Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grocery shopping when you're sick

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

Well the saga continues.  I was just starting to feel better when allergies decided to hit me while I was down.  Talking led to coughing fits which led to a raw throat.  So I stopped for some "sick time" groceries last night. Let's see how I did.

The first thing on the list was chicken noodle soup.  I found some Progresso soup with whole wheat pasta.  Done!  Seriously, just as tasty and a little better for you.

Then it was off to get something soothing for my throat.  My throat gets so raw that I could eat popsicles by the box load.  Or I could polish off a gallon on rainbow sherbert.  Recently I have been getting sugar-free fudgsicles.  I get the smaller ones, but I usually end up eating two at a time, so I don't know why I don't go for the larger ones.  I cannot tell the difference between them and the sugarloaded ones.  Honest.

To go with my soup I was craving saltines.  My belly has been upset because of the coughing and saltines.  I found some unsalted that tickled my fancy.  I'm already dehydrated from the coughing and allergy medicine.  Besides, as many as I will eat the salt is a bad thing.

I also picked up some chunky applesauce.  Always a crowd pleaser.  And the sugar boost I will need.

Earlier in the week I had found a Lipton blueberry pomegranate tea.  I haven't put honey in it, but it is deliciously soothing.

Okay so today my work mom told me I had to take today off.  I really should not have gone into work yesterday.  I was very lightheaded for the afternoon and the drive home was tricky.  After I stopped at the grocery store I came home and passed out by 6:30.  I was done.

This morning I felt much better from all of my rest, but I am so very weak.  I used to LOVE being sick.  I know that sounds bad, but then I had a valid reason for being lazy and eating ice cream.  "What?  No I am sorry, I cannot do that.  I was sick a week ago.  I can't take any chances."

These days I hate being sick.  They hold me back.  It takes me forever to regroup and get back on the working out track.  I was really hoping to be able to go to the gym tonight, but I don't have the strength or the lung capacity right now.  Plus, thinking about the germs and sweat is grossing me out.

ARGH!  I have not worked out since my big Six Mile run on Friday.  THIS SUCKS!  I really hope I can it it tomorrow night.  I don't care if it's for the slowest walk ever on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  Anything would make me happy.  I am in the midst of a Fitness competition people!  This is war!

So you  know I wanna....I want to weigh myself so bad.  It's going to be a good number.  Although my belly was a little swollen earlier from the fever and coughing, my pants are now hanging off of me.  It's gonna be a good number.  I am going to refrain though, because once I get my appetite back I will gain.  It's just how your body works.

And speaking of appetites, the strangest thing happens to me when I start to get better.  I always know that I'm on the mend when I start craving a cheeseburger.  I don't know what it is, but whenever I am sick the very first thing I ever crave is a cheeseburger.  I wanted one SO bad tonight!  So perhaps I shall hit up Five Guys this weekend to celebrate!

So take care of yourselves.  If your body starts to get run down give it the rest it needs to regroup and regenerate.  It has killed me to "rest" this much, but honestly, my body is giving me no other choice.  It has my attention. I am listening.

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