Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bootcamp week 1 (well week 3, but my first week)

Hello Beautiful People!

Are you getting out there and enjoying the summer-like weather?  Yesterday was stinking hot.  Today we had a little relief.  I had considered walking at lunch, but the past two days when I drove into the parking lot at work I saw the neon green/yellow coating.  You could see the tire tracks running through the pollen.  It was gross.

I went to the mall at lunch on an errand, but it was okay.  I spent the last two days on the exercise ball.  I lasted most of the day today too, until the last hour.  My shoes were hurting my feet, so I switched over to the chair.  I had my first bootcamp coming up.  I needed to be smart.  I was already dumb for wearing partial heels.

So 5 o'clock came and it was time to change. Um...I packed shorts because of the heat.  What I forgot to do was SHAVE.  BAH.  *Note to self, shave next Monday!!!!*   Remember this.  The weather is getting nicer.  Time to shave more often.  Don't forget!

We started our warm-ups while we waited for everyone to get outside.  There were lots of sprints and kick running.  My lungs were fine...at first.  For the first 3 minutes.  And then I was coughing so much that my throat completely dried up.  I was inhaling about a pound of pollen a minute.  Well that's what it felt like anyway.  I could take the deep breaths, but I could feel the pollen sticking to my lungs.

So I needed to be smart about this.  The competitor in me wanted to go balls out and give it 150%.  However, the girl who is still not 100% yet did not want to send myself backwards.  I do not want to take any more sick days.  No way No how!  So I will go all out, but not kill myself.  I'll save that for next week.

After warm-ups we were divided into three groups and sent to stations.   At each station we would work arms, legs, or core for 45-60 (sometimes 90) seconds.  Then we were to haul butt to the next station. 

After each round there were suicide runs.  I opted to sit them out.  I could feel the pollen wheezing happening and I did not want to be carted off the field.  Let's cross our fingers that I'm good for next week.  I wanted to run bad!

Each round our exercises changed to switch things up.  I did not love the jumping.  My knee twinged a little so the scissor lunges were particularly unnerving.  Ironically, I liked the jumping jacks, but I had a little more control over my knee for that.  For squats I opted for regular squats.  I did not want to jump and extend the knee.  It's hard enough to handle that on solid ground, but this was uneven ground.  I'll pass.

So you know how I was annoyed at my planks and push-ups since my assessment?  Well I was killing them at bootcamp, so I'm feeling way better about it now :-) Well except that my nose was running during the pushups and that got a little icky.

I was not sweating after and almost considered going to the gym to hit the treadmill for a little while.  I had to go to the library so I opted out of the gym.  Besides, I wanted to get home and showered before the Biggest Loser.  Alas, another week passes without seeing Gym Crush #1 :-(

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