Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Randomness

Happy Thursday Bleeps!

I hope this week is finding you well.  We haven't had a Randomness day in a here we go ;-)

First I will start off with thanking you for all of your prayers.  My cousin is home from the hospital and has received some really awesome news.  There's still some rough roads ahead, but the diagnosis is good :-)  There is some chemo in the future.  So every time I have an itch to cut my hair, I will remember this.  I wanted to cut my hair for Locks of Love.  Now, I feel like it's something I have to do.  Two inches to go!

Second, I want to give a shout out to my pal Heather.  Today we signed up for her first 5K this weekend.  We signed up to walk it with her son.  Heather has some hip issues and walking can be tough on her.  I'm so very proud that she's up for this :-)  She says I'll be carrying her across the finish line, but I have faith.  She can do it.  I will go as slow as she wants.  The bonus is that it benefits the Ronald McDonald house (the irony of the fast food association is not lost on me, but it's a good cause).

Next up, the pollen is still out there and dangerous.  I have not walked at lunch because I am quite frankly scared of the neon yellow nastiness.  Everyone in my desk area is sneezing or stuffed up.  Ick.  Tonight when I was changing for the gym I was looking at my nice black sneakers.  Good Lord, they have a yellow tint from Boot Camp.  NEVER again.  *Note to self-switch sneakers on Tuesday*.

 Earlier this week I went to the mall at lunch.  I picked up another yoga mat and more push up bars.  These are to keep at work.  That way I don't have to bring my yoga mat back and forth.  I am hopeful that we will get yoga back, but I also need it for core work in Boot Camp.  Ms. Barb and I are planning on booking a conference room once a week at lunch to work on plank and push ups.  Hence the push-up bars

And speaking of Ms. Barb, yesterday I was eating my afternoon snack and made a comment.  I mentioned that I didn't think I was hungry, but I couldn't stop eating.  Her question "If you weren't hungry, why are you eating?"  In general, eating when you aren't hungry is a bad thing.  But, I have afternoon snacks to help with the metabolism and to keep from being starving at dinner. 

That leads me to today.  I was feeling a little bored.  And that's when my brain decided it was hungry.  Ever happen to you?  Bored eating is just as bad as stress eating.  It's a behavior eating pattern that is hard to break.  When I'm in the middle of a project I practically have to set an alarm to remind myself to eat.  But, if I am sitting around trying to figure out what to do, more often than not I find myself in the kitchen raiding the cabinet.  Not because I'm hungry, but simply because it's something to do. DANGEROUS.
 Tonight was a good night.  I was walking out of the locker room at the gym when I bumped in to Gym Crush #1. On a Thursday?  HECK YEAH!  I was very naturally I ran to a treadmill with a good view of the weights...sigh...Oh and then while Lisa and I were talking later I noticed Gym Crush #2 on the bike.  What?  On a Thursday?  HECK YEAH!  I was smiling the whole time.

After the gym Lisa and I went to Kohl's.  I had a coupon and figured I would check out the workout clothes.  40% off!  I found a cute pair of purple shorts and a black top.  It's a nice way to treat myself.  Finding clothes that you like to work out in make all of the difference. 

Okay kids, tomorrow I am going to a show and so it will be a night off from the Blog.  So have a wonderful night and I'll see you on Saturday. 

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