Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Biggest Loser - week 16

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch - week 16.

Okay, take a seat. You KNOW I have a lot to say on this one.

So the episode starts with the cameras trying to find the contestants.  None have on their microphones nor can they be found.

It seems that the contestants got wind of the Producers plans to bring back a former contestant to compete for the finale.  You know, like they do EVERY season.  Well that did not sit well with these guys. "It's not fair"...Freakin call someone who cares!  I love how they "play the game" all season and then cry foul when it suits them.

Bob and Dolvett were PISSED.  They came to talk to them and expected outrage.  Instead they were treated to "We've gotta to do what's right for us.  And that means standing up for what's right."   Um...what?

So then Allison comes in with the Lawyers.  They meet with the contestants one on one.  Turns out, it was all spelled out in the CONTRACT that they SIGNED.  It specifically states that all contestants will have the opportunity to come back and compete for the finale.  Busted.

I would like to know the point of this "strike".  If you strike and/or go home, then they will just bring back more players.  And you are handing them your prize money.  Which is the point you are "striking against".  DUH.

In the end, Mark and Buddy went home.   Whatever.  No one's impressed by your "doing the right thing" speeches.  You missed the point of the competition.  AND you held a spot from someone who truly deserves to be there.  Buddy had a real shot at winning the whole thing and he walked away.   Here's the thing.  These guys are contestants that I should have liked, but all season they just irked me and said things that rubbed me the wrong way.  Not really surprised they went home.  But, I will admit that I really thought it was going to be Jeremy and Conda.

Okay, so this week the excuse was: No motivation.

So they gave them a big motivation.  The biggest loser this week wins a Ford Escape.  The downside for the week, a red line.  If you fall below it, you go home.

Bob had Conda pulling him in the Escape.  That was pretty fun to watch.  Of course they showed highlights from when Tara pulled the car across the finish line.  Tara ROCKED.
This was the week where they sat down with their trainers and watched the video of themselves from the beginning of season.  Wow.  They really have come a long way.

Time for the weigh in.

Conda goes first.  She loses 10lbs.  I was shocked. I didn't see that coming.  Next up is Kim. HOT DAMN!  Girlfriend loses 15lbs.  She is down to 147.  She looks AMAZING.  Next up is Jeremy.  "I know I worked harder than both Conda and Kim." *Yeah, that's one of the reasons I don't like him.  Seriously, you're going to look at Kim and tell me that you worked harder than she did.  I don't THINK SO.

I don't remember what he needed to lose to stay safe, but he didn't lose it.  He cries.  And Conda cries.  She's yelling that he deserves to be there more than her or Kim.  Um...NO.

Then Allison tells him that it's not over.  And in come the other 14 contestants.  Looks like he gets to compete to come back.

Next week should be interesting.

****Please note****

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