Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear knees I am sorry, please don't hate me

Happy Sunday Bleeps!

You'll excuse me if my post today is full of bleeps.  Thank you for all of your concerns about my knees.  If only my brain and body can sync up on this.  Right now I am seriously hurting from my own stupidity.  BAH!

I am getting so focused on this Fitness competition that it's not cool.  But, here's a reason why I am doing birthday is coming up.  While I love little birthday celebrations, the actual number thing is NOT COOL.  So there is a whole lot of: "I am in the best shape of my life...look what I can do!" going on.

To know me is to know how much I hate telling you my age.  I know I know, I don't look it.  But, that doesn't mean my body isn't getting older.  Thank you to the lovely ladies in my life who passed on these fabulous genes, but please pass on the advil to go with it.

So we have Fitness Competition, Birthday, and bikini as my motivations...what we also need is someone to force me to stop and rest a little.

I was beyond tired this morning.  I really REALLY wanted to make today a day of Rest, but I had it scheduled as a Legs day.  I figured I would make it a light day.  Hahahaha...I don't really know me yet do I?

Yesterday I hit the gym in the morning with Gym Buddy Lisa.  Since I had run for Hottie McBody the night before I was making it a weights morning.  Starting off with a quick 15 minutes cardio then we hit the weights.  We hit up abs, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps.  It was a good workout.  The plan was to take a nap before the Twilight 5K.  The plan is ALWAYS to take a nap, but I never do.  So when it was time to leave for the 5K all I wanted to do was nap.

We know the plan for that was to walk it.  Even if I decided to run, I need to walk first then finish running.  I can't stop and start.  The knees won't allow it.  Once again we somehow started in the middle and we were off and running.  *OH FUDGE*.  So I ran until we made our first turn.  The entire time my knees were ready to explode.  When the heck will I ever learn NEVER TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!  They need rest time.  Bah. 

As soon as we turned I dropped back.  I hate falling behind, but I prefer the ability walk over busted knees.  So I did.  Now, this was my first Twilight 5k.  And it may be my last.  The weather was nice.  The course was easy.  But, it was along a main road littered with restaurants.  I don't eat dinner before 5 so I hadn't eaten yet. I smelled pizza and chinese for 5k.  BAH! 

Every now and then I would try to pick up the pace with a very light jog.  And very quickly my knees reminded me who was boss.  I had a lady walking right behind me that pushed me and that was cool, but then we sort of became unofficial guardians for a young man who was on his own.  He was easily distracted by the police cars blocking off traffic and would try to get in the cars.  I never saw him with an adult and was a little concerned.  At one point he veered off into traffic following a cop.  So we sort of hung back with him to make sure he crossed the finish line in one piece.  Along the way I let him listen to my music and he really enjoyed that.  After we finished I was by the gatorade stand and he came and asked to listen again.  His mom came over a little later and I noticed she was wearing a race shirt.  I wanted to yell at her that she never should have let him go on his own.  I will just say that he was "special" and easily distracted.

My fellow 5Kers Kristin and my Godson Zach were waiting for me at the finish line.  Even though we didn't stay together, it was nice to see them waiting for me.  And it was nice to partake in the popcorn at the finish line.  YUM.  I took an extra bag to enjoy during the Nascar race later that night...shhh *Tony Stewart Call Me!*

So yeah, my knees hated me last night.  HATED me.  I should have been good today.  But, I was not.  As tired as I was, I hit the gym.  Since I have boot camp on Tuesday I won't do weights tomorrow.  I needed to do them today.  So I hit up the treadmill for a 15 minute warm up. Then it was over to the abs, thighs, and butt machine.  Should have stopped there, but I hit up the leg machine.  I couldn't remember what my weights were on it before, so I tried it with the 130 on there.  I was able to do it, but it was a struggle.  Cute boy watching so of course I kept it up.  DUMMY.  I finished with 15 minute cool down on the treadmill (good way to stretch your legs after a leg workout). And I was not leaving without a massage chair moment.

So I was feeling pretty good and then I went to Starbucks to read my church book discussion assignment.  I was hungry and got a multigrain bagel and I treated myself to a venti iced vanilla chai.  I sat and read for about an hour and very quickly my calves started to tell me I was dumb.  They did not appreciate the weights today.  It became very painful to cross and uncross my legs.  :-(

Tomorrow we go light!  Just a walk on the treadmill.  That's it.  I don't care if Gym Crush #2 is there or not.  No running.  I need to be able to move on Tuesday for Hottie Instructor.

Oh, before I go, let me just tell you about my goodie bag from the 5K.  Lots of local coupons and stuff, but what I was most excited about was a jar gripper.  Gal Pal Heather makes homemade jam.  For Christmas she gave me two jars that I was simply dying to try: Pineapple and Banana/Rum.  Oh heck yeah.  I wanted to heat them and drizzle them over light vanilla ice cream.  I have had the ice cream for a couple of months, but have been unable to open the jars.  This was probably a good thing.  She got new jars and when she put the lids on it was too hot and sealed them.  I have practically broken my hand trying to open them.

So before the 5k started all I could think about was having that jam later in the night...drool.  It was the first thing I did when I got home.  It still took a little while, but I got the lid to pop.  *insert heavenly music*.  Oh it was worth the wait.  Now the question is, how long can I make this last?  I don't want to indulge every night.  We will just have to see.  Since birthday week is coming up I am sure there will be lots of indulgences, I may be able to resist for a bit...*think bikini...think bikini...think bikini...*

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