Monday, April 23, 2012

Making amends Monday...again

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Well it's been a little longer than I anticipated, but some things came up.  Fear not though, I still got my workouts in :-)

Except for Friday.  Friday I left work early and went to Lancaster for a performance of Jonah.  The show was at 4 so I had to factor food in.  I did a poor job.  I grabbed a tomato/mozzarella panini at Starbucks around 11.  So it was a little early for me.  I got to the theater an hour early.  When I walked in there was a nice little refreshment stand.  They had sandwiches, but I did not get one.  Instead I caved for two oatmeal raisin cookies and a coke.  In my head I had asked for a diet coke (I needed caffeine something bad and was afraid I would fall asleep during the show).  I don't believe the word diet came out of my mouth.  It was a very enjoyable mistake.

After the show I was starving.  STARVING.  But, I had no idea what was around.  I was not familiar with the area.  I had passed a bunch of fast food joints on the way.  So I had to decide where to stop to eat.  I was hungry and there were too many choices.  I could not make a decision.  I finally settled on Cosi's.  Love it!  Got my half salad and half sandwich...and unfortunately, a diet coke.

So the plan for the next morning was to get up early and hit up Subway for an egg white sandwich before heading out for the 5K.  But, someone had a little too much soda the day before.  I'm not naming names, but dummy could not fall asleep that night.  Getting up early was darn near impossible.  See, this is what happens when you have too much soda/caffeine after you have purged your body of it for so long!

I overslept.  Don't worry, I still made it on time, but I had to cut out breakfast.  So I grabbed a protein bar and got on the road.  Heather actually beat me there and amazingly we ran into each other in the parking lot.  She had already checked in and so I ran to check in and pick up my shirt and bib.  I made it with 5 minutes to spare.  I tossed my shirt in my bag and got out my ipod.  I was ready. *Please note that I ordered a medium shirt and didn't look at it until I got home and found out they gave me a's okay though it's not too huge*

It was chilly to start off, but within minutes we were warmed up.  It was such a fun morning.  Even Ronald McDonald was there in his track suit.  There were so many families there just enjoying the day.  I had to put on my big girl pants though.  I was there to support Heather.  She has serious hip problems and she would not be able to keep up my pace.  So I swallowed my pride and slowed it down a bit.  It's okay though.  I would say 75% were walkers. It's kind of hard to pass that many people.  After the first mile I picked up the pace and I'm very proud to announce that she kept up with me :-)  I was so proud that I even let her stop for a potty break.  The competitor in me was screaming the whole time though, because I watched people that we passed earlier just go blowing by us.  Luckily, we passed them again a little later.

We joked that I would be carrying Heather across the finish line.  Of course I kept asking her when she was ready to run also.  As we were nearing the finish line she said she was ready to run, but I was not about to be responsible for her hurting herself.  I wanted her to finish, but not at any cost.

Afterwards, there were refreshments in the Blue Rocks stadium.  Got our slice of pizza (argh), oranges, sugar cookies, tomato/mozzarella sticks, roll, and coconut water.  I did pass on the beer...again.

First off, I was excited about the coconut water.  I had always wanted to try it.  I did NOT like it.  Ick.  Not for me.  And I LOVE coconut, so that was depressing.  Second, best dang sugar cookie I ever had. 

I couldn't hang around too long because I had to get home. My mom was coming up and we were heading over to visit my cousin.  Fast forward many hours, and we finally got there.  And a little while after that, dinner was ordered.  Yep, more pizza.  And Fries. And poppers...mmm...poppers.

So I had my 1 slice, my popper, and some fries.  But, I was starving. So I went back for seconds.  I stopped at two slices, but I wanted more.  I could not function knowing that there was another whole pizza in the kitchen.  I believe I topped out at 3 poppers (my weakness).

Once again, I know that I thought I ate a lot more than I actually did, but when your head obsesses about food for hours...well it sucks.  I made up for the lack of veggies on Sunday.

Let's move on to Sunday.  I went to the grocery store for a little bit before the gym.  It was a cold and rainy day.  A great day for some chili.  While I was in the frozen food section looking for my morningstar crumbles, I saw the clearance items in the next freezer.  Creamy chocolate chip chocolate ice cream was on clearance.  Oh I wanted it.  I don't have the room in my freezer.  Honestly, that is the only reason I didn't buy it.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Did you know about the dark chocolate raspberry M&Ms?  Well I  If only they sold them in the small individual packets.  I bought the medium size bag on Saturday.  The plan was to share them with everyone on Saturday.  But, they were in my car for a little bit and got warm.  So I ate them all on my own.  The bag was gone by Sunday night :-( 

After the store and before the gym I stopped at Starbucks.  It was the perfect time for a chai tea, but I opted for an iced unsweetened green tea.  Why?  Because it was the perfect cold rainy weather for my toasted coconut hot chocolate later.  And it was well worth the wait!

After the gym I ran home to start up my chili.  I heart Chili Sundays.  It cooks all day and smells delicious.  I am able to clean/read/sleep while it cooks and when it's done I have dinner for 4 nights.  Go me!

I could have blogged Sunday night, but I really do enjoy my "computer-free" Sundays.  So I took it as an opportunity to focus on relaxing.  Try it. "computer-free" days are surprisingly freeing.

So yes, I'm a little disappointed in myself this weekend.  There were some good decisions, but so many bad ones :-( I made amends, but I also "cheated" a little too much.  I'm even more mad because today we finally got our teams and point system for the Fitness Competition.  That was enough to set me straight today. 

I had planned on walking at the mall at lunch, but I had a slight complication.  I had an eye irritation so bad that I went to the car and got my emergency glasses.  They are two prescriptions ago, but I can see.  Just not that well.  As long as I was sitting I was fine, but walking around gave me motion sickness.  Don't laugh!  Okay, you can laugh a little.  So I stayed in for lunch.  I flushed my eye and think that there must have been something in there that I couldn't see because I felt much better and was able to put my contacts back in for the drive to the gym.  The better to see Gym Crush #2 with...te he.

Alright kids, I will tell you all about the Fitness Competition tomorrow...after boot camp (I get 2pts for every class I go to).  Have a wonderful night.  And don't forget, Mondays are a great day to make amends for bad choices on the weekend.

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you!  Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week.  The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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