean cuisine taquitos.  Haha.  Now the smart thing to do is to order the salad or the fajitas.  The salad proves a challenge though, because I want to eat that dang shell it comes in and that defeats the purpose.  I wanted the fajita, but I was getting a little full from the chips and the taquitos so I ordered the 3 taco combo.  Heather got the Fajitas.  Bah.  Her food smelled so good that it made it hard to like mine.  (I did have a left over taco for lunch today and it was really good so it was just the smell of hers that got to me). 

Our waitress was really nice.  She hung out at our table during the Derby so she could watch it.  Haha the entire bar went silent for that 90 seconds.  And then the roar started as I'll Have Another made his move.  It was pretty cool.

Okay, so she was even nicer when she brought me a Birthday Margarita.  Love her! The night did not end there.  For we had seen the tequila lime pie on the menu.  Naturally we saved a little room for that and got our to go boxes for the leftovers.

Oh dear heaven, it was completely worth it.  The slices were small but the flavor exploded in my mouth.  THANK YOU.

So, you may be saying to yourself "What the heck Jennifer, this doesn't sound like you at all.  What is going on?"  Well, it is birthday week and I do allow myself indulgences one weekend a month.  I really try to limit it to that one weekend though.  If I open it up to more, then there's no telling where it will end.  More importantly, when I eat like this, I feel sick after.  If my body reacts like this after just one meal, what the heck have I been doing to myself all of these years?  No thank you.  I will indulge for the weekend, but then go back to treating myself right.

The challenge for this month is that I have something going on every weekend.  Next weekend is Birthday weekend part 2/Mother's day.  The weekend after is a wedding reception.  And the weekend after is Memorial Day weekend/Graduation party.  I will just need to be wise and smart about my decisions.  I still have a fitness competition going on!

I still have to travel back home after the race.  And it's still Happy hour at Starbucks...I do need some caffeine for the ride.  I still need to plan ahead for dinner so that I am not starving and just eat anything in front of me.  I did get some Subway gift cards for my birthday so perhaps I will stop for some dinner and pick up lunch for tomorrow.  That sounds like a darn good plan to me.  See, I'm already making amends for the weekend. :-)

Big shout out to buddy Kristin for running the Broad Street Run today.  Awesome job!

Okay, I want to watch this race...and the Sixers game.  Time to focus!  Have a wonderful night.  Oh and Tony Stewart CALL ME!  Or, someone Tell Tony Stewart to call me!

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