Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Random Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Bleeps!

So I took today off to get some things finalized for the new car.  The day took an odd turn and I ended up by City Hall applying for copy of my birth certificate.  Once again, another car related trip that had me starving because I had not planned ahead.  I did not know I was going to be doing this when I left this morning and so I found myself sitting in the Vital Records office for three hours wanting food something awful. I had spotted some Subways on my way from the parking garage and technically I think I could have left and come back.  I was number 285 and when I walked in they were on 182.  Sometimes the numbers were called fast and sometimes it was eons between numbers.  So I did not take a chance.

I also did not have anything to drink.  I had to dump out my crystal light before entering the building.  This meant that I was going to be cranky and this is not the place to do it.  I went to my happy place and finished reading my book...and started a second (always prepared!). 

On my way back to my car I ran into Starbucks for an Iced Green Tea and a spinach, tomato, mozzarella panini.  There is no way I could make it home without passing out from hunger.  I considered Subway, but since I was dehydrated I opted for the green tea (unsweetened).  It was possibly the best ever!  Haha.

So now I wait.  I have to go back to pick it up on Thursday afternoon.  I will be prepared this time!  I need this for my new Driver's License.  At first I was sad because I was going to have to give up my old one.  Seriously, I actually took a good picture.  But, here's the thing.  I haven't looked at it in a few years.  It was from 5 years ago and I don't even look like it any more.  I mean I do, but as my mom says "the face is so much thinner".  Wow.  It's not a bad picture, but I can do so much better!  :-)

I could have run straight to the gym when I got back, but I decided to throw in some laundry and pack my lunch and junk.  Shh...but I want to go a little later in hopes of running into Gym Crush #1.  HaHa. 

So what's the plan for the gym tonight?  I have no idea.  I ran last night.  It was a good long run.  But, you know what that means. The knees are shot today.  It may be a walk and weights day.  It just depends on how crowded it is.  Last night was pretty empty for a Monday.  I'm hoping that the nice weather has people outside enjoying themselves.  It would be nice to go to the park and walk, but alas, this may be my last time to see GC#1 for a couple of months so....

I know last week was a crappy week for me. That time in the fitting room keeps replaying in my mind. Today I did my usual "looking at my naked self" and I gotta say, I look so much better.  I am hoping that last week was just a period thing.   My waist looked so small today.

I will share with you my secret.  I have stretch marks on my belly.  They used to go all around my belly.  My belly is getting smaller and tighter and they are going away.  Right now they are condensed in the front.  So I've been measuring them.  When I first started measuring I would put my thumb at my belly button and reach my index finger around.  The tip of the finger would just touch the end of the stretch marks.  Now, it goes about an inch an a half past...on both sides :-)

I also have a gall bladder scar. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 14.  The scar was big, but then it stretched out even more with the fat.  It is now an inch smaller and half as wide.  Bonus.  This Bikini might be so bad after all.

Okay, time to pretty up for the gym...shh...don't judge!  He's so dang cute.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.


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