Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boot Camp - week 2

Happy Tuesday Bleeps,

Today I went back to the mall for a walk at lunch.  I really hadn't done that since December.  My plans had always been to walk at lunch and go to the gym at night, but I've been running errands or relaxing at lunch instead.  I had walked outside a few times, but they were few and far between.

It was a good walk, but I forgot that school's are closed on election day.  Too many teenagers just putzing around the mall today. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

I like my lunch time walks for the chance to clear my head.  I didn't quite clear it today though.  Today I had a full blown panic attack while I was walking.  Why?  Because that damn promise of the bikini is looming.  I really really wanted to do it, but I am not seeing it happen.  I have been looking at bikini tops and I can't seem to find any attractive ones that fit that are in my price range.  Now that's the easy cop out.  The hard one is that while I am making progress, every time I think about showing my belly right now I start retching and then the tears start.  :-(  I still plan on doing it, but the date may be pushed back another month.  I'm fairly certain every woman reading this can understand my hesitation.  My belly IS getting smaller, but it's just too unattractive for me to share just yet.

I was really hoping that the Fitness Competition would give me the motivation I need to push me into that bikini. That's why I have been so frustrated at the delay in teams.  We finally got our teams this week and I am on the Ducks.  There are 6 teams of 3.  I don't know the people on my team so I'll need to set up a meeting with them and see how they are doing.

Here's what we get points for:
Boot camp class (2 pts each max 14)
Seminars (5pts each max 10) - we have one Thursday that I'll be telling you about
Workout Log (5pts)
Events (5 pts each, max 15 points) - 5pts for the 5k this past weekend, lining up 2 more
weight loss
Body Fat % change
1 pt for every rep over our baseline for squats, plank, pushups - max 15
1 pt for every inch over baseline for sit and reach - max 5
Bonus point for figuring out the significance of the team names (I got it!)

The good news is that the date has been pushed back a little too. Big sigh of relief there.

So now, I gotta kill it.  I just need to really use my head.  Walking was great today, but my knees were shot from running last night and then walking today.  I could not do the suicides during boot camp :-(  I still did my running between rounds, but it hurt to do that. I also did not love the jumping around.  But, I'm killing it at upper body and core.

Tonight's class was a whole 5 people.  Good for me point wise, but I was a little disappointed. As was the cute instructor.  Yep, I have a crush on him. :-)  Since we had fewer people tonight he had us all doing the same things. It was funny, we were negotiating with him at the end "We have time for one more round if you want."  "okay, but no jumping and how about we only do 3 not 4" "Let's do the squats in the middle".   It's okay, we really pushed it tonight.  I was really glad when it was time to stretch.

When I got out of my car at the end of the night my knees were hurting.  And then the walk up the stairs to my apartment?  Well, let's put it this way "Did you hear the screaming?" Oh no, it was not good.  They are currently up and being iced.

So note to self-next week there will be no running on Monday and no walking at lunch on Tuesday.  No more pizza and m&ms.  It's time to focus Jennifer!

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