Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shocking Headlines!

Happy Thursday Bleeps!

Have you been watching the news lately?   I watch every day and am constantly amazed at the dumb dumb DUMB headlines that I see.

Skechers To Pay $40 Million To Settle FTC Claims It Lied About Shape Ups

Summary: Skechers claimed that you could lose weight and tone up with their "Shape Up" sneakers simply by walking around in them.  These shoes run for approximately $100.  The premise is that they have an unstable bottom and that simply by walking or standing you are exerting more energy.  This in turn leads to you to burn more calories and tone up.

My take: If you bought those shoes you deserve to lose that money. Seriously?  You would need to walk miles and miles a day in order to see a change.  But you would see that change anyway just from the walking.  I sit on an exercise ball at work.  It is my chair.  It is the same premise.  It is unstable and forces me to use my muscles all day.  However, this is simply for toning.  I am not going to drop my belly from this and I sit on it 8 hours a day. 

Did you see the Kim K commercial for Shape Ups?  I almost tossed something at the tv.  She's "giving up her trainer now that she has her shape ups".  Excuse me while I throw up.  The hell she is.  Your $100 just went to Kim K.  Did you ever see her wearing them outside of the commercial?  Nope.  I checked.  Whenever she is working out she has regular sneakers on.

Don't buy into the quick fix.  I'm glad they are getting busted on this, but I don't think it's going to make a difference.

Most Fast Food Kids' Meals Don't Meet Nutritional Standards, Study Says

Summary: A study reported that only 3% of fast food kids meals meet the nutritional guidelines.  And this 3% all included milk as the beverage, fruit as the side, and a deli sandwich as the main meal.

My Take: Well color me surprised!  NOT!  Where is the iron?  Where is the calcium?  Where are the vegetables?  Where? Where? Where?  Keep looking because they aren't in most of these meals.  I can't believe there was even money on a study for this.  Common sense! 

'All you can eat' meets its match 

Summary: A man in Wisconsin is picketing a restaurant because they stopped serving him an 'All you can eat' fish meal.  He had 12 pieces and they told him they were running out of fish.  They actually fried him some other more expensive fish and gave him 8 more pieces.  He wanted more.  The police were called.  And now he is picketing.

In other reports it is noted that he was giving some of the fish to a friend who had not paid for the 'All you can eat' meal.  He also has a tab with the restaurant because he can not always pay his bill.

My take: He's an Ass.  Seriously?  Someone just wants his fifteen minutes of fame.  This restaurant ran a tab for him.  He tried to take advantage of them.  20 pieces of fish?  My word, they may just save his life by not serving him.  Let's face it, the picketing is probably the most exercise he's had in a while.   

Raise your hand if you were disgusted by this article. BOTH HANDS RAISED.  I was so nauseous reading this.   I wanted to go to Wisconsin and just yell at that man.  He is killing himself.  


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