Friday, April 6, 2012

Surviving Easter....Candy

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So Easter is upon us and I realized that I have survived.  Survived what you ask.  Survived the Easter candy blitz.  I did not buy ANY Easter candy this year.  I will admit that last week I was given a free bite size bunny at Target.  That is it.  That is all I have eaten.  YEAH!  Go me!

I'm sure it's a lot easier for me because I do not have kids.  But, it's still in my face every time I walk into a store. For the donations for the Church Easter Egg hunt I volunteered to buy the plastic eggs instead of the chocolate.  I did not need that temptation.

I think I have had such tunnel vision on this bikini deadline that I have been able to resist.  Now here's the thing.  Usually I go to Virginia and spend Easter with my mom.  We have dinner at my Aunt's and there is usually a small Easter basket for me.  Confession time.  None of that candy makes it home.  It's usually devoured on the road trip back home.  It comes down to: If I finish it all now then I won't be tempted later.  Such a dangerous way of thinking.

Okay, so Confession number two time.  Tonight I went to church for a Taize service and choir practice.  I had to use the ladies room and on my way back I spotted some hidden Easter Eggs that are ready for the hunt on Sunday.  There was a dangerous little devil on my shoulder saying "Go ahead and take one.  No one will EVER know!"  I hesitated, but I did not take an egg.  I hate that I had that thought.  I hate that I hesitated.

I am getting so good at turning down temptation when others are around me.  What I'm struggling with is resisting the temptation when no one is around. 

Besides the chocolate, my favorite part of Easter dinner is the ham.  Oh dear Lord, the ham!  Ham is not the most scale friendly of foods.  The salt will make you retain water and you will most likely gain a few pounds for a few days.  It won't last, but it's not fun if you forget that fact.  It doesn't matter.  Easter dinner just isn't Easter dinner without the ham.

I don't know if ham is on the menu this year.  I do have a second invite to dinner that does include ham.  Not gonna lie, I may be double dipping this year. 

Alright kids, I have to go to bed.  Tomorrow is NYC day and I have to get up early.  EARLY.  It's going to be a long day and my knees are killing me (Great run today until the "good" knee popped).   So I probably won't be posting again until after dinner on Easter. 

I hope you have a wonderful and Blessed weekend.  Stay strong and don't beat yourself up over a little chocolate binging.  Just keep it to a minimum and we'll get back on schedule on Monday.  Smooches!

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