Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Biggest Loser - Week 14

Welcome to the Biggest Loser Ranch.  It's MAKEOVER WEEK!

This is always one of the highlights of the season and this week's episode is no exception.

Before the makeovers though, there is a challenge.  At stake: a 1 pound advantage...and a 1 pound disadvantage.

Each contestant had a picture of themselves from week one on a glass pane.  Well two panes.  They needed to run to a cargo net, climb it, grab a baseball, climb down the cargo net, and run to a sling shot.  Then they had to aim it at the glass.  The first person to break both panes of glass gets the pound.  The last person gets the pound disadvantage.

Kim starts strong and nails her pane on the first shot.  But, then she loses speed.  Buddy is the first to hit both panes.   He gets the advantage.  Next up is Mark.  Finally Kim has it.  Jeremy is next.  After many of his baseballs simply bouncing off of the glass he actually broke some.  So it's down to Chris and Conda.  Conda is worried about her weight this week. One pound means so much.  It's not her week.  Chris nails it and Conda gets the disadvantage.

So then it is time for the makeover.  I miss Tim Gunn! 

Jeannie Mai tells the contestants that they have the biggest week ever.  Then there is a message from the First Lady.  She would like them to come to DC. I am very excited.  I love how passionate she is about health and fitness.  I love how she is pushing nutrition in schools.  I have a post planned on that, but I haven't put it together yet.

Jeannie has clothes that each contestant used before the show.  She makes Kim put hers on and the pants literally fall right off. I was so happy for her.  Then she comes out in a smokin hot red dress.  Size 6. HOLLA!

Chris put on this amazing black dress with a last bust and she looked amazing. There was a huge difference in her demeaner.  She felt pretty.

So on to the White House.

Mark is the first to come out.  He is shaved and suave in a nice suit.  Buddy comes out and wow!  Shaved and contacts.  I did not even recognize him.

I know my mom is happy that Chris made it to Makeover week.  She is only three years older than me, but when she came on the show we thought she was twenty years older.   She's got a rockin black and white dress and brown hair.  WOW.

So in her makeover Conda told them to cut her hair and donate it to Locks of Love. Finally, a reason for me to like her.  She looks great in her makeover.  Her hair is just past her shoulder and lighter.  Then Jeremy comes out in a suit.

Wait for it...Kim!  HOLY CRAP!  Smokin hot mamma comes out in a smooth tight little black dress. I think Dolvett has a little crush on her. haha.

Of course their families came to see them.

So who goes home?  Well we'll find out next week. This week is To Be Continued.  It was a short episode.

Sneak peak for next week though: a workout class with the First Lady and Chris gets pressure to come home.

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