Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Biggest Loser - Week 17

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch - Week 17

So all of the sent home contestants are back to fight for the last spot in the finale.  Let me start by saying Holy Cow!  They looked amazing!  Then let me say that I had forgotten about soooooo many of them. Not gonna lie, there were a few "who the heck is that?" moments.

They all looked great, but there were a few who stood out.  Emily! Girlfriend has a tiny little waist.  Cassandra! Holy crap she's tiny.  The biggest surprise was Mike.  Mike went home week 2.  He was half the man that left back then.  And if you remember, they sent him home because he wasn't working hard.  Well obviously, he's doing something right.

So there are several rounds to the finale.  First up, a weigh in.  There are 15 people.  The top 8 make it through to the next level. Jeremy goes first.  Obviously he's going to make it.  Emily rocks.  Lauren and Mike were sent home in the first 3 weeks, and they made the top 8.  And they were pretty high up.  Chism did not make the cut.  He did comment about how hard it was to realize that people that went home much earlier worked so much harder than he did.  Wake up call.

The next challenge was a 100 meter race.  Cassandra smoked everyone.  Sadly, Emily didn't make the cut.

Next up, the nutrition challenge.  They had 9 boxes with different foods on them.  They had to match them with the calories that were stacked up.  Mike was the first to get it.  Pretty impressive since he had to learn nutrition on his own. Next up was Jeremy.  Then Lauren.

The final challenge was an endurance challenge. Standing on a post holding on to a golden ticket over their head. after thirty minutes it was cut to one hand.  Then it was one foot. Lauren felt sick after 2 and a half hours.  She dropped.  So it was down to Mike and Jeremy.  I was screaming for Mike to pull this out.

The entire episode was Jeremy whining that he worked so hard and had the opportunity taken from from.  If anyone says he didn't work harder than Kim or Conda they were liers.  That was all he kept saying.  I was sooooo mad.  Isn't it ironic that last week he was ready to walk because sent home contestants had the chance to compete for the finale and here he was being saved by that very twist? 

Mike dropped.  Jeremy is back in the finale.

So here's what I'm hoping for: Kim wins Biggest Loser and Emily scores the at home.

Next week is the finale.  Come on KIM!

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